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December 9, 2019

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How Octopus Arms Make Decisions

Researchers studying the behavior and neuroscience of octopuses have long suspected that the animals' arms may have minds of their own. A new model is the first attempt at a comprehensive ... read more

Bees Can Link Symbols to Numbers, Study Finds

We know bees get the concept of zero and can do basic math. Now researchers have discovered they may also be capable of connecting symbols to numbers. It's a finding that sheds new light on how ... read more

Researchers Discover the Source of New Neurons in Brain's Hippocampus

Researchers have shown, in mice, that one type of stem cell that makes adult neurons is the source of this lifetime stock of new cells in the hippocampus. These findings may help neuroscientists ... read more

Fish Appear to Recognize Themselves in the Mirror

The cleaner wrasse fish (Labroides dimidiatus), responds to its reflection and attempts to remove marks on its body during the mirror test -- a method considered the gold standard for determining ... read more
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Studying Animal Cognition in the Wild

Studying cognition in the wild is a challenge. Field researchers and their study animals face many factors that can easily interfere with their variables of interest and that many say are ... read more

Toolbox for Studying the Existence of Animal Cultures

Fruit flies possess all of the cognitive capacities needed to culturally transmit their sexual preferences across generations, according to researchers. Their study provides the first experimental ... read more

Great Apes and Ravens Plan Without Thinking

Planning and self control in animals do not require human-like mental capacities, according to a new study. Newly developed learning models, similar to models within artificial intelligence research, ... read more

Dogs Know When They Don't Know

Researchers have shown that dogs possess some 'metacognitive' abilities -- specifically, they are aware of when they do not have enough information to solve a problem and will actively seek ... read more

What Makes a Good Working Dog? Canine 'Aptitude Test' Might Offer Clues

A canine cognition test could help organizations that train working dogs identify the dogs that are most likely to succeed, according to new research. If organizations could better predict which dogs ... read more

New Caledonian Crows Can Create Compound Tools

The birds are able to combine individual parts to form a long-distance reaching ... read more

Scientists Chase Mystery of How Dogs Process Words

Experimental results suggest that dogs have at least a rudimentary neural representation of meaning for words they have been taught, differentiating words they have heard before from those they have ... read more

Dog Intelligence 'Not Exceptional'

People who think dogs are exceptionally intelligent are barking up the wrong tree, new research ... read more

How Exercise Generates New Neurons, Improves Cognition in Alzheimer's Mouse

A study finds that neurogenesis -- inducing the production of new neurons -- in the brain structure in which memories are encoded can improve cognitive function in a mouse model of Alzheimer's ... read more

Heritability Explains Fast-Learning Chicks

Both genetic and environmental factors explain cognitive traits, shows a new study carried out on red junglefowl. Researchers have shown that the ability of fowl to cope with difficult learning tasks ... read more

Meet the Virtual Pooch That Could Help Prevent Dog Bites

A virtual dog could soon be used as an educational tool to help prevent dog bites, thanks to an innovative project led by the University of Liverpool's Virtual Engineering Centre ... read more

Primate Study Offers Clues to Evolution of Speech

New research examining the brains and vocal repertoires of primates offers important insight into the evolution of human ... read more

Neuroscientists Uncover Secret to Intelligence in Parrots

Neuroscientists have identified the neural circuit that may underlay intelligence in birds, according to a new study. The discovery is an example of convergent evolution between the brains of birds ... read more

Are Smarter Animals Bigger Troublemakers?

A new paper examines whether smarter animals might be better at learning to live in cities -- but, at the same time, also may come into more conflict with ... read more

Bees Understand the Concept of Zero

Scientists have discovered honeybees can understand the concept of zero, putting them in an elite club of clever animals that can grasp the abstract mathematical notion of ... read more

Human Encouragement Might Influence How Dogs Solve Problems

A new study sheds light on how people influence animal behavior. Researchers evaluated the behavior of search and rescue dogs and pet dogs when presented with the same problem-solving task. Both sets ... read more

Dogs Can Be a Potential Risk for Future Influenza Pandemic

Dogs are a potential reservoir for a future influenza pandemic, according to a new study. The study demonstrated that influenza virus can jump from pigs into canines and that influenza is becoming ... read more

Optimal Age of Puppy Cuteness Optimized

Canine researchers reveals more about the depth and origin of the human-dog ... read more

Neuroscientists Find First Evidence Animals Can Mentally Replay Past Events

Researchers have reported the first evidence that non-human animals can mentally replay past events from memory. The discovery could help improve the development of drugs to treat Alzheimer's ... read more

Scientists Teach Computers How to Analyze Brain Cells

In the early days of neuroscience research, scientists painstakingly stained brain cells and drew by hand what they saw in a microscope. Fast forward to 2018 and machines may be able to learn how to ... read more

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