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January 29, 2020

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Amazon Deforestation and Number of Fires Show Summer of 2019 Not a 'Normal' Year

The perceived scale of the Amazon blazes received global attention this summer. However, international concerns raised at the time were countered by ... read more

Lost Trees Hugely Overrated as Environmental Threat, Study Finds

Cutting down trees inevitably leads to more carbon in the environment, but deforestation's contributions to climate change are vastly overestimated, according to a new ... read more

Satellite Study of Amazon Rainforest Land Cover Gives Insight Into 2019 Fires

A new study gives important context to the fires burning big swaths of the Amazon ... read more

Researchers Discover Oldest Fossil Forest in Asia

Researchers describe the largest example of a Devonian forest, made up of 250,000 square meters of fossilized lycopsid trees, which was recently discovered in China's Anhui ... read more
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Rethinking Land Conservation to Protect Species That Will Need to Move With Climate Change

A new study finds that many species of animals and plants likely will need to migrate under climate change, and that conservation efforts will also need to shift to be ... read more

Geographers Find Tipping Point in Deforestation

Geography researchers have identified a tipping point for deforestation that leads to rapid forest loss. Researchers used high-resolution satellite images to study landscapes in 9-kilometer-wide ... read more

Jaguars Could Prevent a Not-So-Great American Biotic Exchange

In eastern Panama, canid species from North and South America are occurring together for the first time. Urban and agricultural development and deforestation along the Mesoamerican Biological ... read more

Protecting Two Key Regions in Belize Could Save Threatened Jaguar, Say Scientists

Scientists studying one of the largest populations of jaguars in Central Belize have identified several wildlife corridors that should be protected to help the species survival. The study provide a ... read more

Climate Change and Deforestation Could Decimate Madagascar's Rainforest Habitat by 2070

A study has found that, left unchecked, the combined effects of deforestation and human-induced climate change could eliminate Madagascar's entire eastern rainforest habitat by 2070, impacting ... read more

Climate Change Not the Only Threat to Vulnerable Species, Habitat Matters

Though climate change is becoming one of the greatest threats to the Earth's already stressed ecosystems, it may not be the most severe threat today for all species, say authors of a new report ... read more

Understanding Why Songbirds Choose Their Homes

New research by biologists uses a new approach to modelling the populations of six species of songbirds in Canada's boreal forest -- and the results show that standard modeling methods may not ... read more

Amazon Forest Regrowth Much Slower Than Previously Thought

The regrowth of Amazonian forests following deforestation can happen much slower than previously thought, a new study shows. The findings could have significant impacts for climate change predictions ... read more

Plant-Eating Insects Disrupt Ecosystems and Contribute to Climate Change

A new study shows that plant-eating insects affect forest ecosystems considerably more than previously thought. Among other things, the insects are a factor in the leaching of nutrients from soil and ... read more

Degraded Soils Mean Tropical Forests May Never Fully Recover from Logging

Continually logging and re-growing tropical forests to supply timber is reducing the levels of vital nutrients in the soil, which may limit future forest growth and recovery, a new study suggests. ... read more

Planetary Boundaries: Interactions in Earth System Amplify Human Impacts

Transgressing one planetary boundary can amplify human impacts on another one. For the first time, an international team of scientists now quantified some of the planetary-scale interactions in the ... read more

Big Step in Producing Carbon-Neutral Fuel: Silver Diphosphide

A new chemical process does in the lab what trees do in nature -- it converts carbon dioxide into usable chemicals or ... read more

Canadian Tundra Formerly Covered in Rich Forest: Ancient Plant Fossil Record Shows

Canada's northernmost islands, Ellesmere and Axel Heiberg islands in Nunavut, were home to a vibrant, temperate forest 56 million years ago, according to fossil ... read more

Estimates of Ecosystem Carbon Mitigation Improved Towards the Goal of the Paris Agreement

The recent reports from the IPCC concluded that new land-use options to enhance the terrestrial carbon sink are needed to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement on ... read more

Tree Cavities for Wild Honeybees

The forests in Europe provide habitat for around 80,000 colonies of wild honeybees. That is why more attention should be paid to preserving the nesting sites for these threatened insects, according ... read more

Natural Ecosystems Protect Against Climate Change

The identification of natural carbon sinks and understanding how they work is critical if humans are to mitigate global climate change. Tropical coastal wetlands are considered important but, so far, ... read more

Megadroughts Fueled Peruvian Cloud Forest Activity

New research has found that strong and long-lasting droughts parched the usually moist Peruvian cloud forests, spurring farmers to colonize new cropland. Findings also included evidence that recovery ... read more

Some Forests Crucial for Climate Change Mitigation, Biodiversity

Researchers have identified forests in the western United States that should be preserved for their potential to mitigate climate change through carbon sequestration, as well as to enhance ... read more

Wildlife in Tropics Hardest Hit by Forests Being Broken Up

Tropical species are six times more sensitive to forests being broken up for logging or farming than temperate species, says new ... read more

Damaging Rains from Hurricanes More Intense After Winds Begin to Subside

Howling wind drives torrential rain sideways as tall, slender palms bow and tree limbs snap. A hurricane approaches, its gale-force winds wreaking havoc as it nears the coast. Storm surges combine ... read more

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