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December 8, 2019

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Miniature Fanged 'Deer' Rediscovered Tiptoeing Through Vietnam's Coastal Forests

Biologists have rediscovered a species lost to science since 1990 called a silver-backed chevrotain -- a deer-like species that is the size of a ... read more

3-D Printed Coral Could Help Endangered Reefs

Threats to coral reefs are everywhere -- rising water temperatures, ocean acidification, coral bleaching, fishing and other human activities. But new research shows that 3-D printed coral can provide ... read more

Satellite Study of Amazon Rainforest Land Cover Gives Insight Into 2019 Fires

A new study gives important context to the fires burning big swaths of the Amazon ... read more

Fecal Transplants to Help Save Koalas

Fecal transplants are helping expand koala microbiomes, allowing the marsupials to eat a wider range of eucalypts and possibly survive habitat loss. A study has analyzed and altered microbes in ... read more
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Almost a Third of Tropical Africa's Flora Faces Extinction

31.7% of tropical Africa's vascular plant species could be threatened with extinction, reveals an international study. Using a new approach based on the key elements of the assessment process ... read more

When Grown Right, Palm Oil Can Be Sustainable

Turning an abandoned pasture into a palm tree plantation can be carbon neutral, according to a new study. These findings, based on measurements of 56-year-old palm tree plantations in Colombia, ... read more

Yeasts in Nectar Can Stimulate the Growth of Bee Colonies

Researchers have found that the presence of yeasts can alter the chemical composition and thus the nutritional value of nectar for pollinators such as bees. Moreover, the study found that yeasts can ... read more

Yellowstone's Migrating Bison Manipulate Springtime Green-Up

In effect, the bison graze with such intensity that they turn back the clock on forage green-up, hitting reset on ... read more

A Century Later, Plant Biodiversity Struggles in Wake of Agricultural Abandonment

Decades after farmland was abandoned, plant biodiversity and productivity struggle to recover, according to new ... read more

The Forests of the Amazon Are an Important Carbon Sink

The world's tropical forests store huge quantities of carbon in their biomass and thus constitute an important carbon sink. However, current estimates of the amount of carbon dioxide stored in ... read more

Some Aquatic Plants Depend on the Landscape for Photosynthesis

Researchers found that not only are freshwater aquatic plants affected by climate, they are also shaped by the surrounding landscape. When in an environment where CO2 is limited, aquatic plants use ... read more

Evolution Can Reconfigure Gene Networks to Deal With Environmental Change

Scientists have unraveled the genetic mechanisms behind tiny waterfleas' ability to adapt to increased levels of phosphorus pollution in ... read more

How Giant Kelp May Respond to Climate Change

Like someone from Minnesota being dropped into an Arizona heat wave, giant kelp living in cooler, high-latitude waters were more vulnerable to excessive heat than kelp already living in warmer, ... read more

Plants Might Be Helping Each Other More Than Thought

Contrary to the long-held belief that plants in the natural world are always in competition, new research has found that in harsh environments mature plants help smaller ones -- and thrive as a ... read more

Nature's Backup Plan for Converting Nitrogen Into Plant Nutrients

Researchers have found that nature has developed a backup method for converting atmospheric nitrogen into the nutrient form critical to plant growth and soil fertility. The researchers report that ... read more

Evolutionary Diversity Is Associated With Amazon Forest Productivity

An international team of researchers have revealed for the first time that Amazon forests with the greatest evolutionary diversity are the most ... read more

Mosquito Nets: Are They Catching More Fishes Than Insects?

Mosquito nets designed to prevent malaria transmission are used for fishing which may devastate tropical coastal ecosystems, according to a new scientific study. The researchers found that most of ... read more

Scientist Sheds Light on Complexity of Biodiversity Loss

Species richness -- the number of different species in a given ecological community -- is not the only, nor necessarily the best, way to measure biodiversity impacts on ... read more

Global Policy-Makers Must Take a More Ambitious Approach to Reversing Biodiversity Loss

Leading conservationists urge governments to adopt a new approach to address the impact of economic development on the natural ... read more

Best of Frenemies: Unexpected Role of Social Networks in Ecology

Social networking, even between competing species, plays a much bigger role in ecology than anyone previously thought, according to ... read more

Helping Hands from Within: Live-in Bacteria Protect Plants Against Infections

Micro-organisms living inside plant roots team up to boost the plant's growth and tolerance to ... read more

Insect Decline More Extensive Than Suspected

Compared to a decade ago, today the number of insect species on many areas has decreased by about one third. The loss of species mainly affects grasslands in the vicinity of intensively farmed land - ... read more

Land Restoration in Ethiopia Pays Off but Climate Change Necessitates Many Strategies

In the last decade, Ethiopia has invested more than US $1.2 billion annually in restoring landscapes in several regions of the country. Research takes stock of Ethiopia's major restoration ... read more

In Southeast Asia, Illegal Hunting Is a More Threat to Wildlife Than Forest Degradation

A new study suggests that for ground dwelling mammal and bird communities, illegal hunting using indiscriminate snares may be a more immediate threat than forest degradation through selective ... read more

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