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December 8, 2019

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How did the almost 6,000 languages of the world come into being? Researchers have tried to simulate the process of developing a new communication system in an experiment -- ... read more

Overall Time on Social Media Is Not Related to Teen Anxiety and Depression

New research found that the amount of time spent on social media is not directly increasing anxiety or depression in ... read more

Positive Relationships Boost Self-Esteem, and Vice Versa

Does having close friends boost your self-esteem, or does having high self-esteem influence the quality of your friendships? Both, according to a meta-analysis of more than two decades of ... read more

Social Isolation Derails Brain Development in Mice

Female mice housed alone during adolescence show atypical development of the prefrontal cortex and resort to habitual behavior in adulthood, according to new research. These findings show how social ... read more
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Firefighters Can Ease One Another's Job Stress, but Loving Spouses May Increase It

Strong same-sex friendships among male firefighters can help cut down on their stress -- but loving relationships with their wives may increase anxiety for those who constantly face danger, according ... read more

Flame-Retardant Exposure Increases Anxiety, Affects Social Behaviors in Prairie Vole

New research shows that early life exposure to a commonly used flame-retardant mixture increases anxiety and affects socioemotional behaviors in prairie voles, particularly in ... read more

Scientists Should Have Sex and Gender on the Brain

Thinking about sex and gender would help scientists improve their research, a new article ... read more

Do Open Relationships Really Work?

Open relationships typically describe couples in which the partners have agreed on sexual activity with someone other than their primary romantic partner, while maintaining the couple bond. Can these ... read more

Osteoarthritis Can Increase Your Risk for Social Isolation

Researchers examined whether there is an association between arthritis and social isolation, and have identified the disease's contribution to social ... read more

Deaf Infants More Attuned to Parent's Visual Cues

A new study finds that deaf infants exposed to American Sign Language are especially tuned to a parent's eye gaze, itself a social connection between parent and child that is linked to early ... read more

People Eat More When Dining With Friends and Family

People eat more with friends and family than when dining alone -- a possible throwback to our early ancestors' approach to survival, according to a new study. This phenomenon is known as ... read more

Full-Body Interaction Video Games Enhance Social Skills in Children With Autism Disorders

Communicating with others is one of the biggest difficulties for autistic children. Asking for help, initiating social interaction and sharing their emotions become skills that require learning ... read more

Commit a Crime? Loved Ones Got Your Back

Reading about a child abuse case or someone burglarizing homes often stirs feelings of disgust, anger and disbelief when it's learned the perpetrator's family or friends did nothing to stop ... read more

Exploring a Strategy That Leads to Mutual Cooperation Without Non-Cooperative Actions

A research team has analyzed which strategies would be effective in the prisoner's dilemma game, into which a new behavior of not participating in the game was ... read more

Impostor Syndrome Is More Common Than You Think; Study Finds Best Way to Cope With It

A new study from researchers reveals that perceptions of impostorism are quite common both in the workplace and the classroom and uncovers one of the best ways to cope with such feelings: seeking ... read more

Big Cities Breed Partners in Crime

Researchers have long known that bigger cities disproportionately generate more crime. Now a new study explains why: It's easier for criminals to find ... read more

Kindness Is a Top Priority in a Long-Term Partner

One of the top qualities that we look for in a long-term partner is kindness, according to new ... read more

Developmental Psychology: One Good Turn Deserves Another

Five-year-olds enforce reciprocal behavior in social interactions. A study shows that children come to recognize reciprocity as a norm between the ages of 3 and ... read more

How Happy Couples Argue: Focus on Solvable Issues First

In marriage, conflict is inevitable. Even the happiest couples argue. And research shows they tend to argue about the same topics as unhappy couples: children, money, in-laws, intimacy. So, what ... read more

High Social Support Associated With Less Violence Among Male Teens in Urban Neighborhoods

Researchers find that the presence of adult social support is linked to less violence among at-risk teen ... read more

Strong Student-Adult Relationships Lower Suicide Attempts in High Schools

Study of social networks in 38 high schools shows evidence that clearly identified, competent adult mentors that are connected to many students can help prevent suicide ... read more

Bias Against Single People Affects Their Cancer Treatment

New research reveals the dangerous bias that's been buried in the fine print of academic and medical journals for more than 30 years. Unmarried patients with cancer are less likely to get ... read more

Teens Who Don't Date Are Less Depressed and Have Better Social Skills

Adolescents who were not in romantic relationships during middle and high school had good social skills and low depression, and fared better or equal to peers who ... read more

South African Study Highlights Links Between Low Language Ability and Poor Mental Health

A new study focuses on language acquisition for young people in Khayelitsha near Cape ... read more

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