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December 8, 2019

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A discovery has the potential to inhibit the spread of West Nile virus as well as Zika and dengue viruses. The researchers demonstrated that mammalian insulin activated an ... read more

Prehistoric Puma Feces Reveals Oldest Parasite DNA Ever Recorded

The oldest parasite DNA ever recorded has been found in the ancient, desiccated feces of a ... read more

Scurrying Roaches Help Researchers Steady Staggering Robots

To walk or run with finesse, roaches and robots coordinate leg movements via signals sent through centralized systems. Though their moving parts are utterly divergent, researchers have devised handy ... read more

What's Killing Sea Otters? Parasite Strain from Cats

Many wild southern sea otters in California are infected with the parasite Toxoplasma gondii, yet the infection is fatal for only a fraction of sea otters, which has long puzzled the scientific ... read more
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Cerebral Organoid Model Provides Clues About How to Prevent Virus-Induced Brain Cell Death

Scientists have determined that La Crosse virus (LACV), which can cause inflammation of the brain in children, affects brain cells differently depending on their developmental stage. A new study ... read more

Scientists and Schoolkids Find Family Soups Have Antimalarial Properties

London schoolchildren have found -- with the help of scientists -- that some of their families' soup recipes have antimalarial ... read more

How Nematodes Outsmart the Defenses of Pests

The western corn rootworm, one of the world's most damaging maize pests, can use plant defense compounds to defend itself against its own natural enemies, so-called entomopathogenic nematodes. ... read more

Scientists Close in on Malaria Vaccine

Scientists have taken another big step forward towards developing a vaccine that's effective against the most severe forms of ... read more

Discovery Reveals Mechanism That Turns Herpes Virus on and Off

New research has identified a new mechanism that plays a role in controlling how the herpes virus alternates between dormant and active stages of ... read more

Faster, Stronger Rabies Vaccine

Every year, more than 59,000 people around the world die of rabies and there remains no cheap and easy vaccine regimen to prevent the disease in humans. Now, researchers report that adding a specific ... read more

Breakthrough in Malaria Research

Cell biologists have systematically investigated the genome of the malaria parasite Plasmodium throughout its life cycle in a large-scale experiment. The researchers were able to identify hundreds of ... read more

Study Shows Link Between Health and Size of Social Group

A new study has found that crows living in large social groups are healthier than crows that have fewer social ... read more

Chitin-Binding Proteins Override Host Plant's Resistance to Fungal Infection

A recent article studies chitin-binding proteins from a soilborne fungus (Verticillium nonalfalfae) that causes vascular wilt in plants. This fungus binds a particular protein (VnaChtBP) to chitin in ... read more

How the Zika Virus Can Spread

The spread of infectious diseases such as Zika depends on many different factors. Researchers were able to generate reliable maps for the transmission risk of the Zika virus in South ... read more

Mosquito Nets: Are They Catching More Fishes Than Insects?

Mosquito nets designed to prevent malaria transmission are used for fishing which may devastate tropical coastal ecosystems, according to a new scientific study. The researchers found that most of ... read more

Mated Female Mosquitoes Are More Likely to Transmit Malaria Parasites

Female mosquitoes that have mated are more likely to transmit malaria parasites than virgin females, according to a new ... read more

Origin of Deadly Wheat Pathogen Revealed

A team of researchers has uncovered the basis of stem rust pathogen Ug99's wide virulence, attacking a direct threat to the world wheat ... read more

Targeted Gene Modification in Animal Pathogenic Chlamydia

Researchers successfully performed targeted gene mutation in the zoonotic pathogen Chlamydia ... read more

Sounds of Mosquito Mating Rituals Could Lead to Quieter Drones

Mosquitoes flap their wings not just to stay aloft but for two other critical purposes: to generate sound and to point that buzz in the direction of a potential mate, researchers at Johns Hopkins ... read more

Critical Protein That Could Unlock West Nile/Zika Virus Treatments Identified

Scientists have identified a protein that is critical in controlling replication of West Nile and Zika viruses -- and could be important for developing therapies to prevent and treat those ... read more

Helpful Insects and Landscape Changes

We might not notice them, but the crops farmers grow are protected by scores of tiny invertebrate bodyguards. Naturally occurring arthropods like spiders and lady beetles patrol crop fields looking ... read more

Infectious Cancer in Mussels Spread Across the Atlantic

An infectious cancer that originated in 1 species of mussel growing in the Northern Hemisphere has spread to related mussels in South America and Europe, says a new ... read more

Harvesting Genes to Improve Watermelons

An international team of researchers has taken a comprehensive look at the genomes of all seven species of watermelon, creating a resource that could help plant breeders increase the domestic ... read more

Research Reveals How Malaria Parasite Plans Ahead, Preparing Blueprint to Strike in Humans

Within seconds after an infected mosquito bites, the malaria parasite navigates the host skin and blood vessels to invade the liver, where it will stay embedded until thousands of infected cells ... read more

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