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March 28, 2020

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New Study Dispels Myths About What Makes Youth Sports Fun for Kids

A new study looks at what makes organized sports fun for kids, and some of the findings might surprise you. The new study dispels the popular myth that what makes sports the most fun for girls are ... read more

Repetitive Impacts Key to Understanding Sports-Associated Concussions

Scientists have made a significant advance in our understanding of mild head trauma (concussive brain injury) and how it may be managed and treated in the future. It seems that repetitive impacts -- ... read more

Scientists Teach Machines to Predict Recovery Time from Sports-Related Concussions

Deciding when an athlete can return to the game after a head injury makes managing the treatment of sports-related concussions very complicated. ... read more

NFL Players Show Heart Abnormalities Decades After Retiring from Football

While elite athletes are often at peak fitness, they are not immune to -- and may even face a higher risk for -- potentially detrimental heart conditions later in life. Former National Football ... read more
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Resale Ticket Markets Benefit Sports Teams and Fans

New research reveals that the resale ticket market also appeals to sports fans who normally buy season ... read more

Elite-Level Video Gaming Requires New Protocols in Sports Medicine

Study authors note multiple health issues including blurred vision from excessive screen time, neck and back pain from poor posture, carpal tunnel syndrome from repetitive motion, metabolic ... read more

Sticking to Sports Can Help Kids Adjust

By participating in organized physical activity from the age of 6, children will have less risk of emotional difficulties by the time they're 12, a new study ... read more

To Cheat or Not to Cheat? Researchers Uncover the Moral Dilemmas of Doping

Elite athletes are less likely to take banned substances if they consider the morality of what they are doing, and not just the health consequences of doping, according to a new ... read more

Moneyball Advantage Peters out Once Everyone's Doing It

Sixteen years after author Michael Lewis wrote the book Moneyball, every Major League Baseball (MLB) team uses the technique. But a new study shows that while the tool can help a club create a ... read more

Kicking Goals for Kids With Autism

Researchers are turning autism interventions on their head with a stand-out sports program that's training coaches how to best achieve results for students with ... read more

Study of Female Weightlifters Crushes Stereotype

A new study shows that elite women weightlifters have the same amount, and in some cases more, of the muscle fibers needed for the sport compared to their male ... read more

Performance Enhancer: Sports Compression Stockings a Winning Advantage

Sports compression stockings are so effective they might be considered performance enhancers for soccer players, new research ... read more

Sexes Differ When It Comes to Comfort During and After Exercise, Study Finds

A new study highlights sex differences in thermal behavior and could one day inform the development of new athletic ... read more

'Football Vision' as Important as Ball Skills, Experts Reveal

Learning to read the game is as important to young footballers as kicking a ball. A new study, which highlighted Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard as stars who incorporated the technique into their ... read more

Penalty Kick Research Hits the Spot

New research has come up with the best way to practice penalty kicks if a player favors waiting for the goalkeeper to move rather than just deciding on a spot before taking their ... read more

Athletic 'Pull' Increases Campus Diversity

The next time you see your favorite collegiate athlete on the field or court, think again about their road to getting ... read more

Having an Emotional Group Feeling Boosts Multiday Sports Events

Pulling fans into an emotionally connected group atmosphere can enhance brand recall and may secure repeat attendance. That's the key message of a study that analyzed the feelings of fans at a ... read more

For High School Baseball Pitchers, Extra Throws on Game Day Add Up but Go Uncounted

For high school baseball pitchers, limiting throws during a game helps to prevent fatigue and injuries. But nearly half the number of pitches -- ones thrown during warm-ups and in the bullpen -- are ... read more

Crucial Ingredients for a Winning Soccer Team: Kick Goals

Scientists examined variables within 240 matches in the Chinese Super League (China's top-ranked ... read more

Color of Judo Uniform Has No Effect on Winning

Contrary to previous studies and widespread belief, new research on competitive judo data finds a winning bias for the athlete who is first called, regardless of the color of their ... read more

Researchers Develop New Model to Predict Which Universities Student Athletes Will Attend

With revenue from college football at an unprecedented $3.4 billion annually, universities across the country invest millions each year in recruitment efforts for high school football players. But ... read more

Ditch Plan to Disregard All Athletic World Records Before 2005, Urge Experts

The proposal by the European Athletics Council to disregard all athletic world records set before 2005 should be abandoned, insist experts in a new ... read more

Mixing Cultures and Nationalities in Rugby Teams Changes the Way They Play

The cultural identity of rugby players in a team changes the way the team plays, according to a new study. The research shows that a team of players who share the same cultural heritage are more ... read more

Retired Professional Footballers at Higher Risk of Knee Osteoarthritis

Retired professional footballers are far more prone to develop knee pain and osteoarthritis and face problems with their knees earlier in life than the average person, a study has ... read more

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