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April 1, 2020

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Shape-Changing, Free-Roaming Soft Robot Created

A new type of robot combines traditional and soft robotics, making it safe but sturdy. Once inflated, it can change shape and move without being attached to a source of energy or ... read more
Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) contain bonds between carbon and fluorine atoms considered the strongest in organic chemistry. New research shows that using ... read more

'Surfing Attack' Hacks Siri, Google With Ultrasonic Waves

Using ultrasound waves propagating through a solid surface, researchers were able to read text messages and make fraudulent calls on a cellphone sitting on a desk up to 30 feet ... read more
Research on novel nanoelectronics devices has enabled brain neurons and artificial neurons to communicate with each other over ... read more
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Secrets to Swimming Efficiency of Whales, Dolphins

Recent work has examined the fluid mechanics of cetacean propulsion by numerically simulating their oscillating tail fins. A team developed a model that, for the first time, could quantitatively ... read more

Novel System Allows Untethered High-Quality Multi-Player VR

Researchers created a new approach to VR that will allow multiple players to interact with the same VR app on smartphones and provide new opportunities for education, health care and ... read more

Artificial Intelligence Helps Prevent Disruptions in Fusion Devices

Research demonstrates that machine learning can predict and avoid damaging disruptions to fusion ... read more

Long-Distance Fiber Link Poised to Create Powerful Networks of Optical Clocks

An academic-industrial team in Japan has connected three laboratories in a 100-kilometer region with an optical telecommunications fiber network stable enough to remotely interrogate optical atomic ... read more

Predicting Reaction Results: Machines Learn Chemistry

In the production of chemical compounds, the success of each individual reaction depends on numerous parameters. It is not always possible, even for experienced chemists, to predict whether a ... read more

Invisible Plastics in Water

A research team has found that nanoscale particles of the most commonly used plastics tend to move through the water supply, especially in fresh water, or settle out in wastewater treatment plants, ... read more

Heat and Light Create New Biocompatible Microparticles

Biomedical engineers have devised a new method for making biocompatible microparticles that uses little more than heat and light and allows them to create never-before-seen shapes for drug delivery, ... read more

New Nano Strategy Fights Superbugs

Researchers imprint carbon nitride nanosheets to catch and kill free-floating antibiotic resistant genes found in secondary effluent produced by wastewater treatment plants. The strategy would ... read more

Magic Twist Angles of Graphene Sheets Identified

Graphene is 200 times stronger than steel and can be as much as 6 times lighter. These characteristics alone make it a popular material in manufacturing. Researchers have now identified how twisted ... read more

Scalable System for Producing Promising 2D Material

Researchers have designed a system that can be used to make large quantities of the material while preserving its unique properties. The team recently reported that a lab-scale reactor system ... read more

Robots That Admit Mistakes Foster Better Conversation in Humans

A new study showed that the humans on teams that included a robot expressing vulnerability communicated more with each other and later reported having a more positive group experience than people ... read more

A Flexible Brain for AI

Scientists have developed a customizable computing device using nanofabricated switches than can be rewired to optimize AI applications using 80% less power. These devices can be used as flexible ... read more

Machine Sucks Up Tiny Tissue Spheroids and Prints Them Precisely

A new method of bioprinting uses aspiration of tiny biologics such as spheroids, cells and tissue strands, to precisely place them in 3D patterns either on scaffolding or without to create artificial ... read more

Showing Robots How to Do Your Chores

By observing humans, robots learn to perform complex tasks, such as setting a ... read more

New Approach to Sustainable Building Takes Shape in Boston

A new building about to take shape in Boston's Roxbury area could, its designers hope, herald a new way of building residential structures in ... read more

'Tickling' an Atom to Investigate the Behavior of Materials

Scientists and engineers working at the frontier of nanotechnology face huge challenges. When the position of a single atom in a material may change the fundamental properties of that material, ... read more

Neural Hardware for Image Recognition in Nanoseconds

Usually, artificial intelligence is based on software. Scientists created intelligent hardware, which is much faster. Within nanoseconds, the chip can analyze images and provide the correct ... read more

Atomic Force Microscopy: New Sensing Element for High-Speed Imaging

With atomic force microscopy, tiny structures can be imaged. But usually there is a trade of: In order to create pictures quickly, very stiff materials have to be used in the microscope, but they can ... read more

Drones Can Now Scan Terrain and Excavations Without Human Intervention

Drones can now scan terrain and excavations without human intervention. New research has allowed artificial intelligence to take over the human-controlled drones currently being used for the task. ... read more

Genome Editing Strategy Could Improve Rice, Other Crops

Scientists have used CRISPR technology to genetically engineer rice with high levels of beta-carotene, the precursor of vitamin A. The technique they used provides a promising strategy for ... read more

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