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March 28, 2020

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A new multinational study incorporating the latest models of global climate, crop production and trade examines the possible ... read more

Sea Level Rise Could Reshape the United States, Trigger Migration Inland

A new study uses machine learning to project migration patterns resulting from sea-level rise. Researchers found the impact of rising oceans will ripple across the country, beyond coastal areas at ... read more

Emissions of Potent Greenhouse Gas Have Grown, Contradicting Reports of Huge Reductions

Despite reports that global emissions of the potent greenhouse gas were almost eliminated in 2017, an international team of scientists has found ... read more

Cancer Mortality Continues Steady Decline, Driven by Progress Against Lung Cancer

The cancer death rate declined by 29 percent from 1991 to 2017, including a 2.2 percent drop from 2016 to 2017, the largest single-year drop in ... read more
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Interactive Product Labels Require New Regulations, Study Warns

Artificial intelligence will be increasingly used on labels on food and other products in the future to make them interactive, and regulations should be reformed now so they take account of new ... read more

Validation May Be Best Way to Support Stressed out Friends and Family

In uncertain times, supporting your friends and family can help them make it through. But your comforting words can have different effects based on how you phrase them, according to new ... read more

Data on Worldwide Respect for Academic Freedom

Academic freedom is fundamental to scientific progress, pursuit of truth, quality higher education and international collaboration. Universities and states have signed statements of their commitment ... read more

Video Game Experience, Gender May Improve VR Learning

Students who used immersive virtual reality (VR) did not learn significantly better than those who used two more traditional forms of learning, but they vastly preferred the VR to computer-simulated ... read more

Elections: Early Warning System to Fight Disinformation Online

A new project is an effort to combat the rise of coordinated social media campaigns to incite violence, sew discord and threaten the integrity of democratic ... read more

More Men, More Problems? Not Necessarily

Men are more prone to competitive risk taking and violent behavior, so what happens when the number of men is greater than the number of women in a population? According to new research, the answers ... read more

Coronavirus Massive Simulations Completed on Frontera Supercomputer

A coronavirus envelope all-atom computer model is being developed. The coronavirus model builds on success of all-atom infuenza virus simulations. Molecular dynamics simulations for the coronavirus ... read more

COVID-19 Survey of New York CIty Residents

Nearly three in ten New York City residents (29%) report that either they or someone in their household has lost their job as a result of coronavirus over the last two weeks. In addition, 80% of NYC ... read more

Anxious About COVID-19? Stress Can Have Lasting Impacts on Sperm and Future Offspring

Prolonged fear and anxiety brought on by major stressors, like the coronavirus pandemic, can not only take a toll on a person's mental health, but may also have a lasting impact on a man's ... read more

Coal Exit Benefits Outweigh Its Costs

Coal combustion is not only the single most important source of CO2 -- accounting for more than a third of global emissions, but also a major contributor to detrimental effects on public health and ... read more

How and Where to Allocate Stockpiled Ventilators During a Pandemic

Key factors must be taken into account in determining the need for and allocation of scarce ventilators during a severe pandemic, especially one causing respiratory ... read more

A Landmark Plan for Realizing Fusion Energy and Advancing Plasma Science

Creating and controlling on Earth the fusion energy that powers the sun and stars is a key goal of scientists around the world. Production of this safe, clean and limitless energy could generate ... read more

Tighten Up Law on Keeping Dangerous Snakes as Pets, Demand Animal Welfare Experts

The law on keeping dangerous snakes as pets should be tightened up, animal welfare experts ... read more

Social Policies Might Not Only Improve Economic Well-Being, but Also Health

A comprehensive review of US social policies evaluated for their health outcomes found suggestive evidence that early life, income, and health insurance interventions have the potential to improve ... read more

Public Health Leadership Paramount to Emerging Coronavirus Pandemic

In the 1960s, public health officials led the US and worldwide efforts that resulted in smallpox becoming the first human disease ever eradicated from the face of the earth. Researchers say ... read more

Populations Most at Risk of Opiate Addiction

Researchers found that white males ages 30 to 39 were most at risk of fatal overdoses in Ohio. The study also identified 12 clusters in the state where overdose rates were ... read more

'Feeling Obligated' Can Impact Relationships During Social Distancing

In a time where many are practicing 'social distancing' from the outside world, people are relying on their immediate social circles more than usual. Does a sense of obligation -- from ... read more

Seductive Details Inhibit Learning

Information that is interesting but irrelevant, or 'seductive details', can be detrimental to learning, according to a meta-analysis of 58 studies. The analysis found that those who learned ... read more

New Insights Into US Flood Vulnerability Revealed from Flood Insurance Big Data

An international team of scientists has found that current estimates of flood risk rely upon methods for calculating flood damage which are inadequately verified and match poorly with ... read more

Noises from Human Activity May Threaten New England's Freshwater Soundscape

Sounds produced by human activities -- anthropogenic sounds -- account for more than 90% of the underwater soundscape in major freshwater habitats of New ... read more

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