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December 7, 2019

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Scientists have solved the structure of one of the key components of photosynthesis, a discovery that could lead to ... read more

New Fossil Pushes Back Physical Evidence of Insect Pollination to 99 Million Years Ago

Researchers have pushed back the first-known physical evidence of insect flower pollination to 99 million years ago, during the mid-Cretaceous ... read more
With climate change, plants of the future will consume more water than in the present day, leading to less water available ... read more
There are over 500,000 plant species in the world today. They all evolved from a common ancestor. How this leap in biodiversity happened is still unclear. Researchers now ... read more
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'Conductor' Gene Found in Plant Root Stem Cell 'Orchestra'

Researchers lift the veil on the 'conductor' plant root stem cell gene that helps orchestrate and coordinate stem cell division of different root stem cell types, ensuring the harmonic ... read more

Sweet Potato Uses a Single Odor to Warn Its Neighbors of Insect Attack

A single volatile substance can be sufficient to induce a defense response in sweet potatoes to herbivores. Researchers have identified this substance and shown that the mechanism is not only limited ... read more

Nearly 40% of Plant Species Are Very Rare and Are Vulnerable to Climate Change

Almost 40 percent of global flora is categorized as 'exceedingly rare,' and these species are most at risk of extinction by human development and as the climate continues to change, ... read more

Photosynthesis -- Living Laboratories

Biologists have demonstrated for the first time that cyanobacteria and plants employ similar mechanisms and key proteins to regulate cyclic electron flow during ... read more

Woody Plants With Undesirable Tendencies

A weed is normally defined as a plant, native or non-native, that is not valued where it is growing. An invasive species is generally defined as a species that not only spreads geographically outside ... read more

Key to Rubustness of Plants Discovered

Scientists have decoded the mechanism of Adipose-Biosynthesis - the basis for the production of sugar molecules for neu fine chemicals or ... read more

Forests Face Climate Change Tug of War

Increased carbon dioxide allows plants to photosynthesize more and use less water. But warmer temperatures drive plants to use more water and photosynthesize less. So, which force, CO2 fertilization ... read more

Coated Seeds May Enable Agriculture on Marginal Lands

Providing seeds with a protective coating that also supplies essential nutrients to the germinating plant could make it possible to grow crops in otherwise unproductive soils, according to new ... read more

Drought Impact Study Shows New Issues for Plants and Carbon Dioxide

Extreme drought's impact on plants will become more dominant under future climate change, as noted in a new ... read more

Pollinator Friendliness Can Extend Beyond Early Spring

A study investigated whether bulbs can flower and persist in warm-season lawns while providing nutrition for pollinating ... read more

Almost a Third of Tropical Africa's Flora Faces Extinction

31.7% of tropical Africa's vascular plant species could be threatened with extinction, reveals an international study. Using a new approach based on the key elements of the assessment process ... read more

Nature's Secret Recipe for Making Leaves

The secret recipe nature uses to make the diverse leaf shapes we see everywhere around us has been revealed in ... read more

Self-Restrained Genes Enable Evolutionary Novelty

Evolution can promote novelty by keeping gene expression in ... read more

When Grown Right, Palm Oil Can Be Sustainable

Turning an abandoned pasture into a palm tree plantation can be carbon neutral, according to a new study. These findings, based on measurements of 56-year-old palm tree plantations in Colombia, ... read more

How Plants Handle Stress

Plants get stressed too. Drought or too much salt disrupt their physiology. An international research team investigated how evolutionary changes in receptor proteins led to their ability to sense the ... read more

Yeasts in Nectar Can Stimulate the Growth of Bee Colonies

Researchers have found that the presence of yeasts can alter the chemical composition and thus the nutritional value of nectar for pollinators such as bees. Moreover, the study found that yeasts can ... read more

Bursting the Bubble: Revealing Tasty Genetic Secrets of Gigantic Single-Celled Creatures

Researchers recently unveiled key information about gene expression in sea grapes, which could help shed light on the evolution of sea grape morphology and help farmers improve cultivation of ... read more

Reservoir Management Could Help Prevent Toxic Algal Blooms in Great Lakes

Managing reservoirs for water quality, not just flood control, could be part of the solution to the growth of toxic algal blooms in the Great Lakes, especially Lake Erie, every ... read more

A Century Later, Plant Biodiversity Struggles in Wake of Agricultural Abandonment

Decades after farmland was abandoned, plant biodiversity and productivity struggle to recover, according to new ... read more

Researchers Clear the Path for 'Designer' Plants

A team of researchers has found a way to identify gene regulatory elements that could help produce 'designer' plants and lead to improvements in food crops at a critical ... read more

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