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December 9, 2019

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Capturing carbon dioxide and turning it into commercial products, such as fuels or construction materials, could become a new global industry, according to a ... read more

Science Demonstrates That What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

Through advanced data analysis, researchers have established a causal relationship between failure and future ... read more

New Research Analyzes Video Game Player Engagement

In the video game industry, the ability for gaming companies to track and respond to gamers' post-purchase play opens up new opportunities to enhance gamer engagement and retention and increase video ... read more

Investments to Address Climate Change Are Good Business

New research suggests that over the next few decades, acting to reduce climate change is expected to cost much less than the damage otherwise inflicted by climate change on people, infrastructure and ... read more
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Using Green Products Leads to a Warm Glow in Shoppers

A new article suggests that spending some of that money on green products might make consumers feel quite a bit better about their purchases. The study looks at the so-called ... read more

Mobile Devices Blur Work and Personal Privacy Raising Cyber Risks

Organizations aren't moving quickly enough on cyber security threats linked to the drive toward using personal mobile devices in the ... read more

I Quit: How Poor Treatment by Customers Leads to High Turnover in the Service Industry

According to a new study, customer conflict plays a big role when it comes to service industry workers saying 'I quit' -- and how supervisors manage that conflict helps decide whether ... read more

Tech Startups Gravitate Toward Cities With Strong Social Networks, Study Finds

The presence of technology startups can drive economic growth for their home cities. So how can cities better appeal to entrepreneurs? A new study shows the connections they can offer matter more ... read more

Smooth Operator: When Earnings Management Is a Good Thing

New research makes the case that 'smoothing the numbers' can be beneficial -- if you have the right team in place to handle the ... read more

US Economy to Expand, but at a Slower Pace, Reaching About 2% Growth in 2020

The US economy will continue to expand for a 12th consecutive year in 2020, but by only about 2% and struggling to remain at that level by year's end. Indiana's economic output will be more ... read more

When Managing a Company, Less Is More

New branding research offers strategies for companies to increase market share -- revealing who's doing it right and who needs to make a ... read more

Does Climate Change Affect Real Estate Prices? Only If You Believe in It

A new study shows that at-risk homes sell for more in areas where people don't believe in climate ... read more

Will College Job Market Continue Its Decade-Long Growth?

Despite fears about a recession, the job market is strong for college graduates -- for the 10th consecutive year, according to the largest annual survey of employers in the ... read more

Failure Prognosis: Data Science Predicts Which Failures Will Ultimately Succeed

Data science finds there is a critical threshold of lessons from failure that must be applied in order to achieve eventual ... read more

Firm's Strategic Orientation Shapes How It Resolves Workplace Disputes

When defusing workplace conflict, firms favor alternative dispute resolution practices that align with their underlying strategic bent, says new ... read more

Thinking in a Foreign Language Can Reduce Emotional Biases

A new study shows that thinking in a foreign language may help people be more objective when deciding on a price to sell an ... read more

Virtual Speed Bump for Lightning-Fast Markets Proposed

A researcher says a tiny tweak to how certain trades happen could make for more efficient stock markets, and it's already being adopted by major ... read more

New Venture Team Success Requires Collective Ownership -- With Boundaries, Study Says

A sense of collective ownership is crucial to a startup team's success. The energy and enthusiasm that come from working toward a shared vision can be powerful. But how an entrepreneur interacts ... read more

Shoppers Tend to Reject Offers Made Under Time Pressure

Giving consumers short time limits on offers means they are less likely to take them up, according to new research. The authors conclude that risk aversion is the main factor behind consumers' ... read more

Women CEOs Judged More Harshly Than Men for Corporate Ethical Failures

People are less likely to support an organization after an ethical failure if the business is led by a woman, according to a new study. However, organizations led by women endure less negative ... read more

Prisoner's Dilemma Game Reveals Cooperation Leads to Leadership

Game theory has historically studied cooperation and hierarchy, and has sought to explain why individuals cooperate, even though they might be better off not to do so. Researchers now use a ... read more

Embracing Sustainable Practices Would Help Some Winery Tasting Rooms Stand out

Wineries in the mid-Atlantic region should consider recycling and encouraging their customers to bring bottles to their tasting rooms for refilling to distinguish their businesses from so many ... read more

Natural Language Interface for Data Visualization Debuts

A team has developed FlowSense, which lets those who may not be experts in machine learning create highly flexible visualizations from almost any ... read more

Boosting the Popularity of Social Media Posts

Computer scientists created a new algorithm to recommend tags for social media posts which should boost the popularity of the post in question. This algorithm takes into account more kinds of ... read more

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