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December 8, 2019

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Over the course of several months, researchers created Escherichia coli strains that consume carbon dioxide for energy instead of organic compounds. This achievement in ... read more

Dung Beetle Discovery Revises Biologists' Understanding of How Nature Innovates

The discovery that thoracic horns in dung beetles emerge from the same gene network as wings could revise how biologists understand 'innovation' in ... read more
In ancient Egypt, sacred ibises were collected from their natural habitats to be ritually sacrificed, according to a ... read more
Researchers have succeeded in reconstructing the evolutionary relationship between a two million year old giant primate and the living orangutan. It is the first time genetic ... read more
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Link Between Vitamin A and Brain Response in Monarch Butterflies

Biologists are making strides in understanding biological clock function in several model organisms and translating these studies into broader implications for human ... read more

Animal Embryos Evolved Before Animals

A new study has discovered that animal-like embryos evolved long before the first animals appear in the fossil ... read more

Bad News for Nemo: Clownfish Can't Adapt to Rapid Environmental Changes

The beloved anemone fish popularized by the movies 'Finding Nemo' and 'Finding Dory' don't have the genetic capacity to adapt to rapid changes in their environment, according ... read more

Recrutement of a Lateral Root Developmental Pathway Into Root Nodule Formation of Legumes

Peas and other legumes develop spherical or cylindrical structures -- called nodules -- in their roots to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with bacteria that convert atmospheric nitrogen ... read more

Unravelling the Venomous Bite of an Endangered Mammal

Highly similar venom toxins found in shrews and endangered Caribbean mammals, despite common ancestor over 70 million years ... read more

How Diversity of Respiratory Quinones Affects Microbial Physiology

A new study provides a fundamental understanding of the diversification of small molecules called respiratory quinones and its adaptive consequences in bacterial species. Bioengineers specifically ... read more

Aquatic Microorganisms Offer Important Window on the History of Life

Researchers describe a new method for investigating the genomes of eukaryotic flagellate organisms. These elusive aquatic creatures may offer clues about LECA -- the progenitor of all complex life on ... read more

Study Tracks Genomic Changes That Reinforce Darter Speciation

When they share habitat, orangethroat and rainbow darters tend to avoid one another, even though they are closely related and can produce 'hybrid' offspring. A new study offers an analysis ... read more

Genetic Studies Reveal How Rat Lungworm Evolves

Rat lungworm is a parasitic disease, spread through contaminated food, which affects the brain and spinal cord. Now, researchers report that a detail analysis of the genetics of the rat lungworm ... read more

Self-Restrained Genes Enable Evolutionary Novelty

Evolution can promote novelty by keeping gene expression in ... read more

Fish in California Estuaries Are Evolving as Climate Change Alters Their Habitat

The threespine stickleback, a small fish found throughout the coastal areas of the Northern Hemisphere, is famously variable in appearance from one location to another, making it an ideal subject for ... read more

Scientists Develop Rapid Cell Division in Marine Sponges

Despite efforts over multiple decades, there are still no cell lines for marine invertebrates. For the first time, scientists have developed a breakthrough in marine invertebrate (sponge) cell ... read more

Researchers Sequence Genome of the 'Devil Worm'

Researchers have sequenced the genome of a unique microscopic worm found one mile underground and called the 'Devil Worm' for its ability to survive in harsh, subsurface ... read more

An Ancient Snake's Cheekbone Sheds Light on Evolution of Modern Snake Skulls

Palaeontologists adds a new piece to the puzzle of snake ... read more

Not So Selfish After All -- Key Role of Transposable Elements in Mammalian Evolution

A scientist has revealed a key role for 'selfish' transposable elements in the evolution of the mammary gland, a defining feature of all ... read more

How Plants Handle Stress

Plants get stressed too. Drought or too much salt disrupt their physiology. An international research team investigated how evolutionary changes in receptor proteins led to their ability to sense the ... read more

Bursting the Bubble: Revealing Tasty Genetic Secrets of Gigantic Single-Celled Creatures

Researchers recently unveiled key information about gene expression in sea grapes, which could help shed light on the evolution of sea grape morphology and help farmers improve cultivation of ... read more

Striking Variation in Mechanisms That Drive Sex Selection in Frogs

Researchers have discovered striking variation in the underlying genetic machinery that orchestrates sexual differentiation in frogs, demonstrating that evolution of this crucial biological system ... read more

Researchers Clear the Path for 'Designer' Plants

A team of researchers has found a way to identify gene regulatory elements that could help produce 'designer' plants and lead to improvements in food crops at a critical ... read more

A Genetic Tug-of-War Between the Sexes Begets Variation

In species with sexual reproduction, no two individuals are alike and scientists have long struggled to understand why there is so much genetic variation. A new study shows that a genetic tug-of-war ... read more

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