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January 29, 2020

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Physicists have observed quantum entanglement among 'billions of billions' of flowing electrons in a quantum critical material. The research provides the strongest direct ... read more
Using a nanoparticle as a 'tuning device,' researchers have devised a way to control electromagnetically induced transparency -- a feature of light which allows it to pass ... read more
A surprising new study shows that heat energy can leap across a few hundred nanometers of a complete vacuum, thanks to a quantum mechanical phenomenon called the Casimir ... read more
A new approach could inform the design of quantum materials platforms for future electronics, as well as faster devices with ... read more
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What's MER? A New Way to Measure Quantum Materials

Experimental physicists have combined several measurements of quantum materials into one in their ongoing quest to learn more about manipulating and controlling the behavior of them for possible ... read more

The Mysterious Movement of Water Molecules

Water is all around us and essential for life. Nevertheless, research into its behavior at the atomic level -- above all how it interacts with surfaces -- is thin on the ground. Thanks to a new ... read more

Colloidal Quantum Dot Laser Diodes Are Just Around the Corner

Scientists have incorporated meticulously engineered colloidal quantum dots into a new type of light emitting diodes (LEDs) containing an integrated optical resonator, which allows them to function ... read more

Man Versus Machine: Can AI Do Science?

Scientists have shown that machines can beat theoretical physicists at their own game, solving complex problems just as accurately as scientists, but considerably ... read more

Influential Electrons? Physicists Uncover a Quantum Relationship

A team of physicists has mapped how electron energies vary from region to region in a particular quantum state with unprecedented clarity. This understanding reveals an underlying mechanism by which ... read more

Laserphysics: At the Pulse of a Light Wave

Physicists have developed a novel type of detector that enables the oscillation profile of light waves to be precisely ... read more

Nano Antennas for Data Transfer

For the first time, physicists have successfully converted electrical signals into photons and radiated them in specific directions using a low-footprint optical antenna that is only 800 nanometers ... read more

Indeterminist Physics for an Open World

Classical physics is characterized by the equations describing the world. Yet our day-to-day experience is struck by this deterministic vision of the world. A physicist has been analyzing the ... read more

Nanoscale Sensors to Better See How High Pressure Affects Materials

Researchers have developed new nanoscale technology to image and measure more of the stresses and strains on materials under high ... read more

Clusters of Gold Atoms Form Peculiar Pyramidal Shape

Freestanding clusters of twenty gold atoms take the shape of a pyramid, researchers discovered. This is in contrast with most elements, which organize themselves by forming shells around one central ... read more

The Case of the Elusive Majorana: The So-Called 'Angel Particle' Is Still a Mystery

A 2017 report of the discovery of a particular kind of Majorana fermion -- the chiral Majorana fermion, referred to as the 'angel particle' -- is likely a false alarm, according to new ... read more

Performance Benchmark for Quantum Computers

Researchers have developed a quantum chemistry simulation benchmark to evaluate the performance of quantum devices and guide the development of applications for future quantum ... read more

In Leap for Quantum Computing, Silicon Quantum Bits Establish a Long-Distance Relationship

In an important step forward in the quest to build a quantum computer using silicon-based hardware, researchers have succeeded in making possible the exchange of information between two qubits ... read more

'Tweezer Clock' May Help Tell Time More Precisely

A new optical atomic clock makes ultra-precise time ... read more

2D Materials: Arrangement of Atoms Measured in Silicene

Silicene consists of a single layer of silicon atoms. In contrast to the ultra-flat material graphene, which is made of carbon, silicene shows surface irregularities that influence its electronic ... read more

Buckyballs Release Electron-Positron Pairs in Forward Directions

New research reveals the characteristics of positronium formation within football-shaped nanoparticles, C60, for the first time. At specific positron impact energies, the study shows that positronium ... read more

New Rules Illuminate How Objects Absorb and Emit Light

Researchers have uncovered new rules governing how objects absorb and emit light, fine-tuning scientists' control over light and boosting research into next-generation solar and optical ... read more

The Coolest LEGO ® in the Universe

For the first time, LEGO ® has been cooled to the lowest temperature possible in an experiment which reveals a new use for the popular toy -- the development of quantum computing. A figure and four ... read more

No Tempest in a Teacup -- It's a Cyclone on a Silicon Chip

Researchers have combined quantum liquids and silicon-chip technology to study turbulence for the first time, opening the door to new navigation technologies and improved understanding of the ... read more

Scientists Discover First Antiferromagnetic Topological Quantum Material

Scientists have discovered a new type of bulk quantum material with intrinsically magnetic and topological properties. The new material is called manganese-bismuth telluride (MnBi2Te4) and is ... read more

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