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January 28, 2020

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Researchers tested approximately 4,518 drug compounds on 578 human cancer cell lines and found nearly 50 that have previously unrecognized anti-cancer activity. These drugs ... read more
Motorized molecules activated by light target and drill through highly antibiotic resistant bacteria and kill them within minutes. The molecules can open bacteria to attack ... read more
In mouse models of Alzheimer's disease, the investigational drug candidates known as CMS121 and J147 improve memory and slow the degeneration of brain cells. Now, researchers ... read more

Fruit Flies Live Longer With Combination Drug Treatment

A triple drug combination has been used to extend the lifespan of fruit flies by 48 percent in a new ... read more
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Focus on Opioids and Cannabis in Chronic Pain Media Coverage

New Zealand media reports on chronic pain are focusing on treatments involving opioids and cannabis at the expense of best practice non-drug treatments, researchers have ... read more

Physicists Design 'Super-Human' Red Blood Cells to Deliver Drugs to Specific Targets

A team of physicists from McMaster University has developed a process to modify red blood cells so they can be used to distribute drugs throughout the body, which could specifically target infections ... read more

Cells Protect Themselves Against Stress by Keeping Together

For the first time, research shows that the contacts between cells, known as cell adhesion, are essential for cells to survive stress. The findings also suggest that impaired cell adhesion may ... read more

New Strategy for Treating Advanced, Progressing Bile Duct Cancer

A new study shows how resistance to a promising targeted drug develops in patients with a rare, lethal cancer of the bile ducts called ... read more

A Controlled Phage Therapy Can Target Drug-Resistant Bacteria While Sidestepping Potential Unintended Consequences

The fight against drug-resistant pathogens remains an intense one. While the Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) 2019 'biggest threats' report reveals an overall decrease in ... read more

How Bacterial Evolution of Antibiotic Arsenals Is Providing New Drug Blueprints

Scientists have taken their cue from nature to provide new options for drug designers seeking to hold back the global threat of antimicrobial resistance. The scientists have blueprinted how two ... read more

Plant-Derived SVC112 Hits Cancer Stem Cells, Leaves Healthy Cells Alone

Study shows drug SVC112 stops production of proteins that cancer stem cells need to survive and ... read more

Finding a New Way to Fight Late-Stage Sepsis

Researchers have developed a way to prop up a struggling immune system to enable its fight against sepsis, a deadly condition resulting from the body's extreme reaction to ... read more

Why Isn't There a Vaccine for Staph?

A study may help explain why previous attempts to develop a staph vaccine have failed, while also suggesting a new approach to vaccine design that focuses on activating an untapped set of immune ... read more

Using a Chip to Find Better Cancer Fighting Drugs

Researchers have developed a new 'tumor-on-a-chip' device that can better mimic the environment inside the body, paving the way for improved screening of potential cancer fighting drugs. ... read more

This 'Lemon' Could Help Machine Learning Create Better Drugs

Drug discovery researchers have created a new framework for mining data for training machine learning ... read more

Scientists Discover Medicinal Cannabis Substitute for Treating Parkinson's Disease

A drug that provides the benefits obtained from medicinal cannabis without the 'high' or other side effects may help to unlock a new treatment for Parkinson's ... read more

Impact of Methamphetamine Use Depends on Your Genes

Researchers found that variations in the gene known as BDNF strongly determine the effects of methamphetamine in the brain. This could potentially explain why some users develop ... read more

New Treatment for Lupus

Researchers offer the first real hope for the treatment of lupus, a disease which affects 1.5 million people in the US and more than 5 million globally, 90% women and for which there is no ... read more

Modified Cancer Drug Effective Against Multi-Resistant Bacteria

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are increasingly the source of deadly infections. Scientists have now modified an approved cancer drug to develop an active agent against multidrug-resistant ... read more

New CRISPR-Based System Targets Amplified Antibiotic-Resistant Genes

A research team at has developed a new CRISPR-based gene-drive system that dramatically increases the efficiency of inactivating a gene rendering bacteria antibiotic-resistant. The new system ... read more

Free Tool Simplifies Cancer Research

Researchers have developed a new method for identifying which proteins are affected by specific drugs. The tool and the results it has already generated have been made freely available ... read more

Ultrasound Blasts Potent Glioblastoma Drug Into Brain Tumor

A potent drug for glioblastoma can't be used in patients. It can't reach its target because it's blocked by the blood-brain barrier, and the conventional formulation for this drug is ... read more

A Digital Approach to Proteins and Cancer

What if scientists could create more effective drugs to treat cancers and other diseases by better targeting specific sites on proteins in the ... read more

Accurate Model of Organ Scarring Using Stem Cells in a Lab

A team has developed a 'scar in a dish' model that uses multiple types of cells derived from human stem cells to closely mimic the progressive scarring that occurs in human organs. The ... read more

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