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January 28, 2020

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Researchers have detailed the discovery of a tactile-sensory system stowed within the suction disc of remora, believed to ... read more
Research on fossilized fish details the evolution of fins as they began to transition into limbs fit for walking ... read more
Using an innovative microscopy method, scientists have revealed the structure of the microbial communities coating microplastic trash collected from a variety of ... read more

3-D Printed Coral Could Help Endangered Reefs

Threats to coral reefs are everywhere -- rising water temperatures, ocean acidification, coral bleaching, fishing and other human activities. But new research shows that 3-D printed coral can provide ... read more
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How Decisions Unfold in a Zebrafish Brain

Researchers were able to track the activity of each neuron in the entire brain of zebrafish larvae and reconstruct the unfolding of neuronal events as the animals repeatedly made 'left or ... read more

'The Blob,' Food Supply Squeeze to Blame for Largest Seabird Die-Off

When nearly one million common murres died at sea and washed ashore from California to Alaska in 2015 and 2016, it was unprecedented -- both for murres, and across all bird species worldwide. ... read more

International Movements of Atlantic Tarpon, Need for Protection

The results of an 18-year study of Atlantic tarpon revealed that these large silvery fish take extensive seasonal migrations -- 1,000s of kilometers in distance -- beyond US ... read more

The Advantage of Changing Sex in Fish Population Recovery

Some fish species recover at different rates when fishing is eliminated inside MPAs. A new study explores how sex-changing fish species can actually recover faster than fixed-sex ... read more

How Nodules Stay on Top at the Bottom of the Sea

Rare metallic elements found in clumps on the deep-ocean floor mysteriously remain uncovered despite the shifting sands and sediment many leagues under the sea. Scientists now think they know why, ... read more

Large 'Herbivores of the Sea' Help Keep Coral Reefs Healthy

Selective fishing can disrupt the delicate balance maintained between corals and algae in embattled Caribbean coral ... read more

Molecular Factories: The Combination Between Nature and Chemistry Is Functional

Researchers at the University of Basel have succeeded in developing molecular factories that mimic nature. To achieve this they loaded artificial organelles inside micrometer-sized natural blisters ... read more

A 'Pivotal' Moment for Understanding Whale Evolution

We could be getting closer to understanding how feeding behaviors in whales and dolphins have evolved over ... read more

Debunking Previous Studies That Say Tropical Fish Are Behaving Oddly

Biologists help debunk previous studies that say tropical fish are behaving oddly as oceans gets more acidic due to climate ... read more

Fish Species Benefit from Marine Protection to Varying Extents

Marine protected areas reduce fish mortality by limiting harvesting and reducing habitat destruction. They are often designed and implemented to promote biodiversity conservation and sustainable ... read more

Ocean Acidification Is Damaging Shark Scales

Sharks have unusual type of scales referred to as 'denticles.' A research group has examined the impact of climate change in the form of ocean acidification on these structures. The ... read more

Fish Switch: Identity of Mystery Invader in Florida Waters Corrected After 20 Years

Sometimes scientists make mistakes. Case in point is the chanchita, a South American freshwater fish that has been swimming in Florida's waters for at least two decades, all the while identified ... read more

Collaborative Conservation Approach for Endangered Reef Fish Yields Dramatic Results

A new study has documented a successful recovery effort among Nassau Grouper populations in the Cayman Islands thanks to an approach involving government agencies, academic researchers, and nonprofit ... read more

eDNA Expands Species Surveys to Capture a More Complete Picture

Tiny bits of DNA collected from waters off the West Coast allowed scientists to identify more species of marine vertebrates than traditional surveys with trawl nets. They also reflect environmental ... read more

First Sighting of Larsonella Pumilus Fish in Japan

Researchers study Okinawan deep sea specimen's habitat and phylogenetic ... read more

Chimpanzees More Likely to Share Tools, Teach Skills When Task Is Complex

A new study finds that chimpanzees that use a multi-step process and complex tools to gather termites are more likely to share tools with novices. The study helps illuminate chimpanzees' ... read more

How Fish Get Their Shape

Researchers investigated the science behind the formation of the 'V' patterns -- also known as chevron patterns -- in the swimming muscles of fish. The study focused on the myotome (a group ... read more

Ecological Impacts of Palm Stearin Spill to the Coastal Ecosystem

In August 2017, a marine accident occurred in the Pearl River Estuary where a cargo vessel accidentally released about 1,000 tons of palm stearin into the sea, where over 200 tons reached the ... read more

Manta' Rays Impressive Ability to Heal

'Whoopi' the manta ray -- a regular visitor to Western Australia's Ningaloo Reef -- has helped University of Queensland and Murdoch University scientists study rays' impressive ... read more

Easy Prey: The Largest Bears in the World Use Small Streams to Fatten Up on Salmon

A new study reveals a different picture of how and when brown bears in southwestern Alaska eat salmon. Most of these bears, also known as grizzlies, are dipping into small streams to capture their ... read more

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