Spintronics Research News
December 8, 2019

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Researchers have devised a novel circuit design that enables precise control of computing with magnetic waves -- with no electricity needed. The advance takes a step toward ... read more

200 Times Faster Than Ever Before: The Speediest Quantum Operation Yet

Physicists have built a super-fast version of the central building block of a quantum computer. The research is the milestone result of a vision first outlined by scientists 20 years ... read more

Laser Technique Could Unlock Use of Tough Material for Next-Generation Electronics

Researchers used a laser technique to permanently stress graphene into a structure that allows the flow of electric current, which is necessary for ... read more

Scientists Drill Into White Graphene to Create Artificial Atoms

By drilling holes into a thin two-dimensional sheet of hexagonal boron nitride with a gallium-focused ion beam, scientists have created artificial atoms that generate single photons, which work in ... read more
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Study Shows Ability to Detect Light from UV to the IR Optical Regimes Using Spin Currents

The spin Seebeck effect (SSE) can be used to detect light across a broad optical range -- ultraviolet through visible to near-infrared. This has future implications on novel spin current-based ... read more

New Material Could Someday Power Quantum Computer

Quantum computers with the ability to perform complex calculations, encrypt data more securely and more quickly predict the spread of viruses, may be within closer reach thanks to a new ... read more

Cooling Nanotube Resonators With Electrons

Researchers report on a technique that uses electron transport to cool a nanomechanical resonator near the quantum ... read more

Rare 'Lazarus Superconductivity' Observed in Promising, Rediscovered Material

A team of researchers has observed a rare phenomenon called re-entrant superconductivity in the material uranium ditelluride. Nicknamed 'Lazarus superconductivity,' the phenomenon occurs ... read more

The Fast Dance of Electron Spins

Metal complexes show a fascinating behavior in their interactions with light, which for example is utilized in organic light emitting diodes, solar cells, quantum computers, or even in cancer ... read more

Quantum Material Goes Where None Have Gone Before

Physicists have created a quantum material that can travel through a previously unexplored region marked by strange electronic properties. The journey is by an alloy of cerium palladium and ... read more

Curved Nanochannels Allow Independent Tuning of Charge and Spin Currents

To increase the efficiency of microchips, 3D structures are now being investigated. However, spintronic components, which rely on electron spin rather than charge, are always flat. To investigate how ... read more

Scientists Observe How Acoustic Interactions Change Materials at the Atomic Level

By using sound waves, scientists have begun to explore fundamental stress behaviors in a crystalline material that could form the basis for quantum information ... read more

Scientists Create Fully Electronic 2-Dimensional Spin Transistors

Physicists have constructed a two-dimensional spin transistor, in which spin currents were generated by an electric current through graphene. A monolayer of a transition metal dichalcogenide (TMD) ... read more

New Method for Detecting Quantum States of Electrons

Researchers have devised a new method -- called image charge detection -- to detect electrons' transitions to quantum states. Electrons can serve as quantum bits, the smallest unit of quantum ... read more

Spin Devices Get a Paint Job

Physicists created a new way to fabricate special kinds of electronic components known as spintronic devices. These high-performance, low-power devices have a promising future, so efficient ways to ... read more

Spintronics: Physicists Discover New Material for Highly Efficient Data Processing

A new material could aid in the development of extremely energy efficient IT applications. The electrons at the oxide interface of the material possess special properties which drastically increase ... read more

Scientists Couple Magnetization to Superconductivity for Quantum Discoveries

In a recent study, scientists have created a miniaturized chip-based superconducting circuit that couples quantum waves of magnetic spins called magnons to photons of equivalent ... read more

A New Alphabet to Write and Read Quantum Messages With Very Fast Particles

Quantum information relies on the possibility of writing messages in a quantum particle and reading them out in a reliable way. If, however, the particle is relativistic, meaning that it moves with ... read more

Quantum Criticality Could Be a Boon for Qubit Designers

Physicists studying the strange behavior of metal alloys called heavy fermions have made a surprising discovery that could be useful in safeguarding the information stored in quantum bits, or qubits, ... read more

Analytical Tool Designs Corkscrew-Shaped Nano-Antennae

Researchers have derived analytically how corkscrew-shaped nano-antennas interact with ... read more

Physicists Create World's Smallest Engine

The research explains how random fluctuations affect the operation of microscopic machines like this tiny motor. In the future, such devices could be incorporated into other technologies to recycle ... read more

Newfound Superconductor Material Could Be the 'Silicon of Quantum Computers'

Newly discovered properties in the compound uranium ditelluride show that it could prove highly resistant to one of the nemeses of quantum computer development -- the difficulty with making such a ... read more

Travelling Towards a Quantum Internet at Light Speed

Researchers demonstrated a new method for transmitting quantum information over long distances by using circularly polarized light to flip the spin state of an electron on a quantum dot. This work ... read more

Record-Setting Quantum Motion

Showcasing precise control at the quantum level, physicists have developed a method for making an ion (electrically charged atom) display exact quantities of quantum-level motion -- any specific ... read more

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