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March 28, 2020

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Ritter Island Gives New Insights Into the Dynamics of Volcanic Landslides

The flanks of many island volcanoes slide very slowly towards the sea. Whether these landslides are forewarnings of a catastrophic collapse or, on the contrary, even reduce its risk, is not yet ... read more

Hundreds of Bubble Streams Link Biology, Seismology Off Washington's Coast

The first survey of methane vent sites off Washington's coast finds 1,778 bubble columns, with most located along a north-south band that is in line with a geologic ... read more

Storm Waves Can Move Boulders We Thought Only Tsunamis Had the Power to Shift

It's not just tsunamis that can change the landscape: storms shifted giant boulders four times the size of a house on the coast of Ireland in the ... read more

New Early Gravity Signals to Quantify the Magnitude of Strong Earthquakes

After an earthquake, there is a disturbance in the field of gravity almost instantaneously. This could be recorded before the seismic waves. Researchers have managed to observe these weak signals and ... read more
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Magnitude of Great Lisbon Earthquake May Have Been Lower Than Previous Estimates

The magnitude of the Great Lisbon Earthquake event, a historic and devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Portugal on All Saints' Day in 1755, may not be as high as previously ... read more

Harnessing Nature's Defences Against Tsunamis

As sea levels rise and adverse weather events become more common, vulnerable coastal communities are at increasing risk of devastation from storm surges and tsunamis. The death toll from tsunamis was ... read more

New, Young Volcano Discovered in the Pacific

Researchers have discovered a new petit-spot volcano at the oldest section of the Pacific ... read more

New Technology Developed to Improve Forecasting of Earthquakes, Tsunamis

Geoscientists have successfully developed and tested a new high-tech shallow water buoy that can detect the small movements and changes in the Earth's seafloor that are often a precursor to ... read more

Huge Tsunami Hit Oman 1,000 Years Ago

15-meter high waves that pushed boulders the weight of a Leopard tank inland: This is more or less how one can imagine the tsunami that hit the coast of today's Sultanate of Oman about 1,000 ... read more

Fault-Slip: AI to Simulate Tectonic Plate Deformation

Scientists have transformed the UNICORN computing code into an AI-like algorithm to more quickly simulate tectonic plate deformation due to a phenomenon called a ''fault slip,'' a ... read more

Ground Failure Study Shows Deep Landslides Not Reactivated by 2018 Anchorage Quake

Major landslides triggered by the 1964 magnitude 9.2 Great Alaska earthquake responded to, but were not reactivated by, the magnitude 7.1 Anchorage earthquake that took place 30 November 2018, ... read more

What Happens Under the Yellowstone Volcano?

A recent study helps to better explain the processes in the Earth's interior beneath the Yellowstone ... read more

Rice Irrigation Worsened Landslides in Deadliest Earthquake of 2018

Irrigation significantly exacerbated the earthquake-triggered landslides in Palu, on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, in 2018, according to an international ... read more

Early Warning Signals Heralded Fatal Collapse of Krakatau Volcano

On 22 December 2018, a flank of the Anak Krakatau plunged into the Sunda strait between the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Java, triggering a tsunami that killed 430 people. An international ... read more

Did Long Ago Tsunamis Lead to Mysterious, Tropical Fungal Outbreak in Pacific Northwest?

The Great Alaskan Earthquake of 1964 and the tsunamis it spawned may have washed a tropical fungus ashore, leading to a subsequent outbreak of often-fatal infections among people in coastal regions ... read more

'Treasure Trove' of Earthquake Clues Could Be Unearthed by Wavy New Technique

Geologists have improved upon methods to map seabed rocks, helping us better understand underwater earthquakes and the tsunamis they can ... read more

Role of Earthquake Motions in Triggering a 'Surprise' Tsunami

Geologists, geophysicists, and mathematicians show how coupled computer models can accurately recreate the conditions leading to the world's deadliest natural disasters of 2018, the Palu ... read more

Earthquake Study Casts Doubt on Early Warnings but Hints at Improved Forecasting

A recent study investigated around 100,000 localized seismic events to search for patterns in the data. Scientists discovered that earthquakes of differing magnitudes have more in common than was ... read more

Reconstructing Anak Krakatau Flank Collapse That Caused Dec. 2018 Indonesian Tsunami

A new study presents the detailed observation of a tsunami-generating volcano collapse by remote sensing. The study analyzes the 2018 collapse of Anak Krakatau, which triggered a tsunami that claimed ... read more

Deducing the Scale of Tsunamis from the 'Roundness' of Deposited Gravel

Scientists have found a link between the 'roundness' distribution of tsunami deposits and how far tsunamis reach inland. They sampled the 'roundness' of gravel from different ... read more

Researchers Develop Improved Method for Studying Tsunami Risk to Bridges, Buildings, Roads

Researchers are paving the way toward greater safety for coastal residents and infrastructure by developing a better means of modeling the destructive force of tsunami ... read more

Future Tsunamis Possible in the Red Sea's Gulf of Elat-Aqaba

Researchers who took a closer look at a 1995 tsunami in the Gulf of Elat-Aqaba, at the northeastern tip of the Red Sea, say that the gulf's surrounding countries should prepare for future ... read more

How Tides Can Trigger Earthquakes

Some earthquakes along mid-ocean ridges are linked with low tides, but nobody could figure out why. In a new study, researchers have uncovered the mechanism for this seeming paradox, and it comes ... read more

Scientists Find Telling Early Moment That Indicates a Coming Megaquake

Scientists combing through databases of earthquakes since the early 1990s have discovered a possible defining moment 10-15 seconds into an event that could signal a magnitude 7 or larger ... read more

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