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March 28, 2020

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'Surfing Attack' Hacks Siri, Google With Ultrasonic Waves

Using ultrasound waves propagating through a solid surface, researchers were able to read text messages and make fraudulent calls on a cellphone sitting on a desk up to 30 feet ... read more

Carbon Dioxide Capture and Use Could Become Big Business

Capturing carbon dioxide and turning it into commercial products, such as fuels or construction materials, could become a new global industry, according to a new ... read more

Science Demonstrates That What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

Through advanced data analysis, researchers have established a causal relationship between failure and future ... read more

New Research Analyzes Video Game Player Engagement

In the video game industry, the ability for gaming companies to track and respond to gamers' post-purchase play opens up new opportunities to enhance gamer engagement and retention and increase video ... read more
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Telecommuting Found to Have Little Impact on Corporate Careers

Working from home is known to be good for a strong work-life balance. However, telecommuting has also carried a stigma that employees who work remotely have difficulties rising in their career. New ... read more

Consumers Value Products More on Sunny and Snowy Days but Not When It Rains

Weather is an ever-present force in consumers' daily lives, yet there is little marketing research on how it affects consumers and businesses. A new study reveals that sunny and snowy conditions ... read more

Crowdfunding -- Entrepreneurs Should Resist the Urge to Promise to Save the Earth

Entrepreneurs seeking funds on business-oriented crowdfunding platforms should avoid over-emphasizing the social or environmental benefits of their start-ups or products if they are to maximize ... read more

Wall Street Investors React to Climate Change

Institutional investors are factoring climate risks into their investment ... read more

Researchers Identify Commonly Overlooked Key Attributes of Effective Leaders

Leadership experts looked at the underlying processes that contribute to leaders' decision-making and behavior: their ... read more

Social Media Content Matters for Job Candidates

Job recruiters are less likely to select candidates who appear to be too self-involved or opinionated in their social media posts. The team also found that recruiters are less likely to hire ... read more

Branding in a Hyperconnected World

A hyperconnected world is changing the role and management of brands. New theories and models are needed to account for these ... read more

Sustainability Strategies More Successful When Managers Believe in Them

New research has found that business sustainability strategies can succeed alongside mainstream competitive strategies when managers believe in ... read more

Women Still Face Barriers to Breastfeed at Work

Despite the protections in place to support breastfeeding for employees, the burden still falls on working mothers to advocate for the resources they need, according to a new ... read more

Faking Emotions at Work Does More Harm Than Good

Faking your emotions at work to appear more positive likely does more harm than good, according to researchers. They say those who try to be genuinely positive with their co-workers reap ... read more

Organized Cybercrime -- Not Your Average Mafia

Scientists have identified common attributes of cybercrime networks, revealing how these groups function and work together to cause an estimated $445-600 billion of harm globally per ... read more

How Coworkers Impact the Value of Your Skills

New research uncovers the importance of teams and coworkers in shaping productivity, earning potential, and stays of employment. The research analyzed data from Sweden. It found that to earn high ... read more

Good Connections Key to Startup Success

The future potential of early stage startups can be assessed by their existing professional relationships, research ... read more

Resale Ticket Markets Benefit Sports Teams and Fans

New research reveals that the resale ticket market also appeals to sports fans who normally buy season ... read more

'Value Instantiation' Key to Luxury Brands' and Social Responsibility

Although luxury brands and social responsibility seem fundamentally inconsistent with each other, the two entities can coexist in the mind of the consumer, provided the brand can find someone -- ... read more

New Mathematical Model Shows How Diversity Speeds Consensus

Scientific literature abounds with examples of ways in which member diversity can benefit a group -- whether spider colonies' ability to forage or an industrial company's financial ... read more

Highlighting Women's Achievements Makes Them Want to Be the Boss, Research Shows

Highlighting female achievements in the workplace makes capable women significantly more likely to want to be the boss, a study ... read more

Men Think They're Better Liars

Men are twice as likely as women to consider themselves to be good at lying and at getting away with it, new research has ... read more

Model Beats Wall Street Analysts in Forecasting Business Financials

Researchers describe a model for forecasting financials that uses only anonymized weekly credit card transactions and three-month earning reports. Tasked with predicting quarterly earnings of more ... read more

Long Work Hours at the Office Linked to Both Regular and Hidden High Blood Pressure

Office workers who logged 49-plus hours on the job weekly were 70% more likely to have a hidden form of high blood pressure called masked hypertension, compared to people who work less than 35 hours ... read more

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