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January 29, 2020

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People who develop Parkinson's disease before age 50 may have been born with disordered brain cells that went undetected for decades, according to new research. The research ... read more
Scientists have found evidence to support long-standing anecdotes that stress causes hair graying. Researchers found that in mice, the type of nerve involved in the ... read more
The brain is equipped with barriers designed to keep out dangerous pathogens. Researchers have now found a novel way to circumvent the brain's natural defenses when ... read more
Scientists have identified synergistic cellular pathways for longevity that amplify lifespan fivefold in C. elegans, a nematode worm used as a model in aging research. The ... read more
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Zinc Lozenges Did Not Shorten the Duration of Colds

Administration of zinc acetate lozenges to common cold patients did not shorten colds in a randomized ... read more

Research Offers Promise for Treating Schizophrenia

Psychologists show that targeting one particular symptom of schizophrenia has a positive effect on other ... read more

Study Examines Prostate Cancer Treatment Decisions

A five-year follow-up study of more than 2,000 US men who received prostate cancer treatment is creating a road map for future patients regarding long-term bowel, bladder and sexual function in order ... read more

New Look at Odd Holes Involved in Taste, Alzheimer's, Asthma

Large holes in our cells have been implicated in depression, Alzehimer's disease, asthma, and even taste. Now, we know what two kinds of these pores look like, potentially creating new ... read more

Algae Shown to Improve Gastrointestinal Health

A green, single-celled organism called Chlamydomonas reinhardtii has served as a model species for topics spanning algae-based biofuels to plant evolution. While algae have been used as dietary ... read more

With High Fiber Diets, More Protein May Mean More Bloating

People who eat high fiber diets are more likely to experience bloating if their high fiber diet is protein-rich as compared to carbohydrate-rich, according to a ... read more

A ketogenic diet -- which provides 99 percent of calories from fat and only 1 percent from carbohydrates -- produces health benefits in the short term, but negative effects after about a week, ... read more

AI to Help Monitor Behavior

Algorithms based on artificial intelligence do better at supporting educational and clinical decision-making, according to a new ... read more

Children to Bear the Burden of Negative Health Effects from Climate Change

The grim effects that climate change will have on pediatric health outcomes was the focus of a recent ... read more

Enhancing Drug Testing With Human Body-on-Chip Systems

Scientists have devised a functioning comprehensive multi-Organ-on-a-Chip (Organ Chip) platform that enables effective preclinical drug testing of human drug ... read more

Micro-Scaled Method Holds Promise as Improved Cancer Diagnostic Platform

A new method analyzes the combination of tumor genetic material (genomics) with deep protein and phosphoprotein characterization (proteomics) using a single-needle core biopsy from a patient's ... read more

Recreational Fishers Catching More Sharks and Rays

Recreational fishers are increasingly targeting sharks and rays, a situation that is causing concern among ... read more

Unanticipated Response to Estrogen at the Single Cell Level

Researchers found that not only do individual mammalian cells in a population fail to respond synchronously to estrogen stimulation, neither do individual gene copies, known as ... read more

First-of-Its-Kind Technology Lights Up Lung Cancer Cells, Helps Improve Patient Outcomes

A groundbreaking tumor-highlighting technology -- OTL38 -- enhances the visualization of lung cancer tissue, providing surgeons with a significantly better chance of finding and removing more cancer ... read more

Can Lithium Halt Progression of Alzheimer's Disease?

In a new study, a team of researchers has shown that, when given in a formulation that facilitates passage to the brain, lithium in doses up to 400 times lower than what is currently being prescribed ... read more

Opioid Dependence Found to Permanently Change Brains of Rats

Approximately one-quarter of patients who are prescribed opioids for chronic pain misuse them, with five to 10 percent developing an opioid use disorder or addiction. In a new study, researchers ... read more

'Jumping Genes' Help Stabilize DNA Folding Patterns

The DNA molecule inside the nucleus of any human cell is more than six feet long. To fit into such a small space, it must fold into precise loops that also govern how genes are turned on or off. New ... read more

High Air Pollution Exposure in 1-Year-Olds Linked to Structural Brain Changes at Age 12

A new study suggests that significant early childhood exposure to traffic-related air pollution (TRAP) is associated with structural changes in the brain at the age of ... read more

Early Life Adversity and Opioid Addiction

Individuals with a history of early life adversity (ELA) are disproportionately prone to opioid addiction. A new study reveals why. The study examines how early adversities interact with factors such ... read more

Shaping the Social Networks of Neurons

Identification of a protein complex that attracts or repels nerve cells during ... read more

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