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January 29, 2020

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Laboratory-Evolved Bacteria Switch to Consuming Carbon Dioxide for Growth

Over the course of several months, researchers created Escherichia coli strains that consume carbon dioxide for energy instead of organic compounds. This achievement in synthetic biology highlights ... read more

Experts Unlock Key to Photosynthesis, a Find That Could Help Us Meet Food Security Demands

Scientists have solved the structure of one of the key components of photosynthesis, a discovery that could lead to photosynthesis being 'redesigned' ... read more

Environmental Cost of Cryptocurrency Mines

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Monero -- the names of digital-based 'cryptocurrencies' are being heard more and more frequently. But despite having no physical representation, could these new ... read more

Go With the Flow: Scientists Design New Grid Batteries for Renewable Energy

Scientists have designed an affordable 'flow battery' membrane that could accelerate renewable energy for the electrical ... read more
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LED Lighting in Greenhouses Helps but Standards Are Needed

While LED lighting can enhance plant growth in greenhouses, standards are needed to determine the optimal intensity and colors of light, according to research that could help improve the energy ... read more

Polluted Wastewater in the Forecast? Try a Solar Umbrella

Evaporation ponds, commonly used in many industries to manage wastewater, can occupy a large footprint and often pose risks to birds and other wildlife, yet they're an economical way to deal ... read more

Tests Measure Solar Panel Performance Beyond Established Standards

In testing solar panels, the sun's intensity, the spectral composition and the angle of light are important factors in understanding why certain panels are successful and others degrade more ... read more

New Insights Into the Earliest Events of Seed Germination

Plant seeds can store their energy in a dry state for years, only to suddenly release it and germinate. How is energy in the seed made available? How can energy metabolism be started early and ... read more

Powder, Not Gas: A Safer, More Effective Way to Create a Star on Earth

Scientists have found that sprinkling a type of powder into fusion plasma could aid in harnessing the ultra-hot gas within a tokamak facility to produce heat to create electricity without producing ... read more

Scientists Create Thin Films With Tantalizing Electronic Properties

Scientists have created thin films made from barium zirconium sulfide (BaZrS3) and confirmed that the materials have alluring electronic and optical properties predicted by theorists. The films ... read more

Capturing CO2 from Trucks and Reducing Their Emissions by 90%

Researchers have patented a new concept that could cut trucks' CO2 emissions by almost 90%. It involves capturing CO2 within the exhaust system, converting it into a liquid and storing it on the ... read more

Could Every Country Have a Green New Deal? Report Charts Paths for 143 Countries

Researchers offer an updated vision of the steps that 143 countries around the world can take to attain 100% clean, renewable energy by the year 2050. The new roadmaps project that transitioning to ... read more

Membrane Inspired by Bone and Cartilage Efficiently Produces Electricity from Saltwater

Inspired by membranes in the body tissues of living organisms, scientists have combined aramid nanofibers used in Kevlar with boron nitride to construct a membrane for harvesting ocean energy that is ... read more

'Like a Video Game With Health Points,' Energy Budgets Explain Evolutionary Body Size

Budgeting resources isn't just a problem for humans preparing a holiday dinner, or squirrels storing up nuts for the winter. A new model of how animals budget their energy sheds light on how ... read more

Effects of Natural Gas Assessed in Study of Shale Gas Boom in Appalachian Basin

A new study estimated the cumulative effects of the shale gas boom in the Appalachian basin in the early 2000s on air quality, climate change, and employment. The study found that effects on air ... read more

In Breakthrough Method of Creating Solar Material, Scientists Prove the Impossible Really Isn't

Scientists have achieved a technological breakthrough for solar cells previously thought ... read more

Consider Marine Life When Implementing Offshore Renewable Power

With countries adopting green energy practices, renewable energy now accounts for a third of the world's power. As this trend continues, more countries are looking to offshore energy sources to ... read more

Fine-Tuning Thermoelectric Materials for Cheaper Renewable Energy

Researchers have developed new thermoelectric materials, which could provide a low-cost option for converting heat energy into ... read more

Uncertain Role of Natural Gas in the Transition to Clean Energy

A new study examines the opposing roles of natural gas in the battle against climate change -- as a bridge toward a lower-emissions future, but also a contributor to greenhouse gas ... read more

Neutrons Optimize High Efficiency Catalyst for Greener Approach to Biofuel Synthesis

Researchers used neutron scattering in the development of a catalyst that converts biomass into liquid fuel with remarkably high efficiency and provides new possibilities for manufacturing renewable ... read more

Big Step in Producing Carbon-Neutral Fuel: Silver Diphosphide

A new chemical process does in the lab what trees do in nature -- it converts carbon dioxide into usable chemicals or ... read more

Artificial Intelligence May Help Scientists Make Spray-on Solar Cells

Artificial Intelligence may be just the thing to accelerate spray-on solar cell technology, which could revolutionize how consumers use energy. A research team has used Machine Learning, aka ... read more

Rare Algae Enzyme to Convert Waste Cooking Oil Into Ready-to-Use Biofuel

A team of engineers will utilize the rare properties of an unusual, light-dependent enzyme in a photo-bio-catalytic continuous flow system to produce drop-in biofuels from waste oils and ... read more

Researchers Perfect Nanoscience Tool for Studies of Nuclear Waste Storage

Studying radiation chemistry and electronic structure of materials at scales smaller than nanometers, scientists prepared samples of clay in ultra-thin layers. Working at the TRIUMF particle ... read more

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