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December 12, 2019

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Researchers have succeeded in reconstructing the evolutionary relationship between a two million year old giant primate and the living orangutan. It is the first time genetic ... read more
One of the enduring puzzles of hearing loss is the decline in a person's ability to determine where a sound originates, a key survival faculty that allows animals to pinpoint ... read more
The world's weirdest little primate has gotten even weirder, thanks to the discovery of a tiny extra digit. Aye-ayes possess small 'pseudothumbs' -- complete with their own ... read more

Comparing Primate Vocalizations

The language of Old World monkeys, some of our primate cousins, may be more sophisticated than previously realized. Even so, it displays constraints that reinforce the singularity of human language, ... read more
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Mapping the Pathway to Gut Health in HIV and SIV Infections

A new study found that Lactobacillus plantarum bacteria rapidly repaired damaged gut lining (known as leaky gut) in monkeys infected with chronic simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV), an HIV-like ... read more

Discovery in Monkeys Could Lead to Treatment for Blindness-Causing Syndrome

A genetic mutation that leads to a rare, but devastating blindness-causing condition called Bardet-Biedl Syndrome has been discovered in monkeys for the first time. The finding offers a promising way ... read more

Amazon's White Bellbirds Set New Record for Loudest Bird Call

Biologists report that they have recorded the loudest bird calls ever documented, made by dove-sized male white bellbirds as part of their mating rituals in the mountains of the northern ... read more

How Rat-Eating Monkeys Help Keep Palm Oil Plants Alive

Found as an ingredient in many processed and packaged foods, palm oil is the most widely consumed vegetable oil. Now, researchers have discovered an unlikely ally for palm oil production: pig-tailed ... read more

Candidate Ebola Vaccine Still Effective When Highly Diluted, Macaque Study Finds

A single dose of a highly diluted VSV-Ebola virus (EBOV) vaccine -- approximately one-millionth of what is in the vaccine being used to help control the ongoing Ebola outbreak in the Democratic ... read more

A Secret in Saliva: Food and Germs Helped Humans Evolve Into Unique Member of Great Apes

Researchers discovered that the human diet -- a result of increased meat consumption, cooking and agriculture -- has led to stark differences in the saliva of humans compared to that of other ... read more

How Human Brain Development Diverged from That of Great Apes

Researchers present new insights into the development of the human brain and differences in this process compared to other great apes. The study reveals features of brain development that are unique ... read more

Bullies May Come and Go, but the 'Molecular Memory' of Being a Target Lingers

Life at the bottom of the social ladder may have long-term health effects that even upward mobility can't undo, according to new research in monkeys. A team studied 45 rhesus macaques. They ... read more

Monkeys Can Also Thank Their Body for Vocal Development, Not Only Their Brain

Development of vocal behavior during maturation is typically attributed to the brain. But the body itself is also capable of guiding this development. New experiments with marmoset monkeys show that ... read more

Monkeys Outperform Humans When It Comes to Cognitive Flexibility

When it comes to being willing to explore more efficient options to solving a problem, monkeys exhibit more cognitive flexibility than humans, according to a new ... read more

Monkeys Like Alcohol at Low Concentrations, but Probably Not Due to the Calories

Fruit-eating monkeys show a preference for concentrations of alcohol found in fermenting fruit, but do not seem to use alcohol as a source of supplementary calories, according to a new study. The ... read more

For Baboons, a Mother's History of Hardship Can Have Lasting Effects on Her Kids Too

Numerous studies show that children who had a rough start in life are more likely to have health problems later on. The pattern isn't unique to humans. But for baboons, the impacts aren't ... read more

Clinically Silent Relapsing Malaria May Still Pose a Threat

Nonhuman primates with clinically undetectable Plasmodium relapse infections still harbor parasitic gametocytes that may be infectious to mosquitoes, according to a new ... read more

For Lemurs, Sex Role Reversal May Get Its Start in the Womb

In lemur society, it's not males but the females who are in charge. A new study of the role of hormones in aggression in lemurs from before birth to adulthood suggests female domination gets ... read more

Infant Model of HIV Opens New Avenues for Research

Researchers have developed an animal model to test HIV infection and therapies in infants, allowing them to develop biomarkers to predict viral rebound after antiretroviral therapy (ART) ... read more

How to Tell If You've Found Mr. or Mrs. Right? For Lemurs, It's in Their B.O.

Many people turn to the Internet to find a Mr. or Ms. Right. But lemurs don't have to cyberstalk potential love interests to find a good match -- they just give them a sniff. A study of lemur ... read more

Here's How Early Humans Evaded Immunodeficiency Viruses

The cryoEM structure of a simian immunodeficiency virus protein bound to primate proteins shows how a mutation in early humans allowed our ancestors to escape infection while monkeys and apes did ... read more

20-Million-Year-Old Skull Suggests Complex Brain Evolution in Monkeys, Apes

New research on one of the oldest and most complete fossil primate skulls from South America shows instead that the pattern of brain evolution in this group was far more checkered. The study suggests ... read more

A Lack of Self Control During Adolescence Is Not Uniquely Human

Impulsiveness in adolescence isn't just a phase, it's biology. And despite all the social factors that define our teen years, the human brain and the brains of other primates go through ... read more

Monkey Malaria Breakthrough Offers Possible Cure for Relapsing Malaria

A breakthrough in monkey malaria research could help scientists diagnose and treat a relapsing form of human ... read more

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