Depression News
March 28, 2020

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New Online Therapy for Lingering Depression Symptoms Could Fill Important Gap in Care

A pioneering therapy for lingering depressive symptoms is now available ... read more

Mood Disorders on Genetic Spectrum

Researchers shed new light on the genetic relationship between three mood disorders associated with depression -- major depression and bipolar disorder types 1 and 2 -- in a new ... read more

Overall Time on Social Media Is Not Related to Teen Anxiety and Depression

New research found that the amount of time spent on social media is not directly increasing anxiety or depression in ... read more

Which Comes First: Smartphone Dependency or Depression?

New research suggests a person's reliance on his or her smartphone predicts greater loneliness and depressive symptoms, as opposed to the other way ... read more
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Childhood Obesity Linked to Higher Risk of Anxiety, Depression and Premature Death

Two new studies underscore health risks associated with childhood obesity. Children with obesity have a three times higher risk of mortality in early adulthood compared with children in the general ... read more

Genetics Contributes to Mental Health Risks in Adoptees

The adoption of children is a fundamental method of building families. However, adoptees may face subsequent adaptive challenges associated with family stress at the time of birth and during the ... read more

Unhealthy and Unhappy: Mental Toll of Troubled Relationships

Some forms of domestic violence double victims' risk of depression and anxiety disorders later in life, according to recent ... read more

Antianxiety and Antidepressant Effects from a Single Dose of Psychedelic Drug Persist Years Later in Cancer Patients

Following up on their landmark 2016 study, researchers found that a one-time, single-dose treatment of psilocybin, a compound found in psychedelic mushrooms, combined with psychotherapy appears to be ... read more

Research Leads to Life Changing Improvement for Some People Living With Depression

Researchers have completed a study investigating the effects of two different methods of deep brain stimulation (DBS), short pulse and long pulse, for treatment-resistant depression. The findings ... read more

Cyberbullying Linked to Increased Depression and PTSD

Cyberbullying had the impact of amplifying symptoms of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder in young people who were inpatients at an adolescent psychiatric hospital, according to a new ... read more

Maternal Depression and Atopic Dermatitis in Children Linked

A recent study suggests that maternal depression in the postpartum period, and even beyond, is associated with the development of atopic dermatitis throughout childhood and ... read more

Treatment for Depression Must Also Restore Proper Functioning of the Blood-Brain Barrier

To better treat people with depression, not only must we treat the neurons affected by the disease, but we must also restore the integrity of the barrier that regulates exchanges between blood ... read more

Miscarriage and Ectopic Pregnancy May Trigger Long-Term Post-Traumatic Stress

One in six women experience long-term post-traumatic stress following miscarriage or ectopic ... read more

When Pregnant Moms Are Stressed Out, Babies' Brains Suffer

Knowing that your unborn fetus has congenital heart disease causes such pronounced maternal stress, anxiety and depression that these women's fetuses end up with impaired development in key ... read more

Some Surprisingly Good News About Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are the most common type of psychiatric illness, yet researchers know very little about factors associated with recovery. A new study investigated three levels of recovery in a ... read more

Study of Veterans Details Genetic Basis for Anxiety, Links Anxiety and Depression

A massive genomewide analysis of approximately 200,000 military veterans has identified six genetic variants linked to ... read more

Evolutionary Changes in Brain Potentially Make Us More Prone to Anxiety

Neurochemicals such as serotonin and dopamine play crucial roles in cognitive and emotional functions of our brain. Vesicular monoamine transporter 1 (VMAT1) is one of the genes responsible for ... read more

Understanding the Adolescent Brain

New research from neuroscientists shows that the brains of adolescents struggling with mental-health issues may be wired differently from those of their healthy ... read more

The Effect of Taking Antidepressants During Pregnancy

Exposure to antidepressants during pregnancy and the first weeks of life can alter sensory processing well into adulthood, according to research in ... read more

With Novel Technique, New Study Is First to Definitively Map the Early Development of PTSD

Only 23 percent of people who experience trauma develop PTSD. New research offers new clues on identifying which trauma victims will develop the disorder and suggests potential interventions. ... read more

Want to Avoid the Holiday Blues? New Report Suggests Skipping the Sweet Treats

A new study from a team of clinical psychologists suggests eating added sugars -- common in so many holiday foods -- can trigger metabolic, inflammatory and neurobiological processes tied to ... read more

Study Reveals Increased Cannabis Use in Individuals With Depression

New findings reveal the prevalence of cannabis, or marijuana, use in the United States increased from 2005 to 2017 among persons with and without depression and was approximately twice as common ... read more

Brain Differences Detected in Children With Depressed Parents

The largest brain imaging study of children ever conducted in the United States has revealed structural differences in the brains of those whose parents have ... read more

In Sickness and in Health: Study Looks at How Married Couples Face Chronic Conditions

When they said their wedding vows, many of them promised to stand by one another in sickness and in health. But a new study suggests that as married couples age and develop chronic conditions, the ... read more

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