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December 9, 2019

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Cytoplasm of Scrambled Frog Eggs Organizes Into Cell-Like Structures

The cytoplasm of ruptured Xenopus frog eggs spontaneously reorganizes into cell-like compartments, according to a ... read more

Komodo Dragon Genome Reveals Clues About Its Evolution

A new study provides the first high-resolution sequence of the Komodo dragon, as well as insight into how it ... read more

No New Males: Climate Change Threat to Cape Verde Turtles

Rising temperatures could mean no male loggerhead turtles hatch at a key breeding ground by the end of this century, new research ... read more

To See How Invading Predators Change an Ecosystem, Watch the Prey, Say Researchers

To study the impacts of invading predators, researchers used three lizard species: one curly-tailed predator and two prey species, green and brown ... read more
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Dial-a-Frog -- Researchers Develop the 'FrogPhone' to Remotely Call Frogs in the Wild

Researchers have developed the 'FrogPhone', a novel device which allows scientists to call up a frog survey site and monitor them in the wild. The FrogPhone is the world's first ... read more

New Ranavirus Threatens US Amphibian Diversity

Biologists modeled how a chimeric Frog virus 3 (FV3)-like ranavirus, also known as RCV-Z2, could spread rapidly throughout a population of North American wood frog (Lithobates sylvaticus) ... read more

Detection Dogs and DNA on the Trail of Endangered Lizards

Detection dogs trained to sniff out the scat of an endangered lizard in California's San Joaquin Valley, combined with genetic species identification, could represent a new noninvasive sampling ... read more

Scientists Invent Animal-Free Testing of Lethal Neurotoxins

Animal testing will no longer be required to assess a group of deadly neurotoxins, thanks to new research. A new technique could replace conventional methods of testing paralytic neurotoxins, which ... read more

Severe Drought Shuts Down Reproduction in Copperhead Snakes, Study Finds

A long-term study of copperhead snakes in a forest near Meriden, Conn., revealed that five consecutive years of drought effectively ended the snakes' reproductive ... read more

Underwater Grandmothers Reveal Big Population of Lethal Sea Snakes

A group of snorkelling grandmothers is helping scientists better understand marine ecology by photographing venomous sea snakes in waters off the city of Noumea, New ... read more

Toad Disguises Itself as Deadly Viper to Avoid Attack

The first study of a toad mimicking a venomous snake reveals that it likely imitates one of Africa's largest vipers in both appearance and ... read more

Sexual Selection Alone Could Spark Formation of New Species

Because of imprinted preferences, strawberry poison frog females mate more with similar colored males, and less with differently colored males. Over time, the behavior could lead to two color types ... read more

First Widespread Chytrid Fungus Infections in Frogs of Peruvian Amazon Rain Forests

Biologists have documented, for the first time, the widespread presence of the notorious chytrid fungus in 80 species of frogs from lowland rain forest sites in the Peruvian ... read more

Imprinting on Mothers May Drive New Species Formation in Poison Dart Frogs

By rearing frogs with parents -- or foster parents -- of different colors, biologists discovered that behavior in response to color may be more important than genetics in the evolution of new ... read more

T. Rex Used a Stiff Skull to Eat Its Prey

A Tyrannosaurus rex could bite hard enough to shatter the bones of its prey. But how it accomplished this feat without breaking its own skull bones has baffled paleontologists. That's why ... read more

Scientists Track Frog-Killing Fungus to Help Curb Its Spread

With the help of advanced genetic testing and hundreds of frog skin swabs, an international team of researchers has created the most complete map to date of when and where different genetic variants ... read more

Scientists Solve Lingering Mystery of Poorly Understood Frog

An international team of scientists has solved a centuries-old mystery of 'Fraser's Clawed Frog', an unusual and elusive species found in West ... read more

Climate Change Could Bring Short-Term Gain, Long-Term Pain for Loggerhead Turtles

New research suggests that while some loggerheads will suffer from the effects of a changing climate, populations in certain nesting areas could stand to reap important short-term benefits from the ... read more

Realistic Robots Get Under Galápagos Lizards' Skin

Male lava lizards are sensitive to the timing of their opponents' responses during contest displays, with quicker responses being perceived as more aggressive, a study ... read more

Toxic Frogs With Weak Defenses Persist in the Gene Pool Alongside Stronger Competitors

Diversity is a hallmark of life and it shows up in unexpected places. A multi-national team of evolutionary biologists investigated how two types of poison frog co-exist when we expect only one. An ... read more

These Albino Lizards Are the World's First Gene-Edited Reptiles

Meet the world's first gene-edited reptiles: albino lizards roughly the size of your index finger. Researchers used CRISPR-Cas9 to make the lizards, providing a technique for gene editing ... read more

How Red-Eared Invaders Are Hurting California's Native Turtles

Western pond turtles got fatter and healthier after scientists removed nearly 200 invasive red-eared slider turtles from the UC Davis Arboretum, reports a new study. The study is the first to ... read more

Green Turtles Eat Plastic That Looks Like Their Food

Green turtles are more likely to swallow plastic that resembles their natural diet of sea grass, new research ... read more

World's Largest Frogs Build Their Own Ponds for Their Young

The first example of 'nest'-building in an African amphibian, the Goliath frog could explain why they have grown to be ... read more

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