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December 12, 2019

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New research has provided the first complete, cellular-level look at what's going on in joints afflicted by osteoarthritis, a debilitating and costly condition that affects ... read more

Rheumatoid Arthritic Pain Could Be Caused by Antibodies

A new study finds that antibodies that exist in the joints before the onset of rheumatoid arthritis can cause pain even in the absence of arthritis. Researchers believe that the finding can represent ... read more

Stem Cells Edited to Fight Arthritis

Using CRISPR technology, a team of researchers rewired stem cells' genetic circuits to produce an anti-inflammatory arthritis drug when the cells encounter inflammation. The technique eventually ... read more

Discovery of New T-Cell Subtype Opens Window on Rheumatoid Arthritis

Researchers have carefully scrutinized the immune cells from patients with rheumatoid arthritis, revealing a striking new subset of T-cells that collaborate with other immune cells to drive ... read more
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Drug Decreases Gut Leakiness Associated With Ulcerative Colitis

Biomedical scientists have found that a drug approved by the FDA to treat rheumatoid arthritis and ulcerative colitis can repair permeability defects in the gut's ... read more

Dose of Medication More Likely to Put Patients With Pemphigus Into Remission

Researchers compare a lymphoma-dose regimen of rituximab to a rheumatoid arthritis regimen for the treatment of ... read more

Potential New Target for Treatment of Gout

Researchers have identified a new therapeutic target for the treatment of gout, a common type of arthritis that causes episodes of painful and stiff joints. Their study suggests that blocking a ... read more

Osteoarthritis Can Increase Your Risk for Social Isolation

Researchers examined whether there is an association between arthritis and social isolation, and have identified the disease's contribution to social ... read more

Vagus Nerve Stimulation Study Shows Significant Reduction in Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms

The results of a pilot study suggest that electro stimulation of one of the nerves connecting the brain to the body (the vagus nerve), could provide a novel treatment approach for patients with ... read more

'Locking' an Arthritis Drug May Be Key to Improving It

Attaching a removable lock to an arthritis drug can make it safer and more effective, according to a new study. The findings suggest a new way to improve the efficacy of a drug taken by millions of ... read more

Snapshot of Chikungunya Could Lead to Drugs, Vaccines for Viral Arthritis

A team has snapped high-resolution pictures of chikungunya virus latched onto a protein found on the surface of cells in the joints. The structures shows in atomic-level detail how the virus and ... read more

A Deep-Dive Into the Impact of Arthritis Drugs on Gene Expression

A new computational framework has revealed key differences between four rheumatoid arthritis medications and their impact on biological pathways in ... read more

Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Affected by Disabilities Well in Advance of Diagnosis

Patients diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis often are affected by functional disability a year or two before the disease is diagnosed, according to new research. The results of the study suggest ... read more

Statins Safe for Preventing Cardiovascular Events in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients, Study Suggests

Results from a large clinical trial indicate that patients with rheumatoid arthritis are likely to experience the same level of cardiovascular benefits from statins as other individuals, without ... read more

Getting Closer: Finding out Why the Immune System Attacks Itself

New research suggests that B cells gone bad could be the culprit in rheumatoid arthritis. A comprehensive profile of the cells has just been published, moving us closer to finding out why the immune ... read more

Gum Bacteria Implicated in Alzheimer's and Other Diseases

Researchers are reporting new findings on how bacteria involved in gum disease can travel throughout the body, exuding toxins connected with Alzheimer's disease, rheumatoid arthritis and ... read more

Exercise Helps Prevent Cartilage Damage Caused by Arthritis

Exercise helps to prevent the degradation of cartilage caused by osteoarthritis, according to a new ... read more

Does Alcohol Consumption Have an Effect on Arthritis?

Several previous studies have demonstrated that moderate alcohol consumption is linked with less severe disease and better quality of life in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, but a new study ... read more

Machine Learning Could Eliminate Unnecessary Treatments for Children With Arthritis

Machine learning algorithm was able to sort children with arthritis into seven distinct types of disease according to the location of painful joints in the body in a way that was predictive of ... read more

Surprise Rheumatoid Arthritis Discovery Points to New Treatment

Researchers have identified an unexpected contributor to rheumatoid arthritis that may help explain the painful flare-ups associated with the disease. The discovery points to a potential new ... read more

Smoking Cessation May Reduce Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Analysis of data from the Nurses' Health Studies demonstrates for first time that behavior change can delay or even prevent the most severe form of rheumatoid ... read more

Identical Twins Light the Way for New Genetic Cause of Arthritis

Identical twin toddlers who presented with severe arthritis helped scientists to identify the first gene mutation that can single-handedly cause a juvenile form of this inflammatory joint disease. By ... read more

Genetic Study Reveals Possible New Routes to Treating Osteoarthritis

In the largest genetic study of osteoarthritis to date, scientists have uncovered 52 new genetic changes linked to the disease, which doubles the number of genetic regions associated with the ... read more

Unconventional Immune Cells Trigger Disturbed Cytokine Production in Human Spondyloarthritis

Spondyloarthritis is one of the most common types of chronic joint inflammation affecting nearly 1-2 percent of the Western population. Scientists report that rare populations of unconventional T ... read more

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