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January 28, 2020

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A new study uses machine learning to project migration patterns resulting from sea-level rise. Researchers found the impact of rising oceans will ripple across the country, ... read more
Despite reports that global emissions of the potent greenhouse gas were almost eliminated in 2017, an international team of ... read more
The cancer death rate declined by 29 percent from 1991 to 2017, including a 2.2 percent drop from 2016 to 2017, the largest ... read more
Greenland is losing ice seven times faster than in the 1990s and is tracking the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's high-end climate warming scenario, which would ... read more
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High School GPAs Are Stronger Predictors of College Graduation Than ACT Scores

Students' high school grade point averages are five times stronger than their ACT scores at predicting college graduation, according to a new ... read more

Hey Google, Are My Housemates Using My Smart Speaker?

Surveys show that consumers are worried that smart speakers are eavesdropping on their conversations and day-to-day lives. Now researchers have found that people are also concerned about something ... read more

Rethinking Land Conservation to Protect Species That Will Need to Move With Climate Change

A new study finds that many species of animals and plants likely will need to migrate under climate change, and that conservation efforts will also need to shift to be ... read more

Fonts in Campaign Communications Have Liberal or Conservative Leanings

Yard signs for a local politician captured a researchers curiosity. The more people view a font as aligned with their ideology, the more they favor ... read more

Assessing Risk of Chemicals to Wildlife Is Huge Challenge That Requires New Approach

Computer modelling and long-term ecological monitoring will be essential to assess the environmental risks of the rapidly growing number of chemicals across the world, according to a new review ... read more

Bilingual Language Program for Babies: Online Training for Teachers

A study shows that a bilingual language program for babies can reach more families, and instructors, through online training for ... read more

US Households Waste Nearly a Third of the Food They Acquire

American households waste, on average, almost a third of the food they acquire, according to economists, who say this wasted food has an estimated aggregate value of $240 billion annually. Divided ... read more

Tension Between Foreign Climbers and Sherpas Began Over 200 Years Ago

Recent tragedies on Everest have exposed growing resentment felt by some Sherpas towards foreign climbers and the foreign companies profiting from the mountain. One source of dispute has been Sherpa ... read more

Poor Mental Health 'Both Cause and Effect' of School Exclusion

Children with mental health needs require urgent support from primary school onwards to avoid exclusion, which can be both cause and effect of poor mental health, new research ... read more

Americans Perceive Likelihood of Nuclear Weapons Risk as 50/50 Toss-Up

It has been 30 years since the end of the Cold War, yet on average, Americans still perceive that the odds of a nuclear weapon detonating on U.S. soil is as likely as a coin toss, according to new ... read more

Residues in Fingerprints Hold Clues to Their Age

Police have long relied on the unique whorls, loops or arches encoded in fingerprints to identify suspects. However, they have no way to tell how long ago those prints were left behind -- information ... read more

Sustainability Strategies More Successful When Managers Believe in Them

New research has found that business sustainability strategies can succeed alongside mainstream competitive strategies when managers believe in ... read more

Biologists Recommend Urgent Action to Protect California Spotted Owls

In the Pacific Northwest, the range expansion of barred owls has contributed to a conservation crisis for northern spotted owls, which are being displaced from their habitat. How will this ... read more

Women Still Face Barriers to Breastfeed at Work

Despite the protections in place to support breastfeeding for employees, the burden still falls on working mothers to advocate for the resources they need, according to a new ... read more

Human-Sparked Fires Smaller, Less Intense but More Frequent With Longer Seasons

Fires started by people have steadily increased in recent decades, sparking a major shift in U.S. wildfire norms, according to a new study. The research found human-caused wildfires are more ... read more

Flooding Damage to Levees Is Cumulative -- And Often Invisible

Recent research finds that repeated flooding events have a cumulative effect on the structural integrity of earthen levees, suggesting that the increase in extreme weather events associated with ... read more

Cultural Difference Play Crucial Role in When People Would Sacrifice One to Save Group

Cultural differences play a pivotal role in how people in different parts of the world perceive when it is acceptable to sacrifice one person to save a larger group, new research has ... read more

Feeding the World Without Wrecking the Planet Is Possible

A study now suggests a comprehensive solution package for feeding 10 billion people within our planet's environmental boundaries. Supplying a sufficient and healthy diet for every person whilst ... read more

Banning Food Waste: Lessons for Rural America

Effective July 1, 2020, Vermont will be the first state in the nation to ban all household food waste from landfills statewide. New research shows a whopping 72% of Vermonters already compost or feed ... read more

Predators Are Most Likely to Be Lost When Habitats Are Converted for Human Use

A first of its kind, global study on the impacts of human land-use on different groups of animals has found that predators, especially small invertebrates like spiders and ladybirds, are the most ... read more

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