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December 7, 2019

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Will College Job Market Continue Its Decade-Long Growth?

Despite fears about a recession, the job market is strong for college graduates -- for the 10th consecutive year, according to the largest annual survey of employers in the ... read more

Domestic Violence: Impact of Educational Sabotage

A new study focuses on an overlooked form of psychological abuse -- educational sabotage. Educational sabotage is a form of coercive control that directly affects a survivor's efforts to obtain ... read more

Benefits for Mind, Body and Work Ability Seen in Medicaid Expansion Study

Expanding Medicaid to more low-income adults helped many of them feel healthier, and do a better job at work or a job search, in just one year after they got their new health coverage, a new study ... read more

African American Bachelor's Degrees See Growth, Behind in Physical Sciences, Engineering

African Americans are seeing growth in engineering and physical sciences but are not progressing at the same rate when compared to the general population. A report examined the number of ... read more

Hardship During the Great Recession Linked With Lasting Mental Health Declines

People who suffered a financial, housing-related, or job-related hardship as a result of the Great Recession were more likely to show increases in symptoms of depression, anxiety, and problematic ... read more

A Serious Mental Disorder in One's Youth Can Have a Lasting Impact on Employment Prospects

Mental disorders experienced in adolescence and early adulthood that require hospital care are connected with low income, poor education and unemployment over the life span of ... read more

Texas' Strategic Goal for Students' Debt Burden Shows Potential Promise and Pitfalls

College students in Texas who graduated from public universities with a bachelor's degree had, on average, student loan debts that equaled 74% of what they earned in their first-year wages, ... read more

What Journalism Professors Are Teaching Students -- About Their Futures

A new study finds educators are encouraging aspiring journalists to look for work outside the news ... read more

Professors Need to Be Entertaining to Prevent Students from Watching YouTube in Class

Students think it is instructors' responsibility to ensure they don't surf the web in class, according to a new ... read more

Record-Low Fertility Rates Linked to Decline in Stable Manufacturing Jobs

New research identifies a link between the long-term decline in manufacturing jobs -- accelerated during the Great Recession -- and reduced fertility ... read more

Monitoring Educational Equity

A centralized, consistently reported system of indicators of educational equity is needed to bring attention to disparities in the US education system, says a new report. Indicators -- measures used ... read more

Time Parents Spend With Children Key to Academic Success

The time parents spend with their children has a powerful effect on their educational achievement, according to a large study with a novel approach. Researchers analyzed data on children in Israel ... read more

Addressing Research Gaps Could Help With Development of Disability-Inclusive Workplaces

Filling key gaps in the research and understanding of the treatment of people with disabilities in the workplace could help improve employee success on the job and develop more disability-inclusive ... read more

Despite Fewer Looking for Work, Gains Continue for Americans With Disabilities

Job gains continued for Americans with disabilities in May, although fewer were looking for ... read more

Marriage Name Game: What Kind of Guy Would Take His Wife's Last Name?

The study looked at whether a man's level of education -- both his own and relative to his wife's -- influences the likelihood that he chooses a nontraditional surname in ... read more

Having Two Jobs Is Great for Employers, but Family Life Suffers

People who hold two jobs demonstrate as much engagement and performance in the workplace as their colleagues who have one job. However, dual job holders are likely to sacrifice family and personal ... read more

Scientists Find Positive Workplace Experiences Among Americans With Disabilities

A multidisciplinary team of researchers have authored a new article that identifies how Americans with disabilities are striving to work and overcoming barriers to ... read more

High GPA Could Work Against Young Women Job Hunters

Stellar grades in college could hurt -- rather than help -- women new to the job market, according to a new study that suggests employers place more value on the perceived 'likability' of ... read more

Great Recession Still Plagues Workers With Lower Lifetime Wages

For displaced workers in Washington state during the Great Recession, earnings dropped suddenly and had still not fully recovered five years later, according to a new ... read more

Research Finds Early Childhood Program Linked to Degree Completion at Age 35

Participating in an intensive early childhood education program from preschool to third grade is linked to higher educational attainment in mid-life, according to a new ... read more

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