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December 9, 2019

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How did the almost 6,000 languages of the world come into being? Researchers have tried to simulate the process of developing a new communication system in an experiment -- ... read more
Children's average daily time spent watching television or using a computer or mobile device increased from 53 minutes at age 12 months to more than 150 minutes at 3 years, ... read more
Light-sensitive cells active in the retina even before the fetus can distinguish images may play a larger role in the developing eye and brain than previously thought. ... read more
New research supports the idea that music all around the globe shares important commonalities, despite ... read more
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Study Debunks Notion That C-Section Would Increase Risk of Obesity in the Child

Women who have C-sections are no more likely to have children who develop obesity than women who give birth naturally, according to a large study. The findings contradict several smaller studies that ... read more

Cellphone Distraction Linked to Increase in Head Injuries

Head and neck injuries incurred while driving or walking with a cellphone are on the rise -- and correlates with the launch of the iPhone in 2007 and release of Pokémon Go in 2016, a new study ... read more

Using Green Products Leads to a Warm Glow in Shoppers

A new article suggests that spending some of that money on green products might make consumers feel quite a bit better about their purchases. The study looks at the so-called ... read more

Mobile Devices Blur Work and Personal Privacy Raising Cyber Risks

Organizations aren't moving quickly enough on cyber security threats linked to the drive toward using personal mobile devices in the ... read more

Probiotic May Help Treat Colic in Infants

Probiotics -- or 'good bacteria' -- have been used to treat infant colic with varying success. In a new trial, investigators have shown that drops containing a particular probiotic strain ... read more

Respiration Key to Increase Oxygen in the Brain

Contrary to accepted knowledge, blood can bring more oxygen to mice brains when they exercise because the increased respiration packs more oxygen into the hemoglobin, according to an international ... read more

Siting Cell Towers Needs Careful Planning

The health impacts of radio-frequency radiation (RFR) are still inconclusive, but the data to date warrants more caution in placing cell towers. An engineering team considers the current ... read more

How Does Protein Fit in Your Holiday Diet or New Year's Resolutions?

While some diets load up on protein and other diets dictate protein sources, it can be hard to know what to consume while managing weight or during weight loss. A new study by nutrition scientists ... read more

Virtual Reality Could Help Flu Vaccination Rates

Using a virtual reality simulation to show how flu spreads and its impact on others could be a way to encourage more people to get a flu vaccination, according to a new ... read more

Fake News Feels Less Immoral to Share When We've Seen It Before

People who repeatedly encounter a fake news item may feel less and less unethical about sharing it on social media, even when they don't believe the information, research ... read more

Through the Eyes of Animals

Humans are now closer to seeing through the eyes of animals, thanks to an innovative software ... read more

Pot While Pregnant: Doctors Urge Caution

Daily marijuana use during pregnancy may lead to an increased risk of low birth weight, low resistance to infection, decreased oxygen levels and other negative fetal health outcomes, according to a ... read more

Citizen Scientists Deserve More Credit, Researchers Argue

Biologists argue that newfound respect for indigenous knowledge and changes in technology mean that non-professionals are taking greater roles in science ... read more

Cats' Faces Hard to Read, Except for 'Cat Whisperers'

Women and those with veterinary experience were better at recognizing cats' expressions -- even those who reported no strong attachment to cats. The study involved more than 6,300 people from 85 ... read more

The Deadly Superbugs Lurking in More Than Nine in Ten Make-Up Bags

The vast majority of in-use make-up products such as beauty blenders, mascara and lip gloss are contaminated with potentially life threatening superbugs, new research has ... read more

Dogs Promote Page Turning for Young Readers

Reading in the presence of a pooch may be the page-turning motivation young children need, suggests a researcher. A new study examines the behavior of 17 children from Grades 1 to 3 while reading ... read more

Disclaimers on Retouched Photos Don't Solve Problem of Negative Body Image

Labels that warn an image has been altered or enhanced do nothing to mitigate women's negative perceptions of their appearance, according to a new study. More importantly, some disclaimers ... read more

Home Urine Test for Prostate Cancer Could Revolutionize Diagnosis

A new home urine test for prostate cancer could revolutionize diagnosis -- according to new research. As well as diagnosing aggressive prostate cancer, the test predicts whether patients will require ... read more

Placenta Changes Could Mean Male Offspring of Older Moms More Likely to Develop Heart Problems

Changes occur in the placenta in older pregnant mothers leading to a greater likelihood of poor health in their male offspring, a study in rats has shown. Both male and female fetuses do not grow as ... read more

Student Attitudes Toward Cheating May Spill Over Into Their Careers

A new study finds that students who tolerate cheating in the classroom may also turn a blind eye to unethical behavior in the ... read more

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