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December 8, 2019

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In temperatures millions of times colder than interstellar space, researchers have performed the coldest reaction in the known universe. But that's not all. In such intense ... read more
Research has chemists one step closer to recreating nature's most efficient machinery for generating hydrogen gas. This new development may help clear the path for the ... read more
Scientists have designed an affordable 'flow battery' membrane that could accelerate renewable energy for the ... read more
New work reveals how one kind of bacteria 'eats' electricity by pulling in electrons straight from an ... read more
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Imaging Technique Gives Catalytic 2D Material Engineering a Better View

A scanning electrochemical cell imaging technique shows how nanoscale structural features affect the catalytic activity of MoS2 monolayers for hydrogen evolution reactions, report ... read more

Daylight Damage to Photovoltaics

A research team has investigated the ways sunlight can degrade the efficiency of newly developed organic photovoltaics over time. This work may assist in the wide commercialization of next-generation ... read more

Building a Better Battery With Machine Learning

Researchers have turned to the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to dramatically accelerate battery ... read more

Swiss Army Knife for Genome Research

Multifunctional tool CRUP makes enhancer prediction quick and ... read more

Self-Assembling System Uses Magnets to Mimic Specific Binding in DNA

Physicists are using the binding power of magnets to design self-assembling systems that potentially can be created in nanoscale ... read more

Ammonia Synthesis Made Easy With 2D Catalyst

Researchers use their knowledge of 2D nanomaterials and develop a 'green' method for the small-scale synthesis of ... read more

Using Gene Scissors to Detect Diseases

Researchers present sensor prototype that can rapidly, precisely, and cost-effectively measure molecular signals for ... read more

Tiny Devices Made of DNA Detect Cancer With Fewer False Alarms

A new cancer-detecting tool uses tiny circuits made of DNA to identify cancer cells by the molecular signature on their surface. The circuits work by attaching to the outside of a cell and analyzing ... read more

Filaments That Structure DNA

Researchers discover how outside stimuli drive the formation and reorganization of the cytoskeleton in the nucleus of mammalian ... read more

Clean Air Research Converts Toxic Air Pollutant Into Industrial Chemical

A toxic pollutant produced by burning fossil fuels can be captured from the exhaust gas stream and converted into useful industrial chemicals using only water and air thanks to a new advanced ... read more

Efficient Bottom-Up Synthesis of New Perovskite Material for the Production of Ammonia

Scientists found a way to synthesize a special type of perovskite that promotes the production of ammonia, which has key applications in fertilizer production and hydrogen energy. This new synthesis ... read more

Chemists Create New Route to PHAs: Naturally Degradable Bioplastics

A new study demonstrates a chemical catalysis path for making an existing class of biomaterials called PHAs -- already gaining momentum in industrial settings -- even more commercially viable and ... read more

Energy Research: Economizing on Iridium

Iridium is an ideal catalyst for the electrolytic production of hydrogen from water -- but it is extremely expensive. But now a new kind of electrode made of highly porous material does an excellent ... read more

Scientists Engineer 'Venus Flytrap' Bio-Sensors to Snare Pollutants

The biological sensors change color once they have successfully snared a target molecule, and will soon have a host of important environmental, medical and security ... read more

Synthetic Biologists Developing a New Class of High-Performance Materials

Synthetic biologists have developed a process that could lead to a new class of synthetic polymers that may create new high-performance materials and therapeutics for ... read more

Chemists Map an Artificial Molecular Self-Assembly Pathway With Complexities of Life

Two pathways diverged in a chemical synthesis, and one molecule took them both. Chemists have studied how molecular building blocks can either form a spherical cage or an ultrathin sheet that shows ... read more

Scientists Design Built-in Controls for Mini-Chemical Labs on a Chip

In a miniaturized laboratory, microfluidic systems can conduct chemical experiments on a chip through a series of small connected tubes the size of a ... read more

Storing Energy in Hydrogen 20 Times More Effective Using Platinum-Nickel Catalyst

Catalysts accelerate chemical reactions, but the widely used metal platinum is scarce and expensive. Researchers have now developed an alternative with a 20x higher activity: a catalyst with hollow ... read more

Lifelike Chemistry Created in Lab Search for Ways to Study Origin of Life

Researchers have cultivated lifelike chemical reactions while pioneering a new strategy for studying the origin of ... read more

Chemists Use Light to Build Biologically Active Compounds

Many biologically active molecules, including synthetic drugs, contain a central, nitrogen-containing chemical structure with a three-dimensional shape. However, there are hardly any suitable methods ... read more

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