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December 8, 2019

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Pig-Pen Effect: Mixing Skin Oil and Ozone Can Produce a Personal Pollution Cloud

When ozone and skin oils meet, the resulting reaction may help remove ozone from an indoor environment, but it can also produce a personal cloud of ... read more

Damage to the Ozone Layer and Climate Change Forming Feedback Loop

Increased solar radiation penetrating through the damaged ozone layer is interacting with the changing climate, and the consequences are rippling through the Earth's natural systems, effecting ... read more

A Warming Arctic Produces Weather Extremes in Our Latitudes

Atmospheric researchers at the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) have now developed a climate model that can accurately depict the frequently observed ... read more

Reductions in PM Over Decade Has Improved Health; Ozone Pollution Remains Little Changed

Fewer deaths and serious illnesses have occurred in the US over the past decade as a result of cleaner air, according to a new report focusing on the ... read more
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Airborne Lidar System Poised to Improve Accuracy of Climate Change Models

Researchers have developed a laser-based system that can be used for airborne measurement of important atmospheric gases with unprecedented accuracy and resolution. The ability to collect this data ... read more

By Cutting Ozone Pollution Now, China Could Save 330,000 Lives by 2050

If China takes strong measures to reduce its ozone pollution now, it could save hundreds of thousands of lives in the long run, according to a new ... read more

Old Ice and Snow Yields Tracer of Preindustrial Ozone

Using rare oxygen molecules trapped in old ice and snow, US and French scientists have answered a long-standing question: How much have 'bad' ozone levels increased since the start of the ... read more

Electric Vehicles Would Be a Breath of Fresh Air for Houston

Researchers are expressing hope for the future of Houston's breathable air, despite the city's poor rankings in the American Lung Association's 2019 'State of the Air' ... read more

Scientists Discover the Source of New CFC Emissions

Since 2013, annual emissions of a banned chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) have increased by around 7,000 tonnes from eastern China, according to new ... read more

Human Encroachment Alters Air Quality Over Amazon Rainforest

Plumes of air pollution generated from a rapidly expanding city within the Amazon rainforest are wafting hundreds of miles and degrading air quality in the pristine rainforest, according to a team of ... read more

Particulate Matter Takes Away 125,000 Years of Healthy Life from Europe's Child Population

A study analyzes the burden of disease of seven environmental hazards to children in the 28 countries of the European ... read more

How Bacteria Build an Enzyme That Destroys Climate-Changing Laughing Gas

New research reveals how soil bacteria build the only known enzyme for the destruction of the potent global warming and ozone-depleting gas nitrous oxide. Alongside carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane, ... read more

Electric Vehicle Adoption Improves Air Quality and Climate Outlook

A new study quantified the differences in air pollution generated from battery-powered electric vehicles versus internal combustion engines. The researchers found that even when their electricity is ... read more

How Severe Drought Influences Ozone Pollution

From 2011 to 2015, California experienced its worst drought on record, with a parching combination of high temperatures and low precipitation. Drought conditions can have complicated effects on ozone ... read more

Green Roofs Could Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

Green roofs -- roofs that are planted with vegetation -- may improve the indoor air quality of commercial buildings by cutting the amount of ozone coming into the buildings from the outside, ... read more

Kids Living Near Major Roads at Higher Risk of Developmental Delays

Young children who live close to a major roadway are twice as likely to score lower on tests of communications skills, compared to those who live farther away from a major roadway, according to a new ... read more

Air Quality Agencies Can Breathe Easier About Current Emissions Regulations

A new study provides a fuller picture of the relationship between nitrogen oxides -- the tailpipe-generated particles at the center of the Volkswagen scandal, also known as NOx, -- and PM2.5, the ... read more

Turn Off a Light, Save a Life

We all know that turning off lights and buying energy-efficient appliances affects our financial bottom line. Now, according to a new study, we know that saving energy also saves lives and even more ... read more

Indoor Exposure to Air Pollution Studied

In an Indoor Air study conducted in a suburb of the city of Kuopio, Finland, relatively short-lasting wood and candle burning of a few hours increased residents' daily exposure to potentially ... read more

Air Pollution Increases ER Visits for Breathing Problems

As levels of ozone and fine particulate pollution (PM2.5) rise, more patients end up in the ER with breathing problems, according to the largest US study of air pollution and respiratory emergency ... read more

Antarctica Losing Six Times More Ice Mass Annually Now Than 40 Years Ago

Antarctica experienced a sixfold increase in yearly ice mass loss between 1979 and 2017, according to a new study. Glaciologists additionally found that the accelerated melting caused global sea ... read more

China's War on Particulate Air Pollution Is Causing More Severe Ozone Pollution

In China, the rapid reduction of the pollutant PM 2.5 dramatically altered the chemistry of the atmosphere, leading to an increase in harmful ground-level ozone pollution, especially in large ... read more

Pollutants from Wildfires Affect Crop and Vegetation Growth Hundreds of Kilometers from Impact Zone

The startling extent to which violent wildfires, similar to those that ravaged large swathes of California recently, affect forests and crops way beyond the boundaries of the blaze has been ... read more

Chloroform Emissions Could Delay Ozone Recovery by Up to 8 Years

A new study identifies another threat to the ozone layer's recovery: chloroform -- a colorless, sweet-smelling compound that is primarily used in the manufacturing of products such as Teflon and ... read more

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