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December 5, 2019

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Giving People a 'Digital Identity' Could Leave Them Vulnerable to Discrimination, Experts Warn

Global efforts to give millions of people missing key paper documents such as a birth certificates a digital identity could leave them vulnerable to persecution or discrimination, a new study ... read more

Somebody's Watching You: The Surveillance of Self-Driving Cars

As self-driving cars develop further, they will play a much larger role in the digital economy as car companies and others harness personalized customer information through geospatial and navigation ... read more

Predictive Modeling Could Help Fight Neighborhood Crime

New technology could help police officers predict where burglaries are likely to ... read more

New Legislation Needed to Regulate Police Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition technology, being trialled by two major police forces in Britain, should be subjected to more rigorous testing and transparency, according to new ... read more

Brexit Will Affect the UK's Ability to Tackle Illicit Drugs Trade, Warn Experts

Exclusion from the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) because of Brexit will have serious consequences for public health in the UK, warn ... read more

Holding Law Enforcement Accountable for Electronic Surveillance

A new cryptographic system is aimed at improving government accountability for surveillance while still maintaining enough confidentiality for police to do their jobs. AUDIT involves a public ledger ... read more

Using Social and Risk Networks Helps Identify People Undiagnosed With HIV

Conducting HIV testing among the social and risk networks of those recently diagnosed with HIV helps identify undiagnosed cases of HIV at significantly higher rates and at a lower cost than other ... read more

Incorporating Social Media Reviews Can Improve Surveillance of Restaurant Health Problems

A recent paper illustrates the success of an improved system that tracks foodborne illness via online Yelp restaurant reviews developed by the Columbia University Department of Computer Science. ... read more

Nuclear Energy Programs Do Not Increase Likelihood of Proliferation, Study Finds

Contrary to popular thought, nuclear proliferation is not more likely to occur among countries with nuclear energy programs, according to research. In a historical analysis of the relationship ... read more

For $1000, Anyone Can Purchase Online Ads to Track Your Location and App Use

New research finds that for a budget of roughly $1000, it is possible for someone to track your location and app use by purchasing and targeting mobile ads. The team hopes to raise industry awareness ... read more

There Is Almost No Research on What Distinguishes Potential Terrorists, Study Finds

A recent analysis of the existing research on factors associated with an individual's risk for engaging in terrorist activity highlights how little we know about these factors and the need for ... read more

Predicting Influenza Outbreaks Faster With a Digitally-Empowered Wearable Device

Through integration with a wearable thermometer, the Thermia online health educational tool has enabled prediction of seasonal influenza outbreaks in China one month earlier than before, according to ... read more

Unforeseen Impacts of the Fair Trade Movement

Fair trade certified coffee is the kind of phrase that sounds good on a Whole Foods shelf, merging first world affluence with third world resource. For the average consumer, it implies fairness in ... read more

Door and Window Locks Are Less Carbon-Costly and More Effective Than Burglar Alarms and CCTV, a New Study Finds

A new study, which estimates the carbon footprint of burglary prevention measures, has found that the best options from both an environmental and security point of view are door and window locks. ... read more

How Behavioral Science Can Help Tackle Problem of Idling Engines

New research suggests that insights from behavioral science can help inform the design of road signs to bring about changes in driver ... read more

Malaria Control Efforts Can Benefit from Forecasting Using Satellites

Links between patterns of malaria in Kenya and environmental factors (temperature, rainfall and land cover) are measurable by satellite imagery, says a researcher. In his doctoral dissertation, the ... read more

Study Uses Social Media, Internet to Forecast Disease Outbreaks

When epidemiological data are scarce, social media and Internet reports can be reliable tools for forecasting infectious disease outbreaks, according to a ... read more

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