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December 8, 2019

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How the Colon Prioritizes Gas Detox Over Energy Use

Smelly flatulence is one way our bodies manage our well-being. It turns out expelling noxious gas takes priority in our ... read more

Poor Diet Can Lead to Blindness, Case Study Shows

An extreme case of 'fussy' or 'picky' eating caused a young patient's blindness, according to a new case report. The researchers who examined the case recommend clinicians consider nutritional optic ... read more

Frying Oil Consumption Worsened Colon Cancer and Colitis in Mice, Study Shows

Food scientists have shown that feeding frying oil to mice exaggerated colonic inflammation, enhanced tumor growth and worsened gut leakage, ... read more

How E. Coli Knows How to Cause the Worst Possible Infection

The discovery could one day let doctors prevent the infection by allowing E. coli to pass harmlessly through the ... read more
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Empowering Mucosal Healing With an Engineered Probiotic

Researchers developed a living material approach that uses a strain of genetically engineered E.coli Nissle bacteria as a locally acting probiotic. The engineered bacteria produce a network of ... read more

Tick Box Questionnaire Could Significantly Improve Esophageal Cancer Survival Rates

A simple health questionnaire could be a highly effective tool to pre-screen people for early signs of esophageal cancer, enabling much earlier diagnosis and treatment, finds a new ... read more

Drug Decreases Gut Leakiness Associated With Ulcerative Colitis

Biomedical scientists have found that a drug approved by the FDA to treat rheumatoid arthritis and ulcerative colitis can repair permeability defects in the gut's ... read more

We Know We're Full Because a Stretched Intestine Tells Us So

We commonly think a full stomach is what tells us to stop eating, but it may be that a stretched intestine plays an even bigger role in making us feel sated, according to new laboratory ... read more

Bacteria in the Gut May Alter Aging Process

Microorganisms living in the gut may alter the aging process, which could lead to the development of food-based treatment to slow it ... read more

New Findings on Gut Microbiome's Interactions With GI Diseases

A study offers new insight on how the gut bacteria of dogs interact with a healthy vs. unhealthy GI tract, which could contribute to the development of new therapies for GI diseases in both dogs and ... read more

E. Coli Gain Edge by Changing Their Diets in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Researchers describe how bad bacteria gain a foothold over good bacteria in IBD and how something as simple as a diet change might reverse ... read more

Tumors Turn Gut 'Brain Cells' Into Tumor Growth Promoters

When enteric glial cells are exposed to secretions from colon tumors, the glial cells convert into promoters of tumor growth. The work demonstrates enteric glial cells' importance in the tumor ... read more

Potential New Target for Treatment of Gout

Researchers have identified a new therapeutic target for the treatment of gout, a common type of arthritis that causes episodes of painful and stiff joints. Their study suggests that blocking a ... read more

Cracking the Colon Code: New Light Shed on Gut Function

New insights into how the colon functions and actually expels its contents have been revealed for the first time following decades of study. It promises new diagnostics tools and treatments for ... read more

Soft Drinks Found to Be the Crucial Link Between Obesity and Tooth Wear

A new study has found that sugar-sweetened acidic drinks, such as soft drinks, is the common factor between obesity and tooth wear among ... read more

High Fiber, Yogurt Diet Associated With Lower Lung Cancer Risk

A diet high in fiber and yogurt is associated with a reduced risk for lung ... read more

Scientists Uncover the Process Behind Protein Mutations That Impact Gut Health

A new study has uncovered why a protein mutation that causes inflammatory bowel diseases is ... read more

Gut Instincts: Researchers Discover First Clues on How Gut Health Influences Brain Health

New cellular and molecular processes underlying communication between gut microbes and brain cells have been described for the first ... read more

Treating Gulf War Illness With FDA-Approved Antiviral Drugs

A recent study has shown that adjusting GI tract viruses by repurposing existing FDA-approved antiviral drugs offers a route for effective treatment for Gulf War Illness and its myriad of ... read more

A New Approach to Tackle Superbugs

Scientists have uncovered a novel antibiotic-free approach that could help prevent and treat one of the most widespread bacterial pathogens, using nanocapsules made of natural ... read more

Hope for Millions of IBS Sufferers as Research Identifies Cause of Pain as 'Gut Itch'

This is big news for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) patients: 11% of the world's population suffers from IBS, but the fight against chronic pain has taken a major step forward with scientists ... read more

Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity Could Be Treated by New, Less Invasive Procedure

New research has found that a newly tested medical device, called Sleeveballoon, mimics the effects of traditional bariatric surgery in rodents and produces impressive results on body weight, fatty ... read more

When Blood Vessels Are Overly Permeable

In Germany alone there are around 400,000 patients who suffer from chronic inflammatory bowel diseases. For the first time, researchers have discovered that dysfunctions in blood vessels play a ... read more

New Capsule Can Orally Deliver Drugs That Usually Have to Be Injected

MIT engineers designed a drug capsule that can carry insulin or other protein drugs and protect them from the harsh environment of the gastrointestinal tract. When the capsule reaches the small ... read more

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