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April 1, 2020

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Ancient Fish Fossil Reveals Evolutionary Origin of the Human Hand

An ancient Elpistostege fish fossil found in Miguasha, Canada, has revealed new insights into how the human hand evolved from fish fins. Paleontologists have revealed the fish specimen has yielded ... read more
Inspired by a tactic cancer cells use to evade the immune system, researchers have engineered tiny particles that can trick ... read more
A comparison of normal and germ-free mice revealed that as much as 70 percent of a mouse's gut chemistry is determined by its gut microbiome. Even in distant organs, such as ... read more
Research on novel nanoelectronics devices has enabled brain neurons and artificial neurons to communicate with each other over ... read more
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Monty Python's Silly Walk: A Gait Analysis and Wake-Up Call to Peer Review Inefficiencies

Fifty years ago, Monty Python's famous sketch, 'The Ministry of Silly Walks,' first aired. The sketch pokes fun at the inefficiency of government bureaucracy. It opens with the ... read more

Seismic Imaging Technology Could Deliver Finely Detailed Images of the Human Brain

Scientists have developed a new computational technique that could lead to fast, finely detailed brain imaging with a compact device that uses only sound ... read more

'It's Like You Have a Hand Again': An Ultra-Precise Mind-Controlled Prosthetic

In a major advance in mind-controlled prosthetics for amputees, researchers have tapped faint, latent signals from arm nerves and amplified them to enable real-time, intuitive, finger-level control ... read more

Tiny Scorpion-Derived Proteins Deliver Arthritis Drugs to Joints in Preclinical Study

Scientists have identified a tiny protein in scorpion venom that rapidly accumulates in joint cartilage. Then they linked these mini-proteins with steroids to reverse inflammation in rats with ... read more

New DNA Origami Motor Breaks Speed Record for Nano Machines

Through a technique known as DNA origami, scientists have created the fastest, most persistent DNA nano motor yet. New findings provide a blueprint for how to optimize the design of motors at the ... read more

GPS for Chromosomes: Reorganization of the Genome During Development

The spatial arrangement of genetic material within the cell nucleus plays an important role in the development of an organism. A research team has developed a method to trace the chromosomes in ... read more

Physiotherapy Could Be Done at Home Using Virtual Reality

Virtual reality could help physiotherapy patients complete their exercises at home successfully thanks to researchers who managed to combine VR technology with 3D motion ... read more

Metals Could Be the Link to New Antibiotics

Compounds containing metals could hold the key to the next generation of antibiotics to combat the growing threat of global antibiotic resistance. Researchers, working with a network of international ... read more

Fur-Friendly 'Wearable for Pets' and Their Humans

Researchers have invented a new health tracking sensor for pets and people that monitors vital signs through fur or ... read more

For 'Blade Runners' Taller Doesn't Necessarily Mean Faster

The governing body for the Paralympics recently lowered the allowable height for sprinters who use prosthetic legs, or blades, during competition. The rules are based on the assumption that the ... read more

The ability to recognize objects across different senses is present in the tiny brains of an insect, researchers have ... read more

Magnet-Controlled Bioelectronic Implant Could Relieve Pain

An electrical and computer engineer has introduced the first neural implant that can be programmed and charged remotely with a magnetic ... read more

Synthetic biology researchers have developed a genome the size of a minimal cell that can copy ... read more

Low-Cost 'Smart' Diaper Can Notify Caregiver When It's Wet

Researchers have developed a ''smart'' diaper embedded with a moisture sensor that can alert a caregiver when a diaper is wet. When the sensor detects dampness in the diaper, it ... read more

Scientists Make Human Organs Transparent to Allow 3D Maps at Cellular Level

For the first time, researchers managed to make intact human organs transparent. Using microscopic imaging they could revealed underlying complex structures of the see-through organs at the cellular ... read more

What Would It Take to Make FMT Mainstream?

Fecal microbiota transplant treatment for most microbiome-associated diseases has not been rigorously studied in humans -- and any such studies would be subject to regulation by the Food and Drug ... read more

Glioblastomas are relentless, hard-to-treat, and often lethal brain tumors. Scientists have enlisted a most unlikely ally in efforts to treat this form of cancer -- elements of the Ebola ... read more

Bacterial viruses, called bacteriophages, are simple genetic machines, relying on their bacterial hosts to replicate and spread. But scientists have found hundreds of huge phages that carry a slew of ... read more

New Drug Leads Could Battle Brain-Eating Amoebae

Brain-eating amoebae can cause particularly harmful forms of encephalitis, and more than 95% of people who develop these rare but devastating infections die. Despite the high mortality rate, there is ... read more

Disease Found in Fossilized Dinosaur Tail Afflicts Humans to This Day

Researchers have identified a benign tumor found in a fossilized dinosaur tail as part of the pathology of LCH (Langerhans cell histiocytosis), a rare and sometimes painful disease that still ... read more

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