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January 29, 2020

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Researchers have harnessed the power of a type of artificial intelligence known as deep learning to create a new laser-based system that can image around corners in real ... read more
Using a nanoparticle as a 'tuning device,' researchers have devised a way to control electromagnetically induced transparency -- a feature of light which allows it to pass ... read more
For the first time, scientists have created a silicon chip that can accelerate electrons -- albeit at a fraction of the velocity of the most massive accelerators -- using an ... read more
Motorized molecules activated by light target and drill through highly antibiotic resistant bacteria and kill them within minutes. The molecules can open bacteria to attack ... read more
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Ultrafast Camera Takes 1 Trillion Frames Per Second of Transparent Objects and Phenomena

Engineers have adapted a picosecond imaging technology to take pictures and video of transparent objects like cells and phenomena like ... read more

Nanocarbon Antenna Makes a Rare Earth Element Shine 5 Times More Brightly

A stacked nanocarbon antenna makes a rare earth element shine 5 times more brightly than previous designs, with applications in molecular light-emitting ... read more

Addressing Global Warming With New Nanoparticles and Sunshine

Harvesting sunlight, IBS scientists reported a new strategy to transform carbon dioxide (CO2) into oxygen (O2) and pure carbon monoxide (CO) without side-products in water. This artificial ... read more

Light-Up Wheels: Unique Organic Light-Emitting Molecular Emitters

Researchers synthesized novel OLEDs based on efficient ring-shaped molecular macrocycles. This work may help lead to sensitive, yet inexpensive, chemical ... read more

Record-Breaking Terahertz Laser Beam

Terahertz radiation is used for security checks at airports, for medical examinations and also for quality checks in industry. However, radiation in the terahertz range is extremely difficult to ... read more

Dialing Up the Heat on Nanoparticles

Rapid progress in the field of metallic nanotechnology is sparking a science revolution that is likely to impact all areas of society, according to a professor of ... read more

Laser Diode Emits Deep UV Light

Researchers say they have designed a laser diode that emits the shortest-wavelength ultraviolet light to-date, with potential applications in disinfection, dermatology, and DNA ... read more

Ingestible Medical Devices Can Be Broken Down With Light

Engineers have developed a light-sensitive material that allows gastrointestinal devices to be triggered to break down inside the body when they are exposed to light from an ingestible ... read more

Charge Model for Calculating the Photoexcited States of One-Dimensional Mott Insulators

Researchers have developed a charge model to describe photoexcited states of one-dimensional Mott insulators. They have also succeeded in constructing a many-body Wannier function as the localized ... read more

Edible 'Security Tag' to Protect Drugs from Counterfeit

Researchers are aiming to stump drug counterfeiters with an edible 'security tag' embedded into medicine. To imitate the drug, a counterfeiter would have to uncrack a complicated puzzle of ... read more

New Optical Technique Captures Real-Time Dynamics of Cement Setting

Researchers have developed a nondestructive and noninvasive optical technique that can determine the setting times for various types of cement paste, which is used to bind new and old concrete ... read more

Lights on for Germ-Free Wound Dressings

Infections are a dreaded threat that can have fatal consequences after an operation, in the treatment of wounds, and during tissue engineering. Biomimetic hydrogels with 'built-in' ... read more

Transparency Discovered in Crystals With Ultrahigh Piezoelectricity

Use of an AC rather than a DC electric field can improve the piezoelectric response of a crystal. Now, an international team of researchers say that cycles of AC fields also make the internal crystal ... read more

New Neutron Detector Can Fit in Your Pocket

Researchers have developed a new material that opens doors for a new class of neutron detectors. The semiconductor-based detector is highly efficient, stable, and can be used both in small, portable ... read more

New Study on a Recently Discovered Chlorophyll Molecule Could Be Key to Better Solar Cells

Photosynthesis, the process by which some organisms convert sunlight into chemical energy, is well known. But, it is a complex phenomenon, which involves a myriad of proteins. The molecule Chl f, a ... read more

A New 'Cool' Blue

Throughout history, people have sought vibrant blue pigments. The Egyptians and Babylonians used lapis lazuli 6,000 years ago. In 1802, a French chemist synthesized cobalt blue. More recently, in ... read more

Colloidal Quantum Dot Laser Diodes Are Just Around the Corner

Scientists have incorporated meticulously engineered colloidal quantum dots into a new type of light emitting diodes (LEDs) containing an integrated optical resonator, which allows them to function ... read more

Watching Complex Molecules at Work

A new method of infrared spectroscopy developed at BESSY II makes single-measurement observation and analysis of very fast as well as irreversible reaction mechanisms in molecules feasible for the ... read more

Nano-Objects of Desire: Assembling Ordered Nanostructures in 3D

A new DNA-programmable nanofabrication platform organizes inorganic or biological nanocomponents in the same prescribed ... read more

Laserphysics: At the Pulse of a Light Wave

Physicists have developed a novel type of detector that enables the oscillation profile of light waves to be precisely ... read more

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