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January 29, 2020

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If scientists can find the genetic basis for the axolotl's ability to regenerate, they might be able to find ways to restore damaged tissue in humans. But they have been ... read more
New research calls for action to minimize the risk of the platypus vanishing due to habitat destruction, dams ... read more
Important clues about the anatomy and evolution of the mysterious giant squid (Architeuthis dux) are revealed through publication of its full ... read more
Scientists studying fossils collected 35 years ago have identified them as the oldest-known scorpion species, a prehistoric animal from about 437 million years ago. The ... read more
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Rethinking Land Conservation to Protect Species That Will Need to Move With Climate Change

A new study finds that many species of animals and plants likely will need to migrate under climate change, and that conservation efforts will also need to shift to be ... read more

Turtle Tracking Reveals Key Feeding Grounds

Loggerhead turtles feed in the same places year after year - meaning key locations should be protected, researchers ... read more

Climate-Friendly Food Choices Protect the Planet, Promote Health, Reduce Health Costs

Increased uptake of plant-based diets in New Zealand could substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions while greatly improving population health and saving the healthcare system billions of dollars ... read more

Coronavirus Outbreak in China Traced to Snakes

Emerging viral infections -- from bird flu to Ebola to Zika infections -- pose major threats to global public health, and understanding their origins can help investigators design defensive ... read more

Even After Death, Animals Are Important in Ecosystems

Animal carcasses play an important role in biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. Scientists have published these findings in PLOS ONE. Carcasses not only provide food for carrion-eating animals. ... read more

Most Rehabilitating Sea Turtles With Infectious Tumors Don't Survive

Fibropapillomatosis (FP) is the most significant infectious disease affecting sea turtle populations worldwide. FB leads to tumors on the turtles' eyes, flippers and internal organs and is ... read more

Scientists Identify Gene That Puts Brakes on Tissue Growth

The planarian flatworm is a simple animal with a mighty ability: it can regenerate itself from nearly every imaginable injury, including decapitation. Scientists have studied these worms for decades ... read more

Neutron Source Enables a Look Inside Dino Eggs

Did the chicks of dinosaurs from the group oviraptorid hatch from their eggs at the same time? This question can be answered by the length and arrangement of the embryo's bones, which provide ... read more

Vomiting Bumblebees Show That Sweeter Is Not Necessarily Better

Animal pollinators support the production of three-quarters of the world's food crops, and many flowers produce nectar to reward the pollinators. A new study using bumblebees has found that the ... read more

How Fruit Flies Flock Together in Orderly Clusters

Opposing desires to congregate and maintain some personal space drive fruit flies to form orderly clusters, according to a new ... read more

Walking Sharks Discovered in the Tropics

Four new species of tropical sharks that use their fins to walk are causing a stir in waters off northern Australia and New ... read more

Parrots Collaborate With Invisible Partners

New study shows that peach-fronted conures have a surprisingly advanced talent for collaboration when it comes to finding food. This is important knowledge for biologists working with conservation of ... read more

Warmer and Acidified Oceans Can Lead to 'Hidden' Changes in Species Behavior

Scientists have shown that the peppery furrow shell (Scrobicularia plana) makes considerable changes to its feeding habits when faced with warmer and more acidified ... read more

Zero-Deforestation Pledges to Protect Wildlife in Oil Palm

New research has found that environmental efforts aimed at eliminating deforestation from oil palm production have the potential to benefit vulnerable tropical ... read more

On the Edge Between Science and Art: Historical Biodiversity Data from Japanese 'Gyotaku'

Japanese cultural art of 'gyotaku,' which means 'fish impression' or 'fish rubbing,' captures accurate images of fish specimens. It has been used by recreational ... read more

Strongly 'Handed' Squirrels Less Good at Learning

Squirrels that strongly favor their left or right side are less good at learning, new research ... read more

Male Sparrows Are Less Intimidated by the Songs of Aging Rivals

Few singers reach their sunset years with the same voice they had in younger days. Songbirds are no different. New research reveals that elderly swamp sparrows don't sound quite like they used ... read more

It Takes More Than Two to Tango: Microbial Communities Influence Animal Sex and Reproduction

It is an awkward idea, but a couple's ability to have kids may partly depend on who else is present. The reproductive tracts of males and females contain whole communities of micro-organisms. ... read more

Climate May Play a Bigger Role Than Deforestation in Rainforest Biodiversity

In a study on small mammal biodiversity in the Atlantic Forest, researchers found that climate may affect biodiversity in rainforests even more than deforestation ... read more

Study Traces Evolution of Acoustic Communication

A study tracing acoustic communication across the tree of life of land-living vertebrates reveals that the ability to vocalize goes back hundreds of millions of years, is associated with a nocturnal ... read more

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