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December 7, 2019

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Lack of Oxygen Doesn't Kill Infant Brain Cells

Research raises new concerns about the vulnerability of the preterm brain to hypoxia. Results confirm that brain cells do not die as previously believed. Rather, hippocampal cells fail to mature ... read more

A Simpler Way to Choose the Sex of Offspring by Separating X and Y Sperm

A simple, reversible chemical treatment can segregate X-bearing sperm from Y-bearing sperm, allowing dramatic alteration of the normal 50/50 male/female offspring ratio, according to a new study. The ... read more

Implantable 3D Blastocyst-Like Embryonic Structure Generated from Mouse Stem Cells

Researchers have generated 3D blastocyst-like structures from stem cells. The study shows that the blastocyst-like structures very closely resemble ... read more

Too Much Caffeine During Pregnancy May Damage Baby's Liver

Having too much caffeine during pregnancy may impair baby's liver development and increase the risk of liver disease in adulthood, according to a new study. Pregnant rats given caffeine had offspring ... read more
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Study Debunks Notion That C-Section Would Increase Risk of Obesity in the Child

Women who have C-sections are no more likely to have children who develop obesity than women who give birth naturally, according to a large study. The findings contradict several smaller studies that ... read more

Infant Morbidity Decreases With Incentive-Based Prenatal Tobacco Interventions

A new study reveals a significant reduction in NICU (up to 55%) and preterm births due to incentive-based programs implemented to help low-income pregnant women stop smoking cigarettes. Colorado ... read more

Study Seeks to Answer Whether Effects of 'Abortion Pill' Can Be Reversed

Women who initiate medical abortion but opt to stop in the middle of treatment may be at risk for serious blood loss, a study finds. Researchers found this is true even for women who use an ... read more

Possible Early Test for Fetal Heart Health

Changes in heart rate, due to low oxygen conditions, experienced by the fetus during pregnancy, could be used to predict the future heart health of babies, shows new ... read more

Lower Mortality from Induction of Labor at 41 Weeks

Inducing labor after 41 instead of 42 full weeks' pregnancy appears to be safer in terms of perinatal survival, new research shows. The current study is expected to provide a key piece of ... read more

Zika Virus Can Cause Immune and Brain Abnormalities in Asymptomatic Pig Offspring

Zika virus infection in the womb produces altered immune responses and sex-specific brain abnormalities in apparently healthy pig offspring, according to a new ... read more

Stress, Plastic Additives in Late Pregnancy Raise Risk of Premature Birth

Women exposed simultaneously to stress and plastic additives late in pregnancy are at increased risk for premature birth, according to a new ... read more

A Potential New Way to Diagnose Male Infertility and Pharmaceutical Treatment Options

New research has discovered infertile men have identifiable patterns of epigenetic molecules or biomarkers attached to their sperm DNA that aren't present in fertile men. The scientists also ... read more

Study Teases out Factors Associated With Postpartum Overdose

A new study uncovers several risk factors associated with postpartum opioid ... read more

Women With Preeclampsia May Be at Greater Risk for Cardiac Conditions Later in Life

Women who have gestational hypertension or preeclampsia in at least one pregnancy will have higher cardiovascular risk than women without such a history, and that this elevated risk persists at least ... read more

First Adult Molars Are 'Living Fossils' That Hold a 'Health Record' Dating Back to the Womb

Researchers have found that a person's first permanent molars carry a life-long record of health information dating back to the womb, storing vital information that can connect maternal health ... read more

Placenta Imaging Method May Aid Diagnosis of Pregnancy Complications

A new imaging technique to track maternal blood flow to the placenta has the potential to help diagnose several common complications in early pregnancy, according to a new study. Researchers used the ... read more

The Fetal Brain Possesses Adult-Like Networks

The fundamental organization of brain networks is established in utero during the second and third trimesters of fetal development, according to new research. The finding lays the groundwork for ... read more

Transient Wave of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Production in Late Fetuses and Young Adults

A major challenge in regenerative medicine is producing tailor-made hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) for transplantation. For this we need a better understanding of where, when and how HSCs are ... read more

Gut Microbiome of Premature Babies Is Associated With Stunted Growth

Researchers studied the gut microbiomes of dozens of NICU babies and followed them until they turned age four. They found the children became not only too short for their age, but too heavy for their ... read more

Culturing Primate Embryos to Learn More About Human Development

Little is known about the molecular and cellular events that occur during early embryonic development in primate species. Now, scientists have created a method to allow primate embryos to grow in the ... read more

Chromosomal Abnormalities Uncovered in Many Couples Struggling With Recurrent Miscarriage

A new study uses a special genetic sequencing technique known as low-pass genome sequencing (GS) to look for chromosomal abnormalities in couples with RM. Low-pass GS revealed additional chromosomal ... read more

How Are Psychiatric Disorders Linked to Infections During Pregnancy?

Severe infections during pregnancy have been connected to a range of psychiatric disorders by different studies in humans and animals. Now, researchers have shown in mice how the infections affect ... read more

Prenatal Air Pollution Exposure Linked to Infants' Decreased Heart Rate Response to Stress

A mother's exposure to particulate air pollution during pregnancy is associated with reduced cardiac response to stress in six-month-old infants, according to new research. This study is among ... read more

Significantly Fewer Pregnant Women Take Antidepressants

A pregnancy is not always a happy event and as many as 10-15% of pregnant women in Denmark have depressive symptoms. A new study now shows a significant decrease in the use of antidepressants by ... read more

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