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December 8, 2019

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Cracks in the Skin of Eczema Patients Promote Allergic Diseases

Many babies with eczema go on to develop food allergies, asthma and hay fever, and researchers say it's not a coincidence. The cracks caused by eczema weaken the skin barrier, allowing allergens to ... read more

New Therapy Targets Gut Bacteria to Prevent and Reverse Food Allergies

A new study identifies the species of bacteria in the human infant gut that protect against food allergies, finding changes associated with the development of food allergies and an altered immune ... read more

A Common Skin Bacterium Put Children With Severe Eczema at Higher Risk of Food Allergy

Scientists from King's College London have found that young children with severe eczema infected with Staphylococcus aureus (SA) bacterium, are at a ... read more

Sub-Optimal Food Allergy Knowledge and Attitudes Among Restaurant Staff

A new study of restaurant staff reveals low levels of food allergy knowledge and negative attitudes about serving people with food allergies, while exploring key factors that might influence such ... read more
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Technique Identifies T Cells Primed for Certain Allergies or Infections

Researchers can now identify T cells reactive to a particular target from a patient's cells, and to perform high-throughput single-cell RNA sequencing of those ... read more

Allergy Shots May Be an Effective Treatment for Pediatric Pollen Food Allergy Syndrome

A new study shows allergy shots (subcutaneous immunotherapy) can be effective in reducing PFAS symptoms for pediatric ... read more

Think You're Allergic to Penicillin? You Are Probably Wrong, Study Suggests

More than 30 million people in the United States wrongly believe they are allergic to ... read more

New Yardstick Offers Diagnostic and Treatment Guidance for Idiopathic Anaphylaxis

The new 'Idiopathic Anaphylaxis Yardstick' will help physicians who might be searching for guidance on next steps after their patient has an anaphylactic reaction of an unknown ... read more

Genetics May Play a Role in Reaction to CT Contrast Agents

Researchers have found that patients with family and personal history of allergic reactions to contrast media are at risk for future reactions, according to a new large study. Allergic reactions to ... read more

Australian Bee Sting Vaccine Trial Holds Promise Against Allergic Reactions

Most people have probably been stung by a bee and while it can be painful, it's especially dangerous for those at risk of suffering a life threatening allergic reaction. Australian researchers ... read more

Anaphylactic Shock: IgG Antibodies and Neutrophils Play an Unexpected Role

Teams have successfully identified a new pathological mechanism responsible for the unexplained cases of anaphylactic shock, involving neutrophils activated by antibodies of the IgG class. These ... read more

Electronic Consultations Can Streamline, Simplify Care in Allergy and Immunology

A study finds that electronic consultations in allergy and immunology can simplify the process of providing the most appropriate care, often reducing the need for in-person specialist ... read more

Pollen Allergies Occur More Frequently in Anxiety Sufferers

Seasonal allergies to different types of grass or tree pollen are more common in people with anxiety disorders, while patients with depression are more likely to suffer from perennial allergies ... read more

Skin Patch Shows Promise for Children With Milk-Induced Eosinophilic Esophagitis

A new study finds that a skin patch may be useful in treating children with a painful, chronic condition called eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) triggered by milk. Among 20 children with EoE who wore ... read more

Biomarkers to Diagnose Serious Kidney Allergic Reaction

Researchers say they have identified two protein biomarkers in urine that may one day be used to better diagnose acute interstitial nephritis (AIN), an underdiagnosed but treatable kidney disorder ... read more

Susceptibility to Disease Develops During Childhood

Traumatized children and children who develop multiple allergies tend to suffer in adulthood from chronic inflammatory diseases and psychiatric disorders. Researchers have demonstrated this in a ... read more

Scratching the Skin Primes the Gut for Allergic Reactions to Food, Mouse Study Suggests

Scratching the skin triggers a series of immune responses culminating in an increased number of activated mast cells -- immune cells involved in allergic reactions -- in the small intestine, ... read more

Oral Immunotherapy Safe for Preschool-Aged Children With Peanut Allergies, Study Suggests

New data suggests that oral immunotherapy offered as routine treatment in a hospital or clinic is safe for preschool-aged children with peanut ... read more

Diesel Exhaust Filtered of Its Tiny Particles May Worsen Allergy-Induced Lung Impairment

Air pollution from diesel engines may worsen allergy-induced lung impairment more when tiny particles are filtered from the exhaust than when they are not, according to new research published online ... read more

Fishy Diagnostics for Food Allergy Testing

Scientists have found material commonly used for fish allergy testing is unreliable -- potentially putting lives at ... read more

Researchers Develop First Functional Targeted Inhibitors of Peanut Allergens

Researchers have effectively prevented the binding of peanut allergens with IgE to suppress the allergic reaction to peanuts using a first-in-class design of allergen-specific ... read more

Identifying the Grass Pollen That Gets Up Your Nose

Scientists could be a step closer to providing more precise pollen forecasts to people who live with asthma or hay fever. This follows the first results of a major three-year project to analyze ... read more

Lung Disease Bronchiectasis Associated With High Frequency of Allergy

An international research team has found that patients with the lung disease bronchiectasis also often display sensitivity to airborne allergens, and has highlighted the particular role that fungi ... read more

Changes in Onset of Spring Linked to More Allergies Across the US

Human-induced climate change is disrupting nature's calendar, including when plants bloom and the spring season starts, and new research suggests we're increasingly paying the price for it ... read more

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