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December 8, 2019

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The perceived scale of the Amazon blazes received global attention this summer. However, international concerns raised at ... read more

Lost Trees Hugely Overrated as Environmental Threat, Study Finds

Cutting down trees inevitably leads to more carbon in the environment, but deforestation's contributions to climate change are vastly overestimated, according to a new ... read more

Satellite Study of Amazon Rainforest Land Cover Gives Insight Into 2019 Fires

A new study gives important context to the fires burning big swaths of the Amazon ... read more

Researchers Discover Oldest Fossil Forest in Asia

Researchers describe the largest example of a Devonian forest, made up of 250,000 square meters of fossilized lycopsid trees, which was recently discovered in China's Anhui ... read more
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When Grown Right, Palm Oil Can Be Sustainable

Turning an abandoned pasture into a palm tree plantation can be carbon neutral, according to a new study. These findings, based on measurements of 56-year-old palm tree plantations in Colombia, ... read more

The Forests of the Amazon Are an Important Carbon Sink

The world's tropical forests store huge quantities of carbon in their biomass and thus constitute an important carbon sink. However, current estimates of the amount of carbon dioxide stored in ... read more

Individual Climate Models May Not Provide the Complete Picture

Equilibrium climate sensitivity -- how sensitive the Earth's climate is to changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide -- may be underestimated in individual climate models, according to a team of ... read more

Nature's Backup Plan for Converting Nitrogen Into Plant Nutrients

Researchers have found that nature has developed a backup method for converting atmospheric nitrogen into the nutrient form critical to plant growth and soil fertility. The researchers report that ... read more

Gold Mining Critically Impairs Water Quality in Rivers Across Peruvian Biodiversity Hotspot

A new study finds that artisanal-scale gold mining is altering water clarity and dynamics in the Madre de Dios River watershed in Peru, a tropical biodiversity hotspot. Higher levels of suspended ... read more

Evolutionary Diversity Is Associated With Amazon Forest Productivity

An international team of researchers have revealed for the first time that Amazon forests with the greatest evolutionary diversity are the most ... read more

New Findings on Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Northern Trees Surprised Scientists

A recent study demonstrates that boreal forests of the Northern Hemisphere are sources of the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide (N2O). The study provides new information on the significance of trees as ... read more

Palm Oil: Less Fertilizer and No Herbicide but Same Yield?

Environmentally friendlier palm oil production could be achieved with less fertilizer and no herbicide, while maintaining profits. These are the encouraging preliminary results of the first two years ... read more

Carbon Bomb: Study Says Climate Impact from Loss of Intact Tropical Forests Grossly Underreported

A new study says that carbon impacts from the loss of intact tropical forests has been grossly ... read more

In Southeast Asia, Illegal Hunting Is a More Threat to Wildlife Than Forest Degradation

A new study suggests that for ground dwelling mammal and bird communities, illegal hunting using indiscriminate snares may be a more immediate threat than forest degradation through selective ... read more

What's Driving Tropical Deforestation? Scientists Map 45 Years of Satellite Images

Tropical forests are under increasing pressure from human activity such as agriculture. However, in order to put effective conservation measures in place, local decision-makers must be able to ... read more

A Win-Win for Forests and Small-Holder Dairy Farming in East Africa

The native Napier grass could hold the key to improving diets, boosting farming yields and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in East Africa. Growing and using Napier as a nutrient rich animal fodder ... read more

A Roadmap to Make the Land Sector Carbon Neutral by 2040

Land is critical to human livelihoods and wellbeing, while actions related to land use also play an important role in the climate system. Researchers have developed a new roadmap outlining actions on ... read more

Dry Season Increase in Photosynthesis in Amazon Rain Forest

A new study demonstrated the potential of the TROPOspheric Monitoring Instrument on board the Copernicus Sentinel-5 Precursor satellite to measure and track chlorophyll fluorescence and ... read more

Plant Physiology Will Be Major Contributor to Future River Flooding

Researchers describe the emerging role of ecophysiology in riparian flooding. As an adaptation to an overabundance of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, trees, plants and grasses constrict their ... read more

Biodiversity of Insects Modeled from Space Satellite Data

With freely available radar data from satellites, biodiversity in forests can be analysed very well. Researchers now report that biodiversity even of tiny insects can be reliably modeled from ... read more

Study on Climate Protection: More Forest -- Less Meat

Forests help protect the climate. Reforestation can decisively contribute to mitigating global warming according to the Paris Agreement. Based on simulations, researchers have studied the conditions ... read more

Ancient Maya Canals and Fields Show Early and Extensive Impacts on Tropical Forests

New evidence in Belize shows the ancient Maya responded to population and environmental pressures by creating massive agricultural features in wetlands, potentially increasing atmospheric CO2 and ... read more

Managed Forests in New Hampshire Rich in Carbon

A new study examining carbon stocks in an actively managed mixed wood forest in New Hampshire finds that places with more trees have more carbon stored in both the trees and the soil. The findings ... read more

Northern Forests Have Lost Crucial Cold, Snowy Conditions

Winter conditions are changing more rapidly than any other season and researchers have found clear signs of a decline in frost days, snow covered days and other indicators of winter that could have ... read more

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