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December 11, 2019

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Slashed across the south pole of Saturn's moon Enceladus are four straight, parallel fissures or 'tiger stripes' from which water erupts. These fissures aren't quite like ... read more
Since its 2018 launch, NASA's Parker Solar Probe (record-holder for closest-ever spacecraft to the Sun) has finished three of 24 planned passes through never-before-explored ... read more
In temperatures millions of times colder than interstellar space, researchers have performed the coldest reaction in the known universe. But that's not all. In such intense ... read more
Researchers have taken a new and significant step toward detecting a signal from the period in cosmic history when the first stars lit up ... read more
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Technologies and Scientific Advances Needed to Track Methane Levels in Atmosphere

Understanding what influences the amount of methane in the atmosphere has been identified to be one of the foremost challenges in the earth sciences in the coming decades because of methane's ... read more

New time-lapse videos of Earth's glaciers and ice sheets as seen from space -- some spanning nearly 50 years -- are providing scientists with new insights into how the planet's frozen ... read more

Ramping Up Carbon Capture Could Be Key to Mitigating Climate Change

As the world gathers in Madrid to discuss how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to fight climate change, a newly released study makes the case that trapping emissions underground could go a long way ... read more

New Function for Plant Enzyme Could Lead to Green Chemistry

Scientists have discovered a new function in a plant enzyme that could inspire the design of new chemical catalysts. The enzyme catalyzes, or initiates, one of the cornerstone chemical reactions ... read more

Researcher Designs Headphones That Warn Pedestrians of Dangers

To counter a growing public safety concern, researchers are designing an intelligent headphone system that warns pedestrians of imminent ... read more

Lighting Up Cardiovascular Problems Using Nanoparticles

A new nanoparticle innovation that detects unstable calcifications that can trigger heart attacks and strokes may allow doctors to pinpoint when plaque on the walls of blood vessels becomes ... read more

Detours May Make Batteries Better

Adding atom-scale defects to battery materials may help them charge faster, theoretical models ... read more

How Planets May Form After Dust Sticks Together

Scientists may have figured out how dust particles can stick together to form planets, according to a new study that may also help to improve industrial ... read more

A Tech Jewel: Converting Graphene Into Diamond Film

Can two layers of the ''king of the wonder materials,'' i.e. graphene, be linked and converted to the thinnest diamond-like material, the ''king of the ... read more

Liquid Flow Is Influenced by a Quantum Effect in Water

Researchers have discovered that the viscosity of solutions of electrically charged polymers dissolved in water is influenced by a quantum effect. This tiny quantum effect influences the way water ... read more

Researchers have discovered a new method for turning nearly any object into a data storage unit. This makes it possible to save extensive data in, say, shirt buttons, water bottles or even the lenses ... read more

Demonstration of High-Speed SOT-MRAM Memory Cell Compatible With 300mm Si CMOS Technology

Researchers have announced the demonstration of high-speed spin-orbit-torque magnetoresistive random access memory cell compatible with 300 mm Si CMOS ... read more

Separating Drugs With MagLev

The composition of suspicious powders that may contain illicit drugs can be analyzed using a quick and simple method called magneto-Archimedes levitation (MagLev), according to a new study. A team of ... read more

Has Physics Ever Been Deterministic?

Researchers have proposed a new interpretation of classical physics without real numbers. This new study challenges the traditional view of classical physics as ... read more

Proton-Hydrogen Collision Model Could Impact Fusion Research

A new study uses new techniques to calculate the cross sections of atoms which have been excited to higher energy levels. Researchers analyzed the behavior over a wide range of impact ... read more

Deeper Understanding of Irregular Heartbeat May Lead to More Effective Treatment

Researchers have shown how the chaotic electrical signals underlying irregular heart rhythms lead to the failure of standard ... read more

Green Hydrogen: Research to Enhance Efficiency

Laboratory experiments and a parabolic flight campaign have enabled an international team of researchers to gain new insights into water electrolysis, in which hydrogen is obtained from water by ... read more

Sustainable New Material for Carbon Dioxide Capture

Scientists have developed a new material for capturing carbon dioxide. The new material offers many benefits -- it is sustainable, has a high capture rate, and has low operating ... read more

Computer Game May Help to Predict Reuse of Opioids

A computer betting game can help predict the likelihood that someone recovering from opioid addiction will reuse the pain-relieving drugs, a new study ... read more

New Ultra-Miniaturized Scope Less Invasive, Produces Higher Quality Images

Johns Hopkins engineers have created a new lens-free ultra-miniaturized endoscope, the size of a few human hairs in width, that is less bulky and can produce higher quality ... read more

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