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December 12, 2019

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Researchers have discovered jet stream patterns that could affect up to a quarter of global ... read more
In ancient Egypt, sacred ibises were collected from their natural habitats to be ritually sacrificed, according to a ... read more
Scientists have solved the structure of one of the key components of photosynthesis, a discovery that could lead to ... read more

You Don't Have to Go Cold Turkey on Red Meat to See Health Benefits

A new study has found that halving the amount red and processed (RPM) meat in the diet can have a significant impact on health, reducing the amount of LDL 'bad' cholesterol in the blood which cuts ... read more
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Plant Researchers Examine Bread Aroma: Modern and Old Wheat Varieties Taste Equally Good

Bread baked from modern wheat varieties are just as aromatic as that baked from old varieties. However, differences exist between the breads from different wheat varieties -- and those that were ... read more

Sorghum Study Illuminates Relationship Between Humans, Crops and the Environment in Domestication

A new study illustrates the concept of a domestication triangle, in which human genetics interact with sorghum genetics and the environment to influence the traits farmers select in their crops. The ... read more

Invest in Pollinator Monitoring for Long-Term Gain

A research team is studying how to improve pollinator monitoring in the UK in a cost-effective ... read more

Tiny Woodlands Are More Important Than Previously Thought

Small woodlands in farmland have more benefits for humans per area, compared to large forests according to a new study. The small woodlands, sometimes even smaller than a football field, can easily ... read more

New Vaccine Will Stop the Spread of Bovine TB

Scientists at the University of Surrey have developed a novel vaccine and complementary skin test to protect cattle against bovine tuberculosis (bovine ... read more

Neonicotinoids and Bees: Despite EU Moratorium, Insecticides Still Detectable

Since 2013, a European Union moratorium has restricted the application of three neonicotinoids to crops that attract bees because of the harmful effects they are deemed to have on these insects. Yet ... read more

On Balance, Some Neonicotinoid Pesticides Could Benefit Some Bees

The story of neonicotinoids is growing more nuanced. Europe has banned outdoor use of three of these insecticides to protect bee populations. Two other neonicotinoids are still permitted, but little ... read more

A Little Prairie Can Rescue Honey Bees from Famine on the Farm

Scientists placed honey bee hives next to soybean fields in Iowa and tracked how the bees fared over the growing season. To their surprise, the bees did well for much of the summer. The colonies ... read more

Coated Seeds May Enable Agriculture on Marginal Lands

Providing seeds with a protective coating that also supplies essential nutrients to the germinating plant could make it possible to grow crops in otherwise unproductive soils, according to new ... read more

Drought Impact Study Shows New Issues for Plants and Carbon Dioxide

Extreme drought's impact on plants will become more dominant under future climate change, as noted in a new ... read more

A New World Map Rates Food Sustainability for Countries Across the Globe

A global food system sustainability study builds the first map of its kind to score the sustainability of food systems, country-by-country. The study goes beyond usual questions of productivity and ... read more

Pollinator Friendliness Can Extend Beyond Early Spring

A study investigated whether bulbs can flower and persist in warm-season lawns while providing nutrition for pollinating ... read more

Nature's Secret Recipe for Making Leaves

The secret recipe nature uses to make the diverse leaf shapes we see everywhere around us has been revealed in ... read more

Using Controlled Environment Food Production to Solve Food Shortages

Before land and labor shortages prompted by the Industrial Revolution forced food production to move away from cities, agriculture was central to urban environments and their planning. Now, certain ... read more

How to Fight Illegal Cocoa Farms in Ivory Coast

The world's love for chocolate has helped decimate protected forests in western Africa as some residents have turned protected areas into illegal cocoa farms and hunting grounds. But an ... read more

The Cause of Chewy Chicken Meat

The most delicious-looking broiler chicken could consist of hard, chewy meat. The problem plagues the poultry industry, but researchers have found the cause and mapped a solution. Gene expression ... read more

Clay as a Feed Supplement in Dairy Cattle Has Multiple Benefits

Dairy producers frequently add clay as a feed supplement to reduce the symptoms of aflatoxin and subacute ruminal acidosis (SARA) in lactating cows. In a new study, researchers show that clay can ... read more

When Grown Right, Palm Oil Can Be Sustainable

Turning an abandoned pasture into a palm tree plantation can be carbon neutral, according to a new study. These findings, based on measurements of 56-year-old palm tree plantations in Colombia, ... read more

Yeasts in Nectar Can Stimulate the Growth of Bee Colonies

Researchers have found that the presence of yeasts can alter the chemical composition and thus the nutritional value of nectar for pollinators such as bees. Moreover, the study found that yeasts can ... read more

Bursting the Bubble: Revealing Tasty Genetic Secrets of Gigantic Single-Celled Creatures

Researchers recently unveiled key information about gene expression in sea grapes, which could help shed light on the evolution of sea grape morphology and help farmers improve cultivation of ... read more

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