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December 12, 2019

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Tiny Magnetic Particles Enable New Material to Bend, Twist, and Grab

Researchers have developed a soft polymer material, called magnetic shape memory polymer, that uses magnetic fields to transform into a variety of shapes. The material could enable a range of new ... read more
The way the scale armor works is that when in contact with a force, the scales converge inward upon one another to form a solid barrier. When not under force, they can 'move' ... read more
Researchers have created a more feasible way to combine transistors and memory on a chip, potentially bringing ... read more
Scientists may have figured out how dust particles can stick together to form planets, according to a new study that may also help to improve ... read more
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Detours May Make Batteries Better

Adding atom-scale defects to battery materials may help them charge faster, theoretical models ... read more

A Tech Jewel: Converting Graphene Into Diamond Film

Can two layers of the ''king of the wonder materials,'' i.e. graphene, be linked and converted to the thinnest diamond-like material, the ''king of the ... read more

Liquid Flow Is Influenced by a Quantum Effect in Water

Researchers have discovered that the viscosity of solutions of electrically charged polymers dissolved in water is influenced by a quantum effect. This tiny quantum effect influences the way water ... read more

Researchers have discovered a new method for turning nearly any object into a data storage unit. This makes it possible to save extensive data in, say, shirt buttons, water bottles or even the lenses ... read more

Sustainable New Material for Carbon Dioxide Capture

Scientists have developed a new material for capturing carbon dioxide. The new material offers many benefits -- it is sustainable, has a high capture rate, and has low operating ... read more

New Kind of Soft Elastic Material Has Medical and Technological Applications

Gel-like materials have a wide range of applications, especially in chemistry and medicine. However, their usefulness is sometimes limited by their inherent random and disordered nature. Researchers ... read more

Artificial Cells Act More Like the Real Thing

Protocells -- artificial cells -- that are active and mimic living cells by moving independently and that are biocompatible and enzymatically active are now possible using an improved ... read more

'Buildings' in Human Bone May Hold Key to Stronger 3D-Printed Lightweight Structures

The discovery of how a 'beam' in human bone material handles a lifetime's worth of wear and tear could translate to the development of 3D-printed lightweight materials that last long ... read more

Microwave Treatment Is an Inexpensive Way to Clean Heavy Metals from Treated Sewage

A team of researchers studying new methods to remove toxic heavy metals from biosolids -- the solid waste left over after sewage treatment -- found the key is a brief spin through a ... read more

Scientists See Defects in Potential New Semiconductor

A research team has reported seeing, for the first time, atomic scale defects that dictate the properties of a new and powerful semiconductor. The study shows a fundamental aspect of how the ... read more

Your Food May Help Make Stickier, Safer Glues for Laptops, Packaging, Furniture

A group of scientists has taken inspiration from the field, kitchen and the ocean to create strong ... read more

A Robot and Software Make It Easier to Create Advanced Materials

A team of engineers has developed an automated way to produce polymers, making it much easier to create advanced materials aimed at improving human health. The innovation is a critical step in ... read more

A Platform for Stable Quantum Computing, a Playground for Exotic Physics

Researchers have demonstrated the first material that can have both strongly correlated electron interactions and topological properties, which not only paves the way for more stable quantum ... read more

New 'Hyper Glue' Formula

With many of the products we use every day held together by adhesives, researchers hope to make everything from protective clothing to medical implants and residential plumbing stronger and more ... read more

Adding Copper Strengthens 3D-Printed Titanium

Successful trials of titanium-copper alloys for 3D printing could kickstart a new range of high-performance alloys for medical device, defence and aerospace ... read more

Like Pavlov's Dog, This Thermoplastic Is Learning a New Trick: Walking

Researchers are 'training' pieces of plastic to walk under the command of light. The method developed is the first time a synthetic actuator 'learns' to do new 'tricks' ... read more

Properties of Graphene Change Due to Water and Oxygen

A research team investigated the oxidation-reduction principle of two-dimensional materials by interfacial ... read more

Bio-Inspired Hydrogel Can Rapidly Switch to Rigid Plastic

A new material that stiffens 1,800-fold when exposed to heat could protect motorcyclists and racecar drivers during ... read more

Siting Cell Towers Needs Careful Planning

The health impacts of radio-frequency radiation (RFR) are still inconclusive, but the data to date warrants more caution in placing cell towers. An engineering team considers the current ... read more

A new approach could inform the design of quantum materials platforms for future electronics, as well as faster devices with more storage ... read more

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