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March 28, 2020

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For the first time, more 360 scientists from 184 different institutions have contributed to a global effort to find more ... read more
Research on the lamprey brain has enabled scientists to push the birth of the cortex back in time by some 300 million years to over 500 million years ago, providing new ... read more
In a study of epilepsy patients, researchers monitored the electrical activity of thousands of individual brain cells, called neurons, as patients took memory tests. They ... read more

Learning Difficulties Due to Poor Connectivity, Not Specific Brain Regions

Different learning difficulties do not correspond to specific regions of the brain, as previously thought, say researchers. Instead poor connectivity between 'hubs' within the brain is much more ... read more
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Cellular Train Track Deformities Shed Light on Neurological Disease

A new technique allows researchers to test how the deformation of tiny train track-like cell proteins affects their function. The findings could help clarify the roles of deformed ... read more

Brain Mapping Study Suggests Motor Regions for the Hand Also Connect to the Entire Body

Investigators report that they have used microelectrode arrays implanted in human brains to map out motor functions down to the level of the single nerve cell. The study revealed that an area ... read more

Despite Failures, Chemo Still Promising Against Dangerous Childhood Brain Cancer, DIPG

The pediatric brain cancer known as diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) is almost uniformly fatal. In part, this is due to where and how it grows, forming as a diffuse net of cells in a part of ... read more

To Sleep Deeply: The Brainstem Neurons That Regulate Non-REM Sleep

Researchers identified neurons that promote non-REM sleep in the brainstem in mice. These neurons commonly expressed the gene that encodes the neuropeptide neurotensin. Activation of these neurons ... read more

How the Brain Controls the Voice

A particular neuronal circuit in the brains of bats controls their vocalizations. Based on the rhythm with which the circuit oscillated, researchers were able to predict the kind of sounds the bats ... read more

High-Speed Microscope Captures Fleeting Brain Signals

Neuroscientists can now capture millisecond electrical changes in neurons in the cortex of an alert mouse, allowing tracing of neural signals, including subthreshold events, in the brain. The new ... read more

Researchers Find Brain Cell That Triggers Tremor and How to Control It

Researchers have improved our understanding of how tremor -- the most common movement disorder -- happens, opening the possibility of novel therapies for this ... read more

Childhood Obesity Linked to Higher Risk of Anxiety, Depression and Premature Death

Two new studies underscore health risks associated with childhood obesity. Children with obesity have a three times higher risk of mortality in early adulthood compared with children in the general ... read more

Scientists Can See the Bias in Your Brain

The strength of alpha brain waves reveals if you are about to make a biased ... read more

Two Hormones Drive Anemonefish Fathering, Aggression

Two brain-signaling molecules control how anemonefish dads care for their young and respond to nest intruders, researchers report in a new study. Because there are many similarities in brain ... read more

Brain-Doping Produced by Your Own Body

Researchers have uncovered the mechanism by which Epo acts in nerve ... read more

How Associative Fear Memory Is Formed in the Brain

Using a mouse model, researchers demonstrated the formation of fear memory involves the strengthening of neural pathways between two brain areas: the hippocampus, which responds to a particular ... read more

Protective Brain-Cell Housekeeping Mechanism May Also Regulate Sleep

An important biological mechanism that is thought to protect brain cells from neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's may also be involved in regulating sleep, ... read more

Scientists Discover the Mathematical Rules Underpinning Brain Growth

Life is rife with patterns. It's common for living things to create a repeating series of similar features as they grow: think of feathers that vary slightly in length on a bird's wing or ... read more

BIN1 Deficit Impairs Brain Cell Communication, Memory Consolidation

A new study has discovered that a lack of neuronal protein BIN1 leads to a defect in the transmission of chemical messages that activate brain cell communication allowing us to think, remember and ... read more

Kids Who Blame Themselves for Mom's Sadness Are More Likely to Face Depression and Anxiety

"Even if she doesn't say it, I know it's my fault that my mother gets sad." Kids who believe comments like this - assuming blame for their mom's sadness or depression - are ... read more

Single Biological Factor Predicts Distinct Cortical Organizations Across Mammalian Species

Researchers have explained how visual cortexes develop uniquely across the brains of different mammalian species. They have identified a single biological factor, the retino-cortical mapping ratio, ... read more

Poor Sleep in Infancy Linked to Behavioral and Emotional Problems in Toddlers

Disrupted and poor quality sleep in the earliest months of a child's life can be an indicator of depression, anxiety and behavioral problems among toddlers, according to a new ... read more

Scientists Categorize Neurons by the Way the Brain Jiggles During a Heartbeat

The brain jiggles when the heart beats, and now, researchers have found a way to use that motion to better study the differences between types of neurons. In a new study, researchers find that by ... read more

Study Reveals Positive Connection Between Nature Experiences and Happiness

An AI analysis of photographs posted on social media revealed a positive association between nature and happiness ... read more

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