Distributed Computing News
December 5, 2019

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Researchers have made good on their claim to quantum supremacy. Using 53 entangled quantum bits ('qubits'), their Sycamore computer has taken on -- and solved -- a problem ... read more

'Poor Man's Qubit' Can Solve Quantum Problems Without Going Quantum

Researchers have built and demonstrated the first hardware for a probabilistic computer, a possible way to bridge the gap between classical and quantum ... read more

Brain-Inspired Computing Could Tackle Big Problems in a Small Way

While computers have become smaller and more powerful and supercomputers and parallel computing have become the standard, we are about to hit a wall in energy and miniaturization. Now, researchers ... read more

Calculating the Properties of Molecules on a Noisy Quantum Computer

Chemistry and physics researchers have advanced quantum simulation by devising an algorithm that can more efficiently calculate the properties of molecules on a noisy quantum ... read more
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The Best of Both Worlds: How to Solve Real Problems on Modern Quantum Computers

Researchers have developed hybrid algorithms to run on size-limited quantum machines and have demonstrated them for practical ... read more

Beyond 1 and 0: Engineers Boost Potential for Creating Successor to Shrinking Transistors

Scientists offer a solution to the fast-approaching physical minimum for transistor size: a multi-value logic transistor based on zinc oxide, capable of two stable intermediate states between 0 and ... read more

A Step Towards Probabilistic Computing

Researchers demonstrate how skyrmions can be used for future computer concepts that are closer to how the human brain ... read more

Novel Software to Balance Data Processing Load in Supercomputers to Be Presented

The modern-age adage "work smarter, not harder" stresses the importance of not only working to produce, but also making efficient use of ... read more

A Biosynthetic Dual-Core Cell Computer

Researchers have integrated two CRISPR-Cas9-based core processors into human cells. This represents a huge step towards creating powerful ... read more

The Cost of Computation

There's been a rapid resurgence of interest in understanding the energy cost of computing. Recent advances in this 'thermodynamics of computation' are now ... read more

Scientists Develop Way to Perform Supercomputer Simulations of the Heart on Cellphones

You can now perform supercomputer simulations of the heart's electrophysiology in real time on desktop computers and even cellphones. A team of scientists developed a new approach that can not ... read more

Researchers Get Humans to Think Like Computers

Computers, like those that power self-driving cars, can be tricked into mistaking random scribbles for trains, fences and even school buses. People aren't supposed to be able to see how those ... read more

Computer Program Developed to Find 'Leakage' in Quantum Computers

A new computer program that spots when information in a quantum computer is escaping to unwanted states will give users of this promising technology the ability to check its reliability without any ... read more

Can Artificial Intelligence Solve the Mysteries of Quantum Physics?

A new study has demonstrated mathematically that algorithms based on deep neural networks can be applied to better understand the world of quantum physics, as ... read more

Moving Closer to Practical Photonic Quantum Computing

For the first time, researchers have demonstrated a way to map and measure large-scale photonic quantum correlation with single-photon sensitivity. The ability to measure thousands of instances of ... read more

Code Used to Reduce Quantum Error in Logic Gates for First Time

Scientists have for the first time demonstrated improvement in quantum computers by using codes designed to detect and discard errors in the logic gates of such machines. The codes were applied to ... read more

'Immunizing' Quantum Bits So That They Can Grow Up

Qubits need a better immune system before they can grow up. A new material, engineered into a thin strip, is one step closer to 'immunizing' qubits against noise, such as heat and other ... read more

Faster Method to Read Quantum Memory

Scientists have developed a faster way to read information out of qubits, the basic building blocks of a quantum ... read more

Hardware-Software Co-Design Approach Could Make Neural Networks Less Power Hungry

Engineers have developed a neuroinspired hardware-software co-design approach that could make neural network training more energy-efficient and faster. Their work could one day make it possible to ... read more

Computer Hardware Designed for 3D Games Could Hold the Key to Replicating Human Brain

Researchers have created the fastest and most energy efficient simulation of part of a rat brain using off-the-shelf computer ... read more

Quantum Chemical Calculations on Quantum Computers

A new quantum algorithm has been implemented for quantum chemical calculations such as Full-CI on quantum computers without exponential/combinatorial explosion, giving exact solutions of Schroedinger ... read more

Computer Chip Vulnerabilities Discovered

A research team has uncovered significant and previously unknown vulnerabilities in high-performance computer chips that could lead to failures in modern ... read more

High-Efficiency Discovery Drives Low-Power Computing

Challenge any modern human to go a day without a phone or computer, and you'd be hard pressed to get any takers. Our collective obsession with all things electronic is driving a dramatic daily ... read more

Mathematical Solver for Analog Computers

Scientists have been working toward developing a novel mathematical approach that will help advance computation beyond the digital ... read more

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