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April 1, 2020

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As scientists scramble to learn more about the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, two recent studies of the virus' genome reached ... read more

Unprecedented Preservation of Fossil Feces from the La Brea Tar Pits

Scientists have found the first coprolites -- or fossil feces -- ever discovered in an asphaltic -- or tar pit -- ... read more
A parasite known only to be hosted in North America by the Virginia opossum is infecting sea otters along the West Coast. A ... read more
Separation anxiety in dogs should be seen as a symptom of underlying frustrations rather than a diagnosis, and understanding these root causes could be key to effective ... read more
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Researchers Document Seasonal Migration in Deep-Sea

For the first time, researchers have documented seasonal migrations of fishes across the deep seafloor, revealing an important insight that will further scientific understanding of the nature of our ... read more

A Small Forage Fish Should Command Greater Notice, Researchers Say

A slender little fish called the sand lance plays a big role as 'a quintessential forage fish' for puffins, terns and other seabirds, humpback whales and other marine mammals, and even ... read more

Bats Depend on Conspecifics When Hunting Above Farmland

Common noctules -- one of the largest bat species native to Germany -- are searching for their fellows during their hunt for insects above farmland. Scientists show that bats forage on their own in ... read more

Here Be Dragons: Analysis Reveals New Species in 'Smaug' Lizard Group

Smaug, the deadly dragon in J.R.R Tolkien's 'The Hobbit,' has a newly discovered living relative. With dense, alligator-like armor, this small, real-life dragon lizard, Smaug swazicus, ... read more

Study Shows How Diligent We Have to Be to Keep Surfaces Germ-Free

A recent study suggests that even organized efforts to clean surfaces can fall short, a reminder for us all that keeping our surroundings clean may require some additional ... read more

Fossil Finds Give Clues About Flying Reptiles in the Sahara 100 Million Years Ago

Three new species of toothed pterosaurs -- flying reptiles of the Cretaceous period, some 100 million years ago -- have been identified in ... read more

Plants and Animals Aren't So Different When It Comes to Climate

A new study reveals that plants and animals are remarkably similar in their responses to changing environmental conditions across the globe, which may help explain how they are distributed today and ... read more

Rats Give More Generously in Response to the Smell of Hunger

How do animals that help their brethren manage to prioritize those most in need? A new study shows that rats can use odor cues alone to determine how urgently to provide food assistance to other rats ... read more

eDNA Provides Researchers With 'More Than Meets the Eye'

Researchers have used next generation DNA sequencing to learn more about the different species of plants, insects and animals present in the Pilbara and Perth regions of Western ... read more

Small Horses Got Smaller, Big Tapirs Got Bigger 47 Million Years Ago

The former coalfield of Geiseltal in Saxony-Anhalt has yielded large numbers of exceptionally preserved fossil animals, giving palaeontologists a unique window into the evolution of mammals 47 ... read more

Scientists Investigate Why Females Live Longer Than Males

An international team of scientists found that, like humans, female wild animals tend to live longer than ... read more

Pablo Escobar's Hippos May Help Counteract a Legacy of Extinctions

When cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar was shot dead in 1993, the four hippos in his private zoo in Colombia were left behind. Since then, their numbers have grown to an estimated 80-100 in the ... read more

Christmas Island Discovery Redraws Map of Life

The world's animal distribution map will need to be redrawn and textbooks updated, after researchers discovered the existence of 'Australian' species on Christmas Island. The finding ... read more

How the Brain Controls the Voice

A particular neuronal circuit in the brains of bats controls their vocalizations. Based on the rhythm with which the circuit oscillated, researchers were able to predict the kind of sounds the bats ... read more

Reanalysis of Global Amphibian Crisis Study Finds Important Flaws

Last year in the journal Science, a research review concluded that the chytrid fungus caused the decline of at least 501 amphibian species, of which 90 have gone extinct. A team has reanalyzed a ... read more

Tighten Up Law on Keeping Dangerous Snakes as Pets, Demand Animal Welfare Experts

The law on keeping dangerous snakes as pets should be tightened up, animal welfare experts ... read more

Building a Better Color Vision Test for Animals

Biologists modified simple electronics to create a color vision test for fiddler crabs and other ... read more

Improving Success of Giraffe Translocations

In two new studies, an international team of researchers identifies the ideal composition of a group of giraffes to be translocated for conservation purposes and provides guidelines for all aspects ... read more

Secrets to Swimming Efficiency of Whales, Dolphins

Recent work has examined the fluid mechanics of cetacean propulsion by numerically simulating their oscillating tail fins. A team developed a model that, for the first time, could quantitatively ... read more

Vampire Bats Form Deep Social Bonds by Grooming Before Sharing Blood

For vampire bats, sharing blood with a roostmate is the mark of a true bond. Though these relationships are uncommon, they demonstrate behavior akin to what some might call friendship. Researchers ... read more

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