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March 28, 2020

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A parasite known only to be hosted in North America by the Virginia opossum is infecting sea otters along the West Coast. A ... read more

Unraveling the Puzzle of Madagascar's Forest Cats

Biologists have long wondered where Madagascar's mysterious wild cats came from. Now, new genetic evidence delivers an ... read more

Early-Life Exposure to Dogs May Lessen Risk of Developing Schizophrenia

Ever since humans domesticated the dog, the faithful, obedient and protective animal has provided its owner with companionship and emotional well-being. Now, a study suggests that being around 'man's ... read more

Watch out for 'Feather Duvet Lung' Caution Doctors

Watch out for 'feather duvet lung' doctors have warned after treating a middle aged man with severe lung inflammation that developed soon after he bought feather-filled ... read more
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Protected Habitats Near US Borders

The clustering of protected habitats in the Americas near international borders makes many iconic, wide-ranging animals physically dependent on good relations between neighboring countries and ... read more

Cats' Faces Hard to Read, Except for 'Cat Whisperers'

Women and those with veterinary experience were better at recognizing cats' expressions -- even those who reported no strong attachment to cats. The study involved more than 6,300 people from 85 ... read more

A Decade After the Predators Have Gone, Galapagos Island Finches Are Still Being Spooked

On some of the Galapagos Islands where human-introduced predators of Darwin's finches were eradicated over a decade ago, the finches are still acting as though they are in danger, according to ... read more

Larger Than Life: Augmented Ants

The first app of its kind allows users to interact with biodiversity research through augmented ... read more

Understanding Local Attitudes to Snow Leopards Vital for Their Ongoing Protection

Local people in the Nepal Himalayas value snow leopards as much for the potential personal benefits they gain from the animals' conservation as they do for the intrinsic value of this ... read more

Whole Genome Sequencing Could Help Save Pumas from Inbreeding

The first complete genetic sequences of individual mountain lions point the way to better conservation strategies for saving threatened populations of the wild ... read more

How Nasty Toxoplasma Parasite Damages the Human Eye

An international study used human retinal cells to demonstrate how the Toxoplasma parasite creates a characteristic eye lesion that can help doctors diagnose the ... read more

Immune Response Against Toxocara Roundworms Helps Explain Disease

Neurotoxocarosis (NT) occurs in humans when larvae of the Toxocara roundworm migrate into the central nervous system. That infection is accompanied by a complex molecular signaling cascade, including ... read more

The Dark Giraffe, the New Dark Horse

Darker male giraffes have been found to be more solitary and less social than their lighter-colored counterparts, according to new research. A long-term study revealed that the color of male ... read more

What Wolves' Broken Teeth Reveal About Their Lives

An evolutionary biologist has spent more than three decades studying the skulls of many species of large carnivores -- including wolves, lions and tigers -- that lived from 50,000 years ago to the ... read more

Cats Are Securely Bonded to Their People, Too

Cats have a reputation for being aloof and independent. But a study of the way domestic cats respond to their caregivers suggests that their socio-cognitive abilities and the depth of their human ... read more

Microbes Make Chemicals for Scent Marking in a Cat

Domestic cats, like many other mammals, use smelly secretions from anal sacs to mark territory and communicate with other animals. A new study shows that many odiferous compounds from a male cat are ... read more

Parasitology: Mother Cells as Organelle Donors

Microbiologists have discovered a recycling process in the eukaryotic parasite Toxoplasma gondii that plays a vital role in the organism's unusual mode of ... read more

Feeding Pets Raw Food Is Not Considered by Pet Owners as a Significant Source of Infections

An extensive international survey indicates that pet owners do not consider raw food to considerably increase infection risk in their household. In the survey, targeted at pet owners, raw food was ... read more

Furry Friends Ease Depression, Loneliness After Spousal Loss

Researchers have found the companionship of a pet after the loss of a spouse can help reduce feelings of depression and loneliness in older ... read more

Isotopes in Feces Show Where Secretive Jaguars Hunt

To track secretive jaguars in the forested mountains of Belize, biologists turned to geology and feces analysis. Researchers discovered that jaguar scat reveals where the big cats were hunting in the ... read more

Prehistoric Puma Feces Reveals Oldest Parasite DNA Ever Recorded

The oldest parasite DNA ever recorded has been found in the ancient, desiccated feces of a ... read more

What's Killing Sea Otters? Parasite Strain from Cats

Many wild southern sea otters in California are infected with the parasite Toxoplasma gondii, yet the infection is fatal for only a fraction of sea otters, which has long puzzled the scientific ... read more

Parasite Needs Chemical (Lipid/nutrient) in Cat Intestines for Sex

Toxoplasma gondii is a microbial parasite that infects humans and but needs cats to complete its full life cycle. New research shows why: the sexual phase of the parasite's life cycle requires ... read more

Hush, Baby -- The Dog Is Whimpering!

We are all familiar with the sounds of a cat or dog vying for human attention, and for pet-owners, these sounds are particularly evocative. Dog sounds are especially sad to both cat and dog owners, ... read more

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