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December 7, 2019

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Billions of tiny interactions occur between thousands of particles in every piece of matter in the blink of an eye. Simulating these interactions in their full dynamics was ... read more
Using the first new method in half a century for measuring the size of the proton via electron scattering, scientists have produced a new value for the proton's radius in a ... read more

An India-Pakistan Nuclear War Could Kill Millions, Threaten Global Starvation

A nuclear war between India and Pakistan could, over the span of less than a week, kill 50-125 million people -- more than the death toll during all ... read more

How to Dismantle a Nuclear Bomb

MIT team successfully tests a new method for verification of weapons ... read more
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Deep Learning Expands Study of Nuclear Waste Remediation

A research collaboration has achieved exaflop performance with a deep learning application used to model subsurface flow in the study of nuclear waste ... read more

Cage Molecules Act as Molecular Sieves for Hydrogen Isotope Separation

Researchers have created hybrid porous organic cages capable of high-performance quantum sieving that could help advance the deuterium/hydrogen isotope separation technologies needed for fusion ... read more

Magneto-Inertial Fusion Experiment Nears Completion

The Plasma Liner Experiment will soon test the potential for a novel plasma fusion concept, while offering insights into the physics of colliding plasma ... read more

New Insights Could Help Tame Speedy Ions in Fusion Plasmas

To create a practical fusion energy reactor, researchers need to control particles known as fast ions. These speedy ions, which are electrically charged hydrogen atoms, provide much of the ... read more

Taking New Angle to Enable More Efficient, Compact Fusion Power Plants

Researchers have demonstrated a new approach for injecting microwaves into a fusion plasma that doubles the efficiency of a critical technique that could have major implications for future fusion ... read more

Taking a New Tangent to Control Pesky Waves in Fusion Plasmas

Fusion combines light elements in the form of plasma -- the hot, charged state of matter composed of free electrons and atomic nuclei -- to generate massive amounts of energy. One of the ways that ... read more

Fusion: Fuel Injection Helps Reduce Magnetic Island Instabilities

Fusion is a non-carbon-based process for energy production, where lighter atoms fuse into heavier ones. Fusion reactors operate by confining a 'soup' of charged particles, known as a ... read more

Remarkable Story of Shock Wave Physics in Post-World War II America

Physicists predicted the Hubble Space Telescope would see a rising vapor plume as the Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet crashed into the far side of Jupiter in 1994. And sure enough, the plume produced by the ... read more

Distribution of Highly Radioactive Microparticles in Fukushima Revealed

New method allows scientists to create a quantitative map of radioactive cesium-rich microparticle distribution in soils collected around the damaged Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Nuclear ... read more

Empty Spaces, How Do They Make a Protein Unstable?

Partial unfolding of proteins can be a major challenge in the industry, as it may affect the stability of products. So how does an empty space or cavity in its hydrophobic core destabilize a protein? ... read more

Six Degrees of Nuclear Separation

For the first time, scientists have printed 3D parts that pave the way to recycling up to 97 percent of the waste produced by nuclear ... read more

Physics Researchers Explore Unknown Energy Regions

Physicists are using photon-proton collisions to capture particles in an unexplored energy region, yielding new insights into the matter that binds parts of the nucleus ... read more

Light My Fire: How to Startup Fusion Devices Every Time

Researchers have constructed a framework for starting and raising a fusion plasma to temperatures rivaling the sun in hundreds of ... read more

Hard as Ceramic, Tough as Steel: Newly Discovered Connection Could Help Design of Nextgen Alloys

A new way to calculate the interaction between a metal and its alloying material could speed the hunt for a new material that combines the hardness of ceramic with the resilience of ... read more

North American Seismic Networks Can Contribute to Nuclear Security

Seismologists explain how the work of regional seismic networks in North America are contributing to nuclear test monitoring, particularly in the case of low-yield ... read more

Observing Exotic Radioactive Decay Process

Researchers have observed a rare nuclear decay. Namely, the team measured low-kinetic-energy protons emitted after the beta decay of a neutron-rich nucleus ... read more

Researchers Home in on Extremely Rare Nuclear Process

A hypothetical nuclear process known as neutrinoless double beta decay ought to be among the least likely events in the universe. Now researchers have determined just how unlikely it ... read more

How to Predict Crucial Plasma Pressure in Future Fusion Facilities

Feature describes improved model for forecasting the crucial balance of pressure at the edge of a fusion ... read more

Students Make Neutrons Dance Beneath University Campus

Nuclear reactors are still the primary source for strong neutron beams to create isotopes for geologic dating, radiography and medicine, but researchers have now enlisted engineering students in ... read more

Milestones on the Way to the Nuclear Clock

For decades, people have been searching for suitable atomic nuclei for building an ultra-precise nuclear clock. For a long time it had been conjectured that a specific thorium isotope must have a ... read more

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