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February 18, 2020

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Rising sea surface temperatures and acidic waters could eliminate nearly all existing coral reef habitats by 2100, suggesting restoration projects in these areas will likely ... read more
A new study should sound alarm bells regarding the 'biodiversity crisis' or the loss of wildlife around ... read more
Plants that break some of the 'rules' of ecology by adapting in unconventional ways may have a higher chance of surviving climate change, according ... read more
New research calls for action to minimize the risk of the platypus vanishing due to habitat destruction, dams ... read more
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Extinct Giant Turtle Had Horned Shell of Up to Three Meters

Paleobiologists have discovered exceptional specimens in Venezuela and Colombia of an extinct giant freshwater turtle called Stupendemys. The carapace of this turtle, which is the largest ever known, ... read more

Biodiversity Offsetting Is Contentious -- Here's an Alternative

A new approach to compensate for the impact of development may be an effective alternative to biodiversity offsetting -- and help nations achieve international biodiversity targets. Scientists say ... read more

How Some Butterflies Developed the Ability to Change Their Eyespot Size

Biologists have new insight on how a butterfly species developed the ability to adjust its wing eyespot size in response to ... read more

New Method to Allow Corals to Rapidly Respond to Climate Change

A team of marine biology and environmental genomics researchers have demonstrated that epigenetic modifications in reef-building corals can be transmitted from parents to their ... read more

Gulf Coast Mollusks Rode out Past Periods of Climate Change

About 55 million years ago, a rapidly warming climate decimated marine communities around the world. But according to new research, it was a different story for snails, clams and other mollusks ... read more

Global Warming and Extinction Risk

How can fossils predict the consequences of climate change? A research team compared data from fossil and marine organisms living today to predict which groups of animals are most at risk from ... read more

Scientists Warn Humanity About Worldwide Insect Decline

Insect declines and extinctions are accelerating in many parts of the world. With this comes the disappearance of irreplaceable services to humans, the consequences of which are unpredictable. A ... read more

El Niño Contributes to Insect Collapse in the Amazon

Hotter and drier El Niño events are having an alarming effect on biodiversity in the Amazon Rainforest and further add to a disturbing global insect collapse, scientists show. A new study focusing ... read more

East African Fish in Need of Recovery

A study of East African coral reefs has uncovered an unfolding calamity for the region: plummeting fish populations due to overfishing, which in turn could produce widespread food ... read more

Populations of white-lipped peccaries, a 'new world' pig-like species usually found throughout Central American tropical forests, are in freefall, new research ... read more

Landscape-Level Surveys Are Necessary to Address Large-Scale Wildlife Losses from Poaching

Widespread poaching in tropical biodiversity hotspots is causing unprecedented declines in wildlife populations, known as defaunation. A new study provides evidence that large-scale systematic ... read more

Microbes Linked to Cancer in Threatened California Foxes

Microbes are known to affect digestion, mood and overall health, but cancer? Researchers lay out a multi-step process: First, Santa Catalina foxes become infested with ear mites, which change the ... read more

Size Matters! What Drives Zoo Attendance and How Does Footfall Impact Conservation?

Conserving species in the wild remains the gold standard but there is an increasing relevance and importance to the role played by the thousands of zoos and aquariums across the globe in supporting ... read more

New Thalattosaur Species Discovered in Southeast Alaska

Scientists have identified a new species of thalattosaur, a marine reptile that lived more than 200 million years ago. The new species, Gunakadeit joseeae, is the most complete thalattosaur ever ... read more

Lights Out? Fireflies Face Extinction Threats of Habitat Loss, Light Pollution, Pesticides

Habitat loss, pesticide use and, surprisingly, artificial light are the three most serious threats endangering fireflies across the globe, raising the specter of extinction for certain species whose ... read more

Extinction Is Difficult to Prove for Earth's Ultra-Rare Species

A recent study has called for an increase in scientific surveys and collection of specimens to confirm the extinction of ultra-rare species. A conservation scientist concluded that there is currently ... read more

Past Climate Safe Havens Now Most Vulnerable

The profound threat of future climate change to biodiversity demands that scientists seek ever more effective ways to identify the most vulnerable species, communities, and ecosystems. Scientists ... read more

Biological Diversity as a Factor of Production

Can the biodiversity of ecosystems be considered a factor of production? Researchers are studying the economic benefits that farmers and foresters can obtain by focusing on several species instead of ... read more

The Health of Foundation Species Promotes the Stability of the Ecosystems That Depend on Them

Anyone who's read 'The Lorax' will recognize that certain species serve as the foundation of their ecosystems. When the truffula trees disappear, so to do the swomee-swans and ... read more

The 'Firewalkers' of Karoo: Dinosaurs and Other Animals Left Tracks in a 'Land of Fire'

In southern Africa, dinosaurs and synapsids, a group of animals that includes mammals and their closest fossil relatives, survived in a 'land of fire' at the start of an Early Jurassic mass ... read more

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