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December 7, 2019

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New Study Dispels Myths About What Makes Youth Sports Fun for Kids

A new study looks at what makes organized sports fun for kids, and some of the findings might surprise you. The new study dispels the popular myth that what makes sports the most fun for girls are ... read more
New research comprehensively examined the brain development of young boys and girls. Their research shows no gender difference in brain function or ... read more

Report Cards on Women in STEM Fields Finds Much Room for Improvement

Data from a four-year study of institutional 'report cards' suggest that although a growing number of women are training in the sciences, efforts to promote and maintain women in more senior ... read more

Sequential, Concurrent Multitasking Is Equally Hard for Men, Women

Women and men perform equally when required to switch attention between tasks or perform two tasks simultaneously, according to a new study. The finding adds to a growing literature that contradicts ... read more
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Women More Likely to Survive Stroke but Have Poorer Recovery Than Men, Study Shows

Women are more likely to survive a stroke, but have worse disability and poorer quality of life afterwards compared to men, according to new ... read more

Scientists Take Action to Prevent Sexual Harassment and Bias

Scientists from a variety of fields highlight key ways institutions and funding agencies can help address sexual harassment and gender bias in the STEM ... read more

Scientists Should Have Sex and Gender on the Brain

Thinking about sex and gender would help scientists improve their research, a new article ... read more

Paid Leave May Widen the Mommy Gap but Increase Time With Children

Many policymakers and scholars believe offering paid leave to families would be a game changer for US moms and families, leading to increased equity in labor markets and helping eliminate the ... read more

Women CEOs Judged More Harshly Than Men for Corporate Ethical Failures

People are less likely to support an organization after an ethical failure if the business is led by a woman, according to a new study. However, organizations led by women endure less negative ... read more

Women Scientists Author Fewer Invited Commentaries in Medical Journals Than Men

Women scientists were 21% less likely to author invited commentaries in medical journals during a five-year period than men with similar scientific expertise, seniority, and publication ... read more

Fathers Are 'Cautionary Tales' About Health for Some Adults

Some adults see their mothers and fathers as still influencing their own health -- but in very different ways, according to a new ... read more

Male and Female Mice Have Different Brain Cells

Scientists discover that a brain region known to control sex and violence contains rare cell types that differ in male versus female ... read more

Image Analysis to Automatically Quantify Gender Bias in Movies

Many commercial films worldwide continue to express womanhood in a stereotypical manner, a recent study using image analysis showed. A research team developed a novel image analysis method for ... read more

Children Associate White, but Not Black, Men With 'Brilliant' Stereotype, New Study Finds

The stereotype that associates being 'brilliant' with white men more than white women is shared by children regardless of their own race, finds a team of psychology researchers. By ... read more

New Diagnostic Criteria May Enable Earlier Detection of Cognitive Impairment in Women

Study finds when verbal memory test cut-offs were tailored to patient sex, more female patients and fewer male patients were considered to have amnesic mild cognitive impairment. This could change ... read more

Scientists Find Gender-Distinct Circuit for Depression

Depression affects women nearly twice as much as men, but unraveling the brain's blueprint that regulates this behavior, let alone identifying specific molecular differences between sexes, has ... read more

Modern Family Roles Improve Life Satisfaction for Parents

Increased equality has a positive effect on mothers and fathers. Thanks to greater freedom to strike an individual balance between caring for children and working in paid employment, mothers and ... read more

Geriatrics Experts on Gender Equity in Health Care: 'When Women Rise, We All Rise'

Putting power and potential behind gender equity in health care isn't just common sense. It's critical to the future of health, safety, and independence for us all as we age, so says the ... read more

Sleep Varies by Age, Geographical Location and Gender

In an exceptionally extensive worldwide study on sleep, nearly a quarter of a million nights of sleep were measured among sleepers ranging between 16 and 30 years of ... read more

Gendered Play in Hunter-Gatherer Children Strongly Influenced by Community Demographics

The gendered play of children from 2 hunter-gatherer societies is strongly influenced by the demographics of their communities and the gender roles modelled by the adults around them, a new study ... read more

How and Why Does Parkinson's Disease Effect Women and Men Differently?

There is growing evidence that Parkinson's disease (PD) affects women and men differently. In this insightful review, scientists present the most recent knowledge about these sex-related ... read more

Context May Explain Why Dads Are Happier and Less Stressed Than Moms

Dads are often happier, less stressed and less tired than moms when taking care of kids, and researchers say these differences may come down to how and when childcare activities are split between ... read more

When Natural Disasters Strike, Men and Women Respond Differently

Women tend to take cover or prepare to evacuate sooner, but often have trouble convincing the men in their life to do so, suggests a new study exploring how gender influences disaster ... read more

Decoding How Kids Get Into Hacking

New research has identified characteristics and gender-specific behaviors in kids that could lead them to become juvenile hackers. The researchers assessed responses from 50,000 teens from around the ... read more

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